You need to find a liquor store.

Walk to the right past the pool of blood and in the corner you’ll find a FISHING ROD next to the trashcan. Pick it up (3/3) and walk south. Use the door of the Rock Shop and go inside. Take the guitar standing on the right and a string will come off (4/7). Pick up the STRING (3/10) and leave the shop.

Walk along the wall left of the shop back to where you came from. Follow the wall to the left and at the next crossing go north. Talk to the man in the booth of the cinema. Ask him about the cops and free tickets. He can give you one in exchange for some food. Walk further north and to the left. Walk into the alley on the right in front of the butcher shop.

Talk to the bum about food scraps and he’ll refer you to the dumpster. Use the dumpster to dive in (5/15). Keep looking at the dumpster until you’ve found the food and then use dumpster to get the FOOD out (3/18). Walk to the left and south again. Walk to the right to reach the cinema again.

Give the brown bag to the man in the booth and you’ll receive your TICKET (3/21). Walk into the cinema and watch the show. After the show walk south to leave and go back in again to find the place empty. Use the seats until you find the SUNGLASSES (5/26). Walk south to leave the theater again.

Go to the left and north at the butchers. In the main street go to the church in the lower left to overhear two cops talking. Once they’re gone, visit the graveyard they were standing and pick up the WALLET and BADGE (4/30). Use the wallet to get the ATM CARD (3/33).

Walk south on the right of the street and south at the butchers. Go further to the right back to the cinema. Walk south and at the crossing go south again. Use the door to the office of the motel to open it and enter. The manager will point a gun at you. Show the police badge (4/37) and tell him you’re working under cover. While he goes back to sleep, take a BROCHURE from the rack on the left (3/40).

Walk south to leave the office and enter right away. There’s a box with lost and found stuff. Use the box until you find a set of CAR KEYS (3/43). Walk south again to leave. Walk north three times to the 99¢ store. Talk to the lady sitting on the bench. Keep talking until you can get the COOKIES from her (3/46). Walk to the right, then south to the crossing. Walk to the left where you’ll find a hooker on the corner. Look at the billboard on the left side of the street to find a phone number.  Walk to the right where you’ll find Santa.

Give your cookies to Santa (4/50) and he’ll leave for some drinks leaving you to watch the kettle. Take the contents from the kettle: 3 BUCKS (3/53). Walk to the right and south on the other side of the street, south at the butchers to find the 99¢ again. Walk inside and watch Santa leave with… cough syrup (3/56).

Leave the shop, walk to the left and north at the butchers, back to the main street. Stay on the right and near the bridge walk to the right to reach a crossing with a bar. Walk south here. On the next corner you’ll find the tattoo shop where you’ll have to go to the left. Talk to the valet parking attendant. If he hasn’t calmed down yet because he just got tipped lousy, leave on the left and return again. Now talk to him.

In his booth is a clipboard. Look at it to realize you need to get the guy away from there to get the reservation list. Use the car keys in your inventory (5/61) to set of the alarm of the car and the valet guy will move away. While he’s over there, look at the clipboard again to see who’s name is on the list (34/65). Walk to the left to reach the restaurant. Use the glasses you found in the cinema on yourself to wear them (3/68) and enter the restaurant. You’ll be taken to your table (3/71).

Wait for the waiter to bring your pre-ordered food and take the FISH with you (3/74). Use the can of hairspray from your inventory on the candle on the table with the lady with the long black hair and her hair will catch fire (4/78). With everyone in panic, walk to the left and leave the restaurant on the south (3/81). Walk to the right  and at the corner of the disco go north. Walk north to the next intersection and go left.

In the main street walk south on the right and enter the arcade next to the butcher’s. Use your money on the arcade machine next to the pinball. Look at the high scores, your still number 1 (4/85). Use your money on the fortune telling machine and ask about your fortune. Finally find some good luck, but where to use it? (4/89).Use your money on ‘The Claw’ and win… a bear (4/93). Pick up the BEAR (3/96).

Leave south to leave the arcade and use the door of the butcher shop next to it. Talk to the butcher. He’s not the friendliest type. Take the CROWBAR and you’ll distract him. But you need to hide the crowbar. Put the crowbar in the bear you won at the arcade (4/100).  Put the fish you got from the restaurant in the meat grinder to find the HOOK that was left inside (8/108).

Walk south to leave the butchers. He can’t find anything so you can go (3/111). Enter the arcade next to it again and talk to Skelter beating your high score. Walk south to leave the arcade and go back in again. Use your money on the arcade and watch the high scores. You’re not at the top position anymore. Also note Crumb’s very low score of 4 digits…. (4/115).

Leave the arcade again and walk to the south. Use the money on the payphone and call the helpline to order some crack (5/120). Walk further to the right and use the ATM machine. Insert the card in the slot and when asked for a pin code use the low score of Crumb as numbers. You get ONE BUCK (9/129). Walk back to the left and enter the 99¢ shop.

Walk to the right and enter the restrooms on the right. Use the door of the men’s room to enter. Open the closed door and use the crowbar on the grating in the ceiling (6/135). Climb north through the vent until you see the broken one with beer underneath. In your inventory, use the string with the fishing rod (4/139). Add the hook to the pole as well (3/142). Use the fishing pole on the cases of beer (5/147).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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