You should see the boss.

Use the door to open it and then use the buttons of the elevator to go upstairs. The office is on the right. Look at the notice board. Lots of uninteresting notes but there is a MAGNET. Take it from the board.  Use the door to go in and talk to Luise. She’ll tell you to go straight to the boss. Look at the door on the right. There’s a TICKET on it. Take the  note and use the door to enter his office. Talk to the man behind the desk. He has a new case for you. You can’t mess up this time. Luise has all the details.

Leave the room and talk to Luise again twice. She’ll give you the KEYS of your house. Talk to her again and ask about the details of the case. Ask for every detail. Then ask her to help you remind you the things you have to get before you leave: identification card, a weapon and the ticket. The ticket should be in the mailbox but Luise couldn’t find the key.

Use the door on the left to leave and use the buttons of  the elevator to go downstairs again. Walk to the south to go to the street. Throw the ticket you found on the door of your boss in the trashcan near the exit and the TAPE will stick on your fingers. Walk to the right and next to the building for sale is an alley. Enter it and look at the mess. In front of the door is a COIN on the ground. Pick it up. Between the rubbish you can find a green LIGHTER.


Walk to the left to leave the alley and return to the street. Walk to the right to the corner and walk north. Go to the right and use the key on the door of number 47, your own apartment. Take the MAGAZINE from under the table and read the issue in your inventory. Accidently you’ll rip a PAGE out. Use the door on the right to go to the hallway.

Look at the vase and you can see a key. But you can’t reach it. Use the door on the right to enter the bedroom. Open the doors of the wardrobe and look at the box. Use the box to take your GUN. Use the coat hanging there to check the pockets and take the ID CARD out. Look at the card in your inventory and find the photo missing. Take the PHOTO from the desk instead. Under the drawers next to the wardrobe is your credit card. Try to take it and it will slide further under the desk. Use the single page from the magazine on the CREDIT CARD to sweep it from under the drawers.

Leave the room and walk to the left back to the living room. Use the door on the left to enter the kitchen. In the cabinet under the sink is your toolbox. Use it to find a SCISSOR BLADE. In the cabinet under the knives are towels. Use the upper pile to find the second SCISSOR BLADE. Leave the kitchen and use the door left of the sofa to leave the apartment.

Outside use the door of Beppi’s General Store. You can talk to the shop keeper but want to look in the box on the left on the counter. Mainly nuts and bolts but also a yo-yo. Use the box to take the GLASS YOYO and pay with your credit card. Look at the yo-yo in your inventory to play a bit with terrible result. Now you only have the STRING. Leave the store walk to the right and use the key on your own front door again.

Use the door on the right to reach the corridor. Use the lighter in your inventory on the magnet to melt the plastic off and make the magnet stronger. Use the tape in your inventory with the magnet and then use the string on the magnet. Use the magnet on string with the vase to take the KEY from the bottom. Walk to the left and in the living room use the door left of the sofa to leave the apartment.

In the street walk to the left, go north around the corner and walk to the left to the entrance of the office. The intercom next to the door has a screw on each corner. Use the coin to get the SCREW from the upper left corner. Use the screw on the scissor blades to repair the scissors. Use the scissors with the photo to crop it to the size on your ID card. Now we have to stick it on. Use the photo on the ID card but you realise you need glue for that.

Use the front door of the agency and inside use the key from the vase on the agency mailbox, the middle one on the right. Look at the mailbox again to retrieve the AIRLINE TICKET. Use the buttons of the elevator to go upstairs and use the door on the right to enter the agency.

Talk to  Luise and ask more about the case. Then about the things you need to acquire. About the identification card…  she’ll give you the GLUE. Use the glue with the photo and then the photo with the ID card. You now have all you need to get on the case. Talk to Luise again and she’ll send you home to get some rest and a taxi will pick you up tomorrow morning.

Use the door on the left to leave and use the buttons on the elevator to go downstairs. Walk south to the streets and walk to the right until the corner of the street. Go north there. Walk to the right to your apartment door and use the key to enter. Use the door on the right twice to enter the bedroom. Use the bed to get some well deserved rest.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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