You’re in prison now and need to find out who framed you. But then you need to get out first.

Walk to the right and talk to the guard with the whip. Ask her about her length and then ask her if she has relatives in the travel business. It’s her cousin. So ask her if she gives away items for free as well and you’ll get another CUP. But agin, you need to fill it. Take the patch of MUD from the ground.

Walk to the left twice to find an inmate lying near the swimming pool. Next to the pool is a piece of string. Pull it and the pool will empty. Talk to the man lying on the bed and ask him what he’s smoking. Ask if you can have some of it but you can’t. Leave him and talk to the guard. She can’t smoke now while she’s on duty. Talk to the prisoner again and ask him to go for a swim. He dives head first into the pool leaving his WHISKEY and MARIJUANA behind. Take it and walk to the right twice.

Put the mud in the cup and add the whiskey to make it liquid. Give the cup to the guard with the whip and she/he won’t bother you anymore. The stake in the middle of the fence is loose and you can take the STAKE and the NAIL out. Walk to the left and use the stake on the device left of the pool to function as a lever. Pull the lever and the fountain will run again wetting the guard next to it. She’ll change clothes and when you pick them up,  you take the BELL for lunch and the THONG.

Walk to the right and try to cross the fence. The other prisoner won’t let you. Stand on the hole where the stake came out and you can see the dog bowl. Use the marijuana with the dog food and use the bell on yourself.  The dog will eat and won’t feel too well afterwards. You can escape now. The dog will be sent after you. After a walk you’ll come to a tree and enter a dream state.

You want to become a member of the mafia. Walk to the right and use the door to enter the house. Take the GUN from the wall and talk to the guard in front of the door. You can enter if you bring him some food. Ask him what he’s doing and if it’s not dangerous. He’ll tell you about the bullet with his name on it in his pocket. Use the man to get the BULLET from his pockets.

Use the door on the right to go outside again and use the bullet with the gun. Then use the gun on the bird to shoot him down. But you also hit a man. Take the BIRD and talk to the man. He wants some painkillers for his bleeding heart. Fortunately the cookbook stopped the bullet in time. Ask him if you can have the book but you can’t.

Walk to the right and enter the house again. Walk to the left and enter the kitchen. From there go left again to enter the bathroom. On the floor are a pair of TWEEZERS. Pick them up. From the medicine cabinet you can take the HEALING POTION and the bottle of poison. Now you need to make the man think he’s drinking the healing potion so use the healing potion with the toilet to flush it and use the poison with the bottle of healing potion to switch the contents.

Walk to the south twice and use the door to leave the house. Walk to the man and give him the ‘healing potion’. Eventually you’ll get the COOKBOOK. Walk to the right back into the house and go to the left into the kitchen. Use the tweezers on the book to pry the BULLET out and use the book on yourself to find a recipe.

Open the fridge and take the BACON from the bottom shelf. Take the PLATE from the worktop and in your inventory use the bacon with the bird and put the bird on the plate. Then use the bird with the oven to cook it for some time. Take the SWEET BUTTER from the bottom shelf of the fridge and take the LEMON from under the window.

[note: due to an inventory bug you get multiple birds..]

Use the sweet butter on the bird and use it again on the second bird until the butter is gone. Use the lemon on the first bird to get a fully cooked third one. Take the PLATE from the sink and use the plate with the second bird in your inventory.

Walk to the south to leave the kitchen and give the food to the guard. You can now enter the room and meet the mafia boss. When it finally starts to get interesting you wake up. But now you know who framed Mr. Redford. It was…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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