Use the computer to get your new mission.

On the right against the wall is your nightstand. Use it to get your WALLET (2/2) out. Use the drawer of the desk under the computer on the left twice to find your PHONE (2/4). Use the blue cabinet on the south wall to take your LAPTOP out (2/6). Use the phone in your inventory to arrange transportation.

When Scurvydawg arrives, talk to him and tell him to drive to the Tillicum centre. Once there, walkinside the building. Look at the bank machines. Looks like they have been tampered with. Walk to the left and push the yellow button.

A lady will come and when you talk to her you learn that she’s security specialist as well. Ask her about the Pretzinet Corporation and you’ll get information about one of the members (10/16). Push the button again just for fun (10/26). Walk to the right and use in your inventory your wallet to get your BANK CARD (2/28) out. Use the bank card on the ATM to find they’re out of order. Walk to the north and to go back to the car.

Ask Scurvydawg to drive to the Bingo Palace. Talk to the man behind the desk and before you even ask you know you must pay to get in. Since you still don’t have any money, talk to Scurvydawg and ask him to drive back to Tillicium.

Enter the building and use your bank card on the ATM again. This time it works and you get a HUNDRED DOLLAR bill out (8/36).  Walk to the right and enter the London Drugs store. Talk to the lady behind the desk again and ask for a wireless network card. Give the money to the lady and in return you get the NETWORK CARD and  THREE QUARTERS (8/44).

Walk to the south and then north to get back to the car. Tell Scurvydawg to drive to the Bingo Palace again. Give the three quarters to the person behind the desk and you can now enter and use the fascilities for the rest of the day (6/52).

Talk to the girl inside and ask if she knows Ball Twiddler. She doesn’t so there’s not much else to do than to go back. Walk to the south to leave the tent and talk to Scurvydawg. Tell him to go back to Tillicium. Enter the building and walk to the left back to Changing Times. Use the yellow bell and talk to the lady. She now remembers a pink mini-van (5/57). Walk to the right and north and tell Scurvydawg to go back to the Bingo Palace.

When you arrive, you walk over to the parking lot in search of the license plate of the pink van (5/62). Enter the tent and talk to the girl. Tell her the person of the pink mini van left the lights on. The girl will announce the incident and you can see someone walking towards the door. Leave the tent and see a CARD in the street. Pick it up (7/69) and look at it in your inventory to learn the details of Pretzinet Corp (5/74).

Ask Scurvydawg to go there. Outside use the wireless network card in your inventory with the laptop (8/82).  Then use the laptop on the building until you get a good signal. When you’ve read the signal and the information being send over the wire, you jump in the car and drive off (25/107).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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