Because of the alert state you need some duct tape.

Use the computer on the right and enter duct tape as command to search with Gargle. You’ll get the address of the duct tape store. Take the AIR FRESHNER from the shelf and use the door to leave the room. Pick up the VENTILATOR from the floor and go to the right to the basement.

In the back you will find a BALL and in the drawer in the middle of the cabinet on the right you’ll find a MAP. Follow the red arrow out of the basement and walk to the left. You can’t go any further because of the smell of fish. Use the ventilator on the fish to blow the smelly air out and walk to the left.

Use the fridge to take your LUNCH pack out and use the door to leave the apartment. Use the car to drive to the store. Outside you’ll find a man smoking and blocking the door while the shopkeeper is having trouble breathing. Talk to the troubled man to see what the problem is and help him by using the air freshner on the man next to the door and he’ll blast off.


Inside the shop talk to the shopkeeper to ask for duct tape. He doesn’t have any. Take the pair of GLOVES from the shelf. Use the ball on the can of paint so the sign becomes useless and you can take the TAPE from it. Use the tape woth the paint to colour it yellow.

Use the door to go outside and find your car under an electrical wire. Use the gloves to move the wire and use the car to drive back home. There’s you’ll see what the neighbour did to your house. It’s time to move to Switserland. You’ll use the car to drive to the airport.

Outside the airport use the car again to drive to the shop first. A man will call you and offer you some PILLS. Use the car to drive back to the airport. Enter the airport on the left and see the man from Switserland who looks exactly like you. Talk to the man to find he’s thirsty. Use the lunch pack on yourself to keep the SODA CAN and use the pill with the can to spike the drink. Give the can to the Swiss man and he’ll fall asleep. Take the SUITCASE and look at it to see a passport and plane ticket are inside.

Talk to the man behind the desk and he’ll tell you that the plane won’t leave until the alert state has changed. Use the yellow tape on the monitor and discretely, while the man is distracted, you apply the tape. The man notices the change in alert state and will send the plane on it’s way. Use the suitcase with the man to show your passport and ticket and after giving your air freshner you can board the plane on your way to Switserland.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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