Back Home:

You have to hide the WMD40. You take it out of the sand pit already. Walk inside the playhouse. You can spend hours here. Look at the pile of CD’s. You can take one of the CD’s. When you look at them in your inventory you can take it apart: the CD, the JEWEL CASE and the PAPER cover.

Try to open the drawer underneath the CD’s, it’s stuck. Walk outside again. Look at the sand pit. Use your mouth on the pit to spit in it. Then drop the paper in the sand pit. That’s one wet sandy paper. It doesn’t have effect really. It should be dry. Go inside the playhouse again.

Look at the radio. It was left on so it’s still warm. Use the wet sandy paper on the radio and it’ll dry. Now it’s real SANDPAPER. Use the sandpaper on the drawers that wouldn’t open. That makes them loose and now you can open them to find a BUTTON inside.

Leave the playhouse and walk to the right of the screen. There’s a helicopter but it won’t work. Try to use the gearstick. It feels a bit sharp. Use the sandpaper on the gearstick and that problem is solved. Try to use the helicopter again. Now it’s missing a button. You have one! What do you mean I need an ON button? Look at the button in your inventory and see that it’s off but, when switched it’s on. Use the button again on the cockpit.

Now you can continue with the flight by using the cockpit again…. not. Now it’s the rearview mirror. Where do we get that from? We might use a CD as mirror? Nah… Walk back to the left and go inside the playhouse again. There are a lot of mirrors on the ceiling but how do we reach that? Use the CD on the mirror ball and using the CD as a discus you manage to throw a few mirrors off. Pick up a MIRROR and leave the house again, walking to the right, back to the helicopter. Use the mirror on the cockpit and try to start again.

Again no luck. This time there’s a magnet missing. We, as technicians, know of course that speakers are based on magenetism so walk back into the playhouse and look at the left speaker. There’s a MAGNET. Very simple. Walk back to the helicopter and use the magnet on the cockpit. I wonder what’s next…

Nothing? We can fly!

The Ewen:

Talk to either of the Ewens. They’ll just ignore you. Oh well, walk inside then, they’ll respond to that. Start talking to one of the Ewens. Tell him you want to go inside. He’ll refer you to Ewen (the other one). Talk to the other Ewen. Tell him Ewen sent you. You’ll be presented with a number of questions. It depends on which Ewen is asking the questions (or which Ewen you started with if you like).

Ewen McGregor (blond, Star Wars):

– How many fingers do I hold: 6, I was too lazy to animate
– What comes next: blood, sugar, sex: Magix
– A philistine is: someone who lacks knowledge

Ewen Bremner (bold, Black Hawk Down):

– What day is it: Your birthday
– What THC stands for: Tetra Hydra Cannibal
– Priapism is: painfull erection of the penis

You can now enter. Viv has been waiting for the WD40 for his skateboard. Give him the bottle and you’re kindly requested to leave. Viv can skate again.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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