You need to get the alien out of there.

Use the computer and push one of the keys of the keyboard. The screen will fill with applications.  The one on the far right of the top row is from the security camera. Use it to realise that you need to wipe your tracks.The one on the right of the bottom row contains a manual. Look at it.

Leave the computer and walk to the left. Pick up the SHIRT from the table. Look at the table to discover the loose leg. Take the LEG.

On the fridge on the left is a NOTE. Take it so you also have the MAGNET. Look at the note. It’s litmus paper. Open the fridge and take the ORANGE and the CAN out. The can contains an unknown substance. Use the litmus paper on the can and discover it’s an alkaline.

Look at the thing at the bottom of the screen with the funnel. So that’s the scale mentioned in the manual. Use the can on the scale to get the chemical weight. That clarifies a bit more already. Walk to the right and use the computer again. Use the can with alkaline on the chemical index on the left, top row to find the real contents of the can. It’s a super fertiliser, but only works at temperatures above 40°C.

Use the super fertiliser with the orange. Nothing seems to happen. But it needs to be wamer. Look at the left side of the computer. There’s a ventilation slot. Use it to notice the warm air. Use the orange with the ventilation slot to find out it’s still not warm enough. Try to open the cover from the computer. It’s stuck. Use the table leg on the pencil sharpener to make it pointy and then use the leg on the cover to pry it open. Inside is a CD-ROM. Use it with the computer. There’s a game on it and when you play it the computer overheats making the orange to grow. Pick up the ORANGE and walk to the left again.

Use the orange on the cleaning bot. Use the shirt on the orange and it’s starting to look like the professor. Use the can with paralyser on the orange and now pray for the aliens to jump on the professor -replica. Walk to the right and use the control interface under the computer to send the robot to the next room.

The robot returns with the alien. Now you need to wipe your tracks so use the magnet on the surveilance camera. Walk to the left and pick up the alien so you can return it and hope the professor won’t notice anything.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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