You have to correct the past to save the future.

For each and every person you need to correct their situation.

Mika Huy:

You need to make sure she gets her exclusive otherwise she’ll start working at the YahtzeeBrand store. Talk to Mika and she ask you to spot the creature so she can take a picture. Hold your mouse on a location the creature appears and try to click at the right moment. If you do, the little devil appears next to you.

Talk to the little devil and ask for Max’s hat. You can have the HAT. Now return to the hub.

Max Griff:

Talk to Max and he’ll tell about the hat. Give him the hat. Take the MAGNET from the cabinet on the left and search through the drawers on the right. The bottom one holds the disguises. Once you get to the wizard, you can take the WIZARD OUTFIT with you. Use the door and return to the hub.

The Bum & Mayor Gower:

Talk to the bum, he’s in jail. He know he’s there because he upset the mayor. Ask the bum when he’s getting out and he’ll tell you about the release papers. Leave the bum for now, return to the hub and go to Mayor Gower. Talk to him to learn he’s about to stamp the papers to build the Yahtzeebrand Megastore.

On the left is the stamp but he won’t let you take it. Look at the clock on the right and make a remark. The mayor will be distracted so you can take the STAMP. Ask the mayor for the release of the bum and he’ll give you the APPLICATION FORM for the bum to fill out so the mayor can sign it. Leave the mayor and return to the bum.

Give the application form to the bum. He’ll be reluctant because he doesn’t believe the mayor will sign it. Give him the stamp as well so he can sign it himself.  Ask for the resistor but you can’t have it.  Use the magnet on the red RESISTOR. Leave the jail.


Talk to Elandra. She’s waiting for the parade and doesn’t want to move. Use the magnet on her to move her aside, just in time. Return to the hub.

David Hasselhoff:

Talk to David about autographs and KITT. To fix KITT he needs a red resistor so give him the resistor. He can now move on as well. Look at the bookshelves in the back. The top middle one holds self help books and you can have the Finding your inner human BOOK. Leave the library and return to the hub.


Talk to Death about Davy and himself and learn that he has an identity crisis. Give him the book about the inner human and he’s ok. Take a BALLOON from Davy’s bedside. Return to the hub.


Talk to Greyson. In order to restore the relationship with the threaders, he needs to get the shard out of the way. Tie the balloon to the shard and use the magnet to pick up the SHARD. Return to the hub.


Talk to Frustro on the floor and ask how to restore his lesser god powers. You can do that by providing an artifact of great power. Give the shard to Frustro and all is restored. Talk to the bartender and ask for a WAKER UPPER. Leave the bar and return to the hub.

Davy Jones:

Davy is still asleep. Give him the drink to wake him up and talk to him. He’s having second thoughts about his magic abilities. Use the wizard outfit on Davy to change into these clothes and talk to Davy again. When he asks who you are, you can give him any name. At least you know how to convince him and believe in himself. After the conversation, return to the hub.

You did it! You restored Reality.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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