The classroom is in recess and you have to get as many points as possible within recess time.

Talk to Drake (the guy on the left) and tell him about his mother’s toupe (1/1). You can talk to Alicia and try to make avances but she won’t fall for it, so actually it’s a waste of time. But then again, trying won’t hurt.

Leave the classroom by using the door. Outside is Trent. Talk to him and tell him about his mother’s toupe (1/2). Talk some more and tell him the joke about the student (1/3). Talk further and the conversation turns to bad breath (1/4). Trent will give you a PAPER (1/5). He’s not going to hang it onto the clipboard. Look at the clipboard and read the note in the top middle (1/6). From the note on the top right (about Fluffy) you can take the CLIP (1/7). In your inventory use the clip with the paper (1/8). Then pin the paper onto the clipboard  (3/11).

Go back inside the classroom again (top left) and talk to Drake. Tell him what you heard from Trent about the breath (1/12). He doesn’t care. Tell Drank a joke (1/13). Tell him another (1/14). Then tell him about Alicia (1/15).


As soon as the bell rings, recess is over.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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