To get the forge going you need some air.

Walk to the right then north to the back where you’ll find the bellows. Once you have a closer look at them, drag the bellows up and down to get the forge going again. When the forge is burning again, walk back to the front and look at the rock in the lower right. Use the lever on the left of the rock to swing the hammer. Keep rocking the lever until the hammer finally picks up speed. But then it goes too fast.

There will be a fire. Walk back to the back towards the bellows and go under the face in the rocks where there’s a water tank. Press space when you see the icon at the top left of the screen. Wait until you have enough  and then walk towards the lower left where there’s one source of fire. Again, when you see the icon, press space to drop your water. Walk back towards the water tank and once filled, use it on the fire left of the water tank. Go back to the tank, walk to the fire at the lower left and drop the water there. Keep repeating this process until both fires are extinguished. You can ‘run’ if you combine the cursor keys with the shift.

Once the fire is out, you need to strengthen the roof. Walk to the left and go up the stairs (the switching of screens/direction can be very annoying!). Outside, walk to the right to the hut in the middle of the three you can see. When you approach the hut, birds will take you and drop you elsewhere next to a large tree.


Walk to the south and right where you’ll find a HOOK in the grass. Walk further south to the rocks near the clearing and around there you should find a ROPE that you’ll connect to the hook. Return to where you came from and look behind the horizontal root on the ground. There’s a skeleton behind the branches. Use the rope and hook on the branches, then walk  to the left. Stay to the roots of the tree and near the root with the tree white stones you’ll  see something glistening next to the root of the tree. Walk over to it to see it’s a pair of PLIERS. Pick them up and  walk north towards the overhanging root. Walk underneath and to the right where you’ll see a bull trapped in a cage. Walk over to the cage and use the pliers on the branches to release the bull. But it won’t come out of its trap yet.

A little on the left you can see roses growing against the root of the tree. Pick up a ROSE and give it to the bull. Now you need it to get out. Walk to the left and wait a bit, then return to creature who should now be grazing near the tree. Pick up another ROSE to the right of the bull and then walk all the way back to the horizontal root where the rope is. Put the rose in front of the root. Walk all the way to the open field on the right to give the creature the opportunity to walk over to the rose you’ve put there.

On your way back, walk back to the area where you found the roses and you’ll also find a piece of LEATHER in the grass. Pick it up and walk left back to the bull. Use the leather on the bull, then take the rope from the log in front of the bull and use the rope on the bull. The bull will now pull the branches away and you can return to the skeleton. Take the DAGGER from the skeleton and then you’ll be warned by a fire-creature who will disappear as quick as it appeared.

Walk back to the bull in front of the roots and the walk up the root with the carvings to the right of the bull. A lady will take you to the river and will tell you you can be free if you want to. Or you can stay but the you will be slave of the dwarf indefinitely. Once you can move again, jump south across the river (I had to use CTRL-F2/* to jump).

Walk south (eventually to the right, then north) where in front of you is a huge spider web that you must cross. Do this very slowly because otherwise the vibrations will cause havoc and you will fail. Once across, walk to the rock in the center and look at the symbols on it. Walk further to the right across the tree. Keep following the yellow path to the left until you reach Mjolnir surrounded by torches.

Mjolnir doesn’t say or do a lot. On his belt is a HAMMER. Take it and return back a few screen past the fire. At some point you’ll be attacked by firebolts but if you use the hammer on the fire you’ll be able to defeat the bolts. One screen further, on the other side of the road, you’ll have the same and use the hammer again to be able to pass here as well. Further down the road you’ll get a third encounter and, just like Thor, with the hammer you can beat the fire. You can now follow the path back to the tree trunk across the ditch.

Walk to the rock in the middle and have a closer look at it. Use the rock to see how another shape is added to the symbols.  Leave the rock and walk back across the log. At the other end, walk into the tunnel on the left (after crossing the log).

The tunnel is blocked by several flames but when you time it right you should be able to get through it and reach the other end. Walk to the right where there’s another statue. This one is holding a sulphur BOWL. Take it and go back through the tunnel. The flames shouldn’t be an issue anymore.  Walk across the log to the rock in the center and use the rock to see yet another symbol being added. Two birds will take you across the mountains to another location.

Walk forward towards the large door in the rocks. Looking at the large door you’ll see a panel with a number of tiles. You need to arrange them. The tiles in the middle left and right should make an arrow pointing to the right (the center tile will stay empty). The tiles with a diagonal line will go to the corners with the line pointing to the corners and the ‘attachments’ on the line on the outside.

Vertical the ‘N’ goes at the top, the ‘S’ goes south. Once they’re all in place, you have to look to the right on the door and there you’ll find 8 slots where you’ll need to insert the ‘keys’. Make them the same as the tiles you positioned earlier. The ‘shorter’ N goes, north, the longer one in the upper right. Once they’re all in place take the whole KEY from the wall.  Use the key on the slider puzzle to open the door.

Inside, walk towards the tusks in the center and look at the image on the floor. It shows you the mechanism for the next puzzle, if you can make sense of the image. But we’ll get there. Leave the tusks for now and walk to the left. There will be a patch of fireflowers. Pick one FLOWER and walk back to the right behind the tusks, then to the back up a slope and to the left where you’ll see a large hourglass.

Put the flower in front of the hourglass to activate the light switch. Then pick up a PUMPKIN from the floor. Turn around towards the triangle picture and put the pumpkin on one of the corners of the triangle. You can only fit them in one place so the order doesn’t matter, just try a corner until it fits. Repeat the process with the next PUMPKIN and finally pick up the last PUMPKIN until all corners are occupied by a pumpkin. Walk back to the tusks and in front walk to the right. Next to the tusks you’ll see a shelf with two statues on it. Open both statues to see what they contain.

The one on the left has a piece of COAL in it. Take it and walk back to the triangle puzzle. Use the triangle in the center of the puzzle to open the compartment and put the piece of coal in there. Then close the compartment again. Return to the statues on the shelf and take the piece of LEAD from the statue on the right. Return to the triangle and put the piece of lead on the pumpkin on the lower left.

Turn to the hourglass and pull the slide from the middle to start the timer. You’ll change from a boy into a man. Close the slide on the hourglass again and look at the triangle. Press the ball above the pumpkin on the left twice, first to activate the coal in the center, second to activate the pumpkin at the top. Walk down the slope, left of the tusks and take another FLOWER from the patch. Go back to the triangle and use the flower on the top pumpkin. Then push the ball underneath it twice to activate the pumpkin on the lower right.

From where you took the flower, there’s also a COPPER LID. Take it and walk a bit further left to the flower patch and take another FLOWER. Return to the triangle and put the lid and flower on the floor in front of the triangle. The push the ball above the lower right pumpkin twice to generate a diamond in the center. Take the DIAMOND from the triangle. During the production, you’ll see something drop from the triangle. Turn around and pick up the golden GEM. You’ll automatically will put it on the right spot and generate a portal that will take you to the other side and back to a boy.

Walk towards the light and along the way pick up the STONES from the pile on the left. Walk further north and see what’s below you. You’ll automatically drop a stone to see the effect and meet your opponent. He’ll throw a fireball at you which you’ll need to deflect with your stones. The best time to throw the stones is when your opponent drops his hands after producing the fire.

You have to repeat this six times to defeat your opponent. Once the threat is cleared, drop some stones once more to take you across to  new world.

Walk to the left and look at the tree stump. After the conversation with the man, walk to the back and once the screen changes, use the roots in the center of the screen to listen to the woman. Walk south, opposite this root and listen to another talking plant. It’s a child. Walk left back to the screen you entered this world and in the center, behind the ‘legs’ is a fourth root that has something to say (an old man).

Now you need to see to pass the ‘legs’ across the log so timing is key. Then you’ll be attacked by  whisps. After you’ve been thrown back, approach them again and use (show) the knife. Then listen to the story. After that, use the water to dive into and swim to the other side.

After the cut-scene when you have control again, walk south (forward, confusing) and watch the four skeletons fight a bear. The object here is to kill the skeletons, not the bear. If you leave the skeletons alive, they will kill you. drag the stick under the rock all the way to the left and pull it up. The rock will drop and kill three skeletons. Walk the path down and when you walk towards the remaining skeleton, you’ll loose your knife on a magnetic wall.

On your way towards the skeleton, you’ll find an AMULET on the ground. As soon as you pick it up, the skeleton will walk towards you but when you run back up the path you came down, the skeleton will be ‘attracted’ by the magnetic wall. That’s the fourth skeleton out of the way. You can now approach the bear.

Since you’ve now passed the four worlds, you learn about your past. Your next mission is to recover the sword and repair it. Walk north towards the cave entrance and use the door to knock it.  You’ll be turned away and even when you knock a second time, they still won’t open. Walk towards the bear and touch him. He’ll make sure you can go inside.

Walk to the back and look on the left next to the large statue. There are chests and on top there are several daggers. Open both chests to see that Mime is in the one on the right. He doesn’t know where the sword is. Walk south, back to the bear and use the bear to follow you back to Mime. When the bear threatens Mime, he will talk and tell you about your mother.

When Mime says nothing about the sword, walk to the left and use the bear again to get the last bit of information from Mime. He will then take you to the edge of the area where you should be able to find the broken sword.

Walk towards the weeping willows and look at the rock in front of them. Next to the rock is a stick and on the rocks on the left is an acid pouch. Take the STICK and pick up the ACID POUCH from the left. Walk towards the willow on the left and use the pouch on a stick on the willow to make it stop weeping. It’ll strip bare to the trunk. Push the trunk and you’ll crawl through it to the other side, protecting you from the other willows. But the ordeal isn’t over yet. When you walk further, a spider will attack you. Quickly go back through the trunk and the spider will follow but will be caught by the willows. You can return to the other side through the trunk.

Follow the path and cross the bridge. Just after the bridge you’ll encounter a building and here you have to be quick (again). As soon as the scene switches to the building, run to the left and hide behind the structure. The door will open, a spider will come out and walk off. Now quickly run into the building. If you’re not quick enough the spider will return and catch you anyway.

Once the giant has left the room, walk to the left above the fireplace and be careful not to fall down. The dwarf will start talking to you and tell you that if you free him, he’ll tell you where you can find Nothung.  To get the key you need to get to the cape and to get there, you need to protect yourself with salt.

Walk further along the ledge and jump (!, tricky) onto the table. Walk further to the left and walk off the table on the other side onto some rubbish and keep walking further left (forward) until you reach the salt pile. At the highest point, jump to the left and use the pile to cover yourself in salt.

Walk back and down the slope next to the cabinet. Run to the left towards the plates and bowls. On your right right you’ll see a chest of drawers but keep walking towards the plates cabinet. Use the corner of the cabinet to climb up. Once up there, walk to the other end of the cabinet and see the key glistening below. Jump! from the edge (don’t walk) and land next to the key. Take the KEY and jump from this cabinet onto the floor. Walk in front of the cupboard with plates towards the chest of drawers you passed earlier. Use one of the corners here to climb this one as well and once up here, walk towards the right (back). Jump on the ledge against the wall and walk up to the dwarf.

Once the giant has turned his face towards the sun, walk towards the corner you’re standing next to and use it to climb down. With your back to the chest of drawers, cross the kitchen to the other end, past the trap and up the pile of garbage. Take some GARBAGE from the pile, walk down again and put the garbage on the trap. Wait for the spider to hit. Return to the trap and pick up the SPIDER LEG.

Walk to the other end of the spider and use the leg to pick up the ACID POUCH. Cross the kitchen to the corner between the chest of drawers and the cupboard with plates. Next to it is a chest. Use the leg with acid pouch on the chest and take the NOTHUNG PARTS from the chest.

Follow Mime to the forge and pull the lever on the left to open the bucket. Use the bucket to put the parts of Nothung in. Pull the lever again to close the bucket. Walk to the right and around the forge to the bellows and pump the bellows to heat the forge.

Once the forge is hot, walk back to the left and pull the lever to pull  the bucket and tilt the bucket to cast a new sword. With the cast, walk to the back and on the left there’s a basin. Use the basin to cool the cast and you’ve created a new NOTHUNG. Walk back to the forge and next to the bucket is an anvil. Use it to put the sword on and walk further to the right to operate the hammer. As you did at the start of the game, pull the lever back and forth until your sword is ready.

Now you want to kill your father’s killer and Mime agrees to take you to him.  Walk into the cave and down the slope, then into the corridor and turn right to face a tiled floor. Walk across the floor, following the path and jumping the missing tiles, do not step on the unmarked tiles. At the end of the path, you’ll trigger the back wall which will come towards you. You need to return the same path quickly and walk back to the right into the corridor. Wait here until the wall has passed and then walk the path a third time. But at the end you can now walk further into the corridor.

Follow the path until you reach the bridge to cross to the dragon. On the left is a SHIELD on the floor. Pick it up and  turn around and walk back the way you came. In the rock on the slope you’re facing straight away after turning around is an indentation in the shape of a shield. Take a closer look at the rock and use it to put the shield in. This will wake the dragon.

Once the dragon has told you about the ring and the maiden, walk forward and use the tail of the dragon to cross the gap. Walk across the ‘island’ to the bridge on the lower right and take the bridge left next to it to the crossroads of bridges. Take the first right to a set of cabinets and on the one in front of you is the RING. Take it and return to the crossroads. Take the right and on the next island walk north across the bridge.

On the next island, take the first bridge left of the one you left, crossing the same ‘river’ back again, above the bridge you used earlier.  You should now be back at the dragon. Use the tail again to cross and walk the corridor back, past the rock with the shield and back to the tiled floor. You need to cross it once more, following the line and jumping the holes.

Follow the path through the tunnel back as you came until you’re outside again. The bird on the pole will warn you and when Mime returns and offer you a drink, do nothing. Then when Mime attacks you, take your sword (press E) and hit Mime.

In front of the compound walk to the left and when the guard walk up, you’ll hide behind a rock. When the guard has turned and walked off, follow the path to the left up to the next bush on the right side of the path and hide behind it so you won’t get noticed by the two guards who are walking towards you. Once they’ve passed, quickly follow the path to the main door of the next enclosure.

At the door, take your sword and use it on the lock, then use the door to enter the building. Inside, walk straight ahead to the trunk and open it. You need to change the grating across the pouches. Turn the left dial three times and the middle one once. Pick up the  string on the far left and you’ll automatically insert it into the pouch in the middle. Take this BOMB from the chest.

Leave the building and walk to the same path back as you came, making sure to stay at the top so the guards and the lower end won’t see you. Half way down the path is a pile of logs held by two beams and a rock. Use the bomb on the rock and draw your sword. Use the sword on the bomb to ignite the fuse and run to the left as quick as possible. Once the bomb has gone off, the logs have rolled trough the fence, go through the opening in the fence.

Your next challenge is to pass the obstacle course. Walk past the moving boxes without getting hit by the rotor blades. After the crossing walk into the tomb and talk to (and fight) Wotan. Once he’s gone, walk over to the sarcophagus.  Number the tusks from 1 to 14 from left to right, top to bottom. To free your queen, press 13 (opens 1, 8 and 13), 4 (opens 3, 4 and 9), 5 (opens 2, 5 and 12), 7 (opens 6, 7, and 14) and 9 (opens 9 and 11).

Walk over to the bathing girl on the right. When she tries to seduce you, click on her body once, then twice on the black bar below the screen to refuse her advances. Walk to the girl on the left and she’ll ask you to bring Alberich.

In the cave with all the bridges, you’ll find Alberich. As soon as he runs away, walk to the left and on the intersection of bridges, leave on the lower left again. When you step off this bridge, onto a circular, island, walk to the bridge on the lower left. After crossing this one, take your sword (press E) and cut the ropes of the bridge, destroying it behind you and preventing Alberich from escaping.

Cross the bridge north and on the next ‘island’ use the bridge on the lower left to the next island. Then use the bridge on the lower left again and you’re back at the intersections. Keep following the lower left and on the next island you’ll find Alberich again.

Again an obstacle course. Get onto the diagonal going from lower left to upper right. Second intersection left, first intersection right (diagonal) and all the way to the next screen. Take the fourth intersection (on this screen, the second from where you were stood) left. At the end, turn right and all the way to the end.

Talk to all three characters from right to left and after the conversation with the third, walk to the left of him and talk some SAND from the ground. Walk back to the space between the first and the second character and as soon as a spider crosses the ‘bridge’, throw the sand at it (you need to stand pretty close to the bridge, almost underneath). Once the spider has fallen, take your sword (press E) and kill the spider.

Sheath your sword and use the ray of light to the left of you. Walk to the space between the second and third character. There are rays of light here. Touch them to finish the story.



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