You want to talk to Paul.

Pick up the bait and you’re trapped. Talk to Paul and tell him he needs to get you out.

Act one:

Walk through the door opening on the left to enter Engine Room 7G. Use Paul’s toolbox  to take a DRILL out. Use the poster on the wall to reveal a code on the back side. Pick up the green TUBE that’s hanging from the gizmo. Walk to the right to return to Engine Room 1A.

Now that you know the code, you can open the locker on the left and take the red canister with GAS out. Use the drill on the door on the right to create a peephole and look through the hole to find the varmints in the other room. Put the tube in the peephole and add the canister with gas to get rid of the creatures.

Act two:

Walk to the left and use the doors of the casino to go inside. Walk to the left again and look at the croupier lying on the roulette table. Take his PUSHY THING and walk to the south to return to the hall. Walk south to leave the casino and walk to the left in the street. Talk to the tramp sitting against the wall but you’re not learning much from him. Use the pushy thing on the LIGHTER on the ground.

Walk to the right back to the casino and use the lighter on the plant on the left. Use the doors to enter the casino again and inside walk to the left. In the game room walk to the right and talk to the barkeeper. You’ll learn about the boss and his drinking habits. Tell him there’s a plant on fire and he’ll leave. Take the TIPS JAR from the bar and walk back to the game room on the left.

Use the tips jar on the machine against the back wall where someone’s playing. The man will take the money and run. Use the machine to let it disappear into the floor and use the vent that was behind it to reach the back room. Use the tubes on either of the tanks to swap them. Use the vent again to return to the game room.

Walk to the right and find the boss unconscious behind the table. Use his body to find a KEY CARD. Walk to the left and south into the corridor and to the right into the elevator. Use the key card in the slot on the right side to reach the office of the boss. Use the carpet patch in the upper right corner to see the floorboards and use these boards to find a LOCK PICK underneath.

Use the key card on the large painting to cut it and use the lock pick on the safe you discovered behind it. The first SEGMENT is yours. Use the computer from your inventory and ask to be sent to Remus 3.

Act 3:

Playing as Paul:

Follow the path to the right to reach the lake. Talk to the boats man but he’s not very helpful. Push the man into the lake and pick up the HOOK against the shed. Walk to the left twice to see the map and select to go to the Tospott Manor. Speak to the intercom next to the door and the gardener will give you some advice. Pick up the SHOVEL and walk south to see the map again. Go to the graveyard on the south.

Use the shovel on the grave of Mrs. Tospott. Look at the hole you dug and pick up the RIBCAGE with heart.  Leave the coffin and take the RAKE standing against the wall. Walk to the left to leave the graveyard and on the map go to town on the left.

Read all the messages on the memorial stone, until you find the one about Tospott’s wife. Walk to the left and use the window of the house to overhear the wife moaning to the man. Keep using the window until the dress is put in the windowsill. Use the hook from the fisherman to get the DRESS.

Walk to the right and enter the barber shop. Talk to the barber who has a problem with his eyes. Use the rake with the chair to keep the man distracted for a while and take the JAR with hair-grow from the desk. Leave the shop and walk to the right to see the map. Go to the mansion and use the dress on yourself to change into a female. Talk to the intercom again and ask for a trade. When asked for something in return, show the ribcage to the camera.

Once inside the room, you want to get out again. While Mr. Tospott is in the bathroom on the left, pick up the ICE BUCKET and use it on the door on the left to set a trap. Use the door on the right to leave the room.

Act 6:

Playing as Paul:

Use the knife from your inventory on the rope to cut the sandbag.

Playing as Rob:

Take the piece of WOOD from the right leg of the bed. Take the papers that were pushed under the door to get the PAPERCLIP. Use the paperclip on the door to pick the lock and then you’ll meet the cause of all evil.

Playing as Paul:

Use the door next to the window to enter an office. Next to the door are orders. Pick them up. Enter the same room again and use the orders with the device standing on the corner to make it look like an official document. Leave the room and walk to the right. Show the order to another Diablo. He’ll walk away. Use the orders on the door to shove them under them. Walk back to the left and use the door in the middle.

Take the KNIFE from the back wall and leave the room again.  Use the door on the far left.

Playing as Rob:

When Dr. Diablo is pointing a gun at you, talk to the shadow behind the pillar.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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