You want to perform in that missing opening act. But you need to prove you’re cool.

Find Klaus, the host. Look at the dude hanging against the wall. Use him to talk to him and aks if he is Klaus. He’s not. Use the chewing gum machine next to him to get the CHEWING GUM out. Look at the dumpster on the right to find a bottle and use the dumpster to take the HAIR REMOVAL out.

Walk north between the dude and the fence to find a man standing near the back entrance of the club. Talk to him. That’s Klaus. Tell him you want to play and he’ll tell you about the criteria: the hair, the jacket, the smoke and the attitude. You need to show him!

Look at the drain. There’s something shiny. It’s a coin. But you need to get it out there. Use the chewing gum on yourself. You will separate the gum and the PAPER. Use the used gum with the string and use the combination on the drain to get the COIN out. On the right is a STICK. Pick it up and walk to the right to return to the shop.


Talk to the dude again. He wants your money. Give him your coin and you’ll step aside while he enters the shop. Listen to what happens. Walk to the right to see the dude in the dooropening. Use the dude to take his JACKET. Use the hair removal on him to take his HAIR. But the hair is not the right shape. Look at the jacket to find a tin with BRYLCREEM. Use the brylcreem on the hair to create the right style. The jacket is a large one and you’re not that big. Use the jacket with the water in the street to let it shrink to your size. Use the paper with the stick and it looks like a real cigarette.

Walk north to return to Klaus and talk to him. Tell him you have the right attitude now. If he asks you if he can ask a question, tell him it ‘depends’. When he asks you what time it is, tell him you don’t care. If a kid is pesting you, tell him to beat it. If he asks you how you greet someone, tell him you’d nod. So you have the right attitude.

Talk to Klaus again and you’ll tell him you’re ready. You’ll change into the right outfit and Klaus will tell you you can enter the club. Use the door of the club to perform in the opening act.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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