You have to make a rocket. Easier said that done is a desert with this inventory. But oh,well, let’s see how far we get.

American Ground Troops:

Talk to the man in front of the tent. He won’t let you in unless you get him something from the western civilization. To the right is the toilet but it’s too smelly to go in. In front of it is a pool where you can take the RADIOACTIVE CRAP. Leave the campsite on the left and on the map select the city of Kerkuk.

The City of Kerkuk:

Talk to the man in front of the clay hut. Ask what they are farming and about their hut. Use the crap on the stripes on the ground and carrots will grow. The man thanks you and gives you all of his posessions: his GASMASK. Use the carrots to find nothing at first but when you use the carrots a second time you find a SEED. Leave the site on the left and on the map select the American Ground Troops again.

American Ground Troops:

Walk into the toilet. Because you have your gasmask, it isn’t a problem anymore. Take the TOILET ROLL and the empty FLASHLIGHT. You immediately inform the man at the tent that there’s no more paper and he’ll get a new roll. Now that might be usefull for a rocket. Ask for another 5. You’ll be automatically at the old oil drill.

Old Oil Drill:

Pick up the SHOVEL and walk to the left. On the map select the old bunker.

Old bunker:

A bunker with a lot of sand around it. At the side it’s a bit more loose. Use the shovel on the left side of the bunker to remove the sand and reveal an entrance. Walk into the bunker. Wow. Dark. Use the readiactive seed with the empty flashlight and you can see! Take the Michael Jackson PICTURE from the wall. You also know how to use the aluminium from the bunker. You’ll automatically leave the bunker and be with the oil drill. The top of the rocket is there as well. Now to the left and back to the ground troops.

American Ground Troops:

Give the picture to the man in front of the tent. Not much of a Michael Jackson fan but hey, it’s better than nothing. He’ll step aside and you can enter the tent. Talk to the officer on the right and ask for the empty cans. That would make a nice antenna. You can have it if you answer a few questions right:

– Iraq is part of which continent: Asia
– How big is the budget of the NSA: 4 billion
– The Iraqian flag: Red, White, Green and 3 stars in the middle.
– The monetairy unit of Iraq: Dinar
– The leader before Hoessein: al-Bark
– The chance you gasmask isn’t working: 65%
– Start of the second Gulf War: Koewait dropping the oil price.

You can now take the cans. You can finish the rocket.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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