You need to get your license to prevent a hanging.

On the box next to the door is a basket with MATCHBOOKS. Take one and walk to the right to talk to Hookhand behind the desk. Ask for your license and he’ll tell you about the tests you need to do first. He’ll give you an EGG and it’s up to you to put it on the bottle.

Use the bottle to see a close up. Use the matches with the bottle to burn the oxygen inside and then put the egg on top of the bottle to let the egg suck in. Leave the bottle and you’ll … be kidnapped. In your new location you’ll receive a note stating the three objectives of the test: kill someone, steal something valuable and save someone.

On the boxes is a martial arts training MANUAL. Take it and use it on the door to use the art of board breaking. Use the door to go outside. Grab the hammer next to the stairs and enter the room on the left again. Use the hammer on the safe inside to open it and get the CANNONBALL out. Use the door again to leave the room and walk to the cannon on the right. Use the back end to open the loading area and use the cannonball on the cannon to load it. Use the back end again to close the cannon and use the doors above the  stairs to reach the upper deck.

Walk south to the navigation and use the door of the cabin to enter. Take the blue dashboard LIGHTER from the console and leave the dashboard again. Walk to the right and use the double doors to go below decks again. Use the lighter with the cannon to fire the cannonball.  That’s mission one completed.

Use the door above the stairs to go to the upper deck and use the rope on the right to leave the ship. Pick up the SPEAR and walk further to the left. Pick up the stick of BAMBOO in the grass on the right and walk to the right on the crossing. Keep walking to the right until you find a wounded man on the beach. Talk to the man to learn about his girlfriends who needs to be saved. Take the TOOTHPASTE from the beach and walk back to the crossing on the left.

Keep walking north until the next crossing and on that one follow the path to the lower left. Use the door to start a conversation with the person inside and learn about his fear for fluoride. Use the toothpaste on the hatch on the watertank next to the house and the house will be empty pretty soon. Use the door to go inside.

Take the BOOTS from the right. There’s a panda blocking your way. Use the bamboo stick on the panda to free the exit and use the doorway to enter the bedroom. Take the blue ORB from the computer terminal and walk to the south twice to leave the house. Mission 2 accomplished. Go to the right to return to the crossing and take the path to the upper right. Keep walking until you find Darlanth and talk to him. Take the AXE standing against the logs and take the MONSTER tied to the pole on the right.

You need to feed water crystals to the monster, mostly found near water. Keep walking to the left until you’re back at the crossing and then follow the path to the lower left. Next to the watertank is a crystal so use the monster on the crystal to let him grow. Pick up the MONSTER again and walk to the right to the crossing. Go to the lower right and then south to the first crossing. Go left and find more crystals on the bank of the river. Use the monster to take the crystals and pick up the MONSTER again.

Go to the right and north twice. At the crossing to the right and keep walking until you reach Darlanth again. Give him the monster back to be trained. Then pick up the trained MONSTER and walk to the left until you reach the crossing.  Take the path to the upper left to find the muddy hill become slippery. Use the boots on the hill to wear them and then use the hill to climb to the other side.

Talk to the guard and ask him to step aside. He will only do that if you can defeat his monster. Use you monster on his to win the battle and gain access to the village. Once the guard is gone use the gates to go in. There you’ll meet another man who needs to be defeated. Use the spear on the man to kill him and walk further to the right. At the bottom you’ll find an altar and when you put the blue orb from your inventory on the altar, the bowling gate will open. You the gate to enter and walk the path up the vulcano.

You stumble upon the ritual and when you get the chance, use the axe on the tree to save the girl. Mission 3 complete.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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