You need to get your father some more rum and clean the chum bucket.

Pick up the CHUM BUCKET and use the hold to go below decks. Look at the bottle on the right to dicover it’s the rum bottle and try to pick up the bottle. The ship will be attacked and the hull will be flooded. Since you can hold your breath a while, you need to find a way to get out. Pick up the POLE from the floor and use the pole on the debris next to the top end of the rope. This will result in a WEDGE that fell down. Use the pole with the hole on the right to create a small gap.  Use the wedge on the hole and use the pole on the hole as well to crack the side open. You pass out and wake up in another room.

You heard your father and mother and need to get to them. Then you have to get out of this room first. Open the grill of the furnace and use the inside to get a COAL out. Take some OIL dripping from the grate in the wall and in your inventory use the oil with the coal to create a bomb.

In front of the boxes is a PLANK on the floor. If you take it, it will show a hole. Look at  the hole to find a piece of FLINT. Look at the stiff box to the right of the hole in the wall. It needs some lubrication to move it and the box below it needs some fortification to bear the weight if you want to move the stiff one.

Put the bomb in the hole in the wall and use the flint on the hole to ignite the bomb and create a bigger hole. Take another piece of OIL dripping from the grate left of the furnace and use the oil on the stiff box. Push the stiff box to slide it to the left. Push the box on the right of the stiff box as well to slide to the left too.

Use the single box on the far right to climb it and use the box on the left to climb that one as well. Use the stiff box to climb on there and then use the plank with the rung around the furnace pipe to leave the room. You’ll find your mother and your father but soon after you’ll be locked in the captains cabin.

Pick up the pillow from the bed to find the captain’s NOTEBOOK underneath. In your inventory look at the notebook to read the entries and keep reading until you know that the captain wants to kill you and  find the RECIPE on the last page. Look at the recipe to note the ingredients. You need to find a way to get out of this ship.

Talk to the guard and ask to leave. He refuses. Talk to the guard again and threaten or seduce him until he let you see the doctor. Talk to the doctor and tell him you have a stomach ache. He’ll walk to the books on the right so you can take the SCISSORS from the table. Then tell him you have a head ache and he’ll search in the cupboards above the tabel. You can now take the MORTAR and PESTLE from the bookshelf on the right and the PLANT that’s lying on the same shelf. If you don’t have enough time, just tell him about your head ache again.

While the doctor is still searching the medicine cabinet use the mortar and pestle on the mop and bucket next to the bookcase to get some WATER. Tell the doctor to head back and you’re in the captain’s cabin again. Use the scissors on the sheet on the bed to cut a piece of CLOTH from it and use the scissors on the pillow to get a FEATHER. Talk to the guard and tell him you need to see the doctor again.

Tell the doctor about your stomach ache again and while he’s searching the book shelf on the right, you can use the piece of cloth from your inventory on the pool of BLOOD on the floor. Leave the doctor to return to the captain’s cabin. In your inventory add the feather, the cloth with blood and the plant to the mortar with water to create a soup. Give the soup to the guard and he’ll pass out.

Take a SWORD from the wall and open the chest. Inside was the CHUM BUCKET, your GUN and the POLE. Use the sword on the window on the left to pry it open and use the window to leave the ship behind.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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