At home:

Use the cover of your bed to find the KEY of your truck.

Look at the DVD’s on top of the cabinet and in the one on the left you find another KEY. To the right of the monitor is a CD-sleeve. There’s a DISC in it that you need to return. Pick it up an walk to the right to leave the room.

Go south into the living room. Look around look at the couch to find a note. Use the couch to read it. The door on the lower right leads to the TV room. You can walk straight in but then it leads to the hallway. Use the key and it’s the TV room. Look around the room. Looking at the lamp you notice something and using it you find a bag of HYDRO. Pick up the GUITAR. You can use the TV if you like to watch some channels. Walk to the south back to the living room.

Use the exit left of the toy chest to go outside. Use the key on the car to start it and drive off. Select the driving range to play some golf.

Golf Course:

Walk to the left side of the building to go to the side. Against the back wall is a GOLF CLUB. Take the club and walk back to the right. Use the club on one of the red flags in the course. Take a closer look at the golf ball to see the logo and the strange marks on it. Leave the ball again and leave the green. Use the key on the car to drive to the motel.

Howisyo Johnson Motel:

Look at the flowerbed left of the building. Use the upper left part of the flower bed to find a KEY. Look at the key to see the number. Walk to the north and use the key on the door with the corresponding number. Inside the room, take the TOWEL hanging above the toilet. Use the pillows to find a KEYCARD. Leave the room again and use the key you just found with LR on it on the door on the right leading to the laudry room. On the bench on the left you find a REMOTE. Take it and leave the room again.

Walk to the south and use the key to start your car again. Visit the casino.

Scumport Casino:

Use the door on the left to enter the building. Walk to the right to visit the reception. You can talk to the lady behind the desk but there’s not much conversation. Use the bin next to the desk to find a KEYCARD. Walk back to the left and use the keycard on the big blue sliding doors to enter the casino.

Walk all the way to the right to enter the slots area. Use the lady on the left to steal her COIN. Walk to the south and walk to the left in the hallway. Use the keycard on the door again to leave and in the hallway walk to the left. Use the button next to the elevator to get inside and use the coin on the little round slot.The elevator will take you to underground levels.

Follow the arrows to the north and use the doors in front of you three times and you’ll be teleported. You end up in a maze.

The maze:

The shortest way through the maze: forward twice,  left, forward, down, forward, right, up, forward, right, forward, down, left, up, right twice, forward, down, forward and down.Through a vortex you end up in the desert.

Rottcrotch Creek:

Walk straight ahead three times to reach a cactus. Use the cactus to get the PEYOTE buttons and walk north to the small village. At the sherrifs office talk to the vulture outside and he’ll tell you about noises. Turn right and enter the Guitars-R-Us shop. Talk to the lady behind the counter and she’ll tell you where to go. Leave the shop on the left and walk to the right until you reach a telephone.

The phone is ringing so answer it. Walk further to the right until you’re too tired and decide to camp for the night. Next morning walk further to the right until you reach a spaceship.  Walk one screen further and you’ll see a dead spaceman and a snake in front of him. Use the golf club to kill the snake. Use the spaceman to search him and you’ll find a PHONE, a KEY and a COMMUNICATION DEVICE. Walk back to the left and use the key on the cockpit of the space ship to enter.


Use the key on the red and black button on the right side to start the engine. Use the throttle on the left side to fly the shuttle and leave the planet.

Look out of the cockpit. Look at the status panel on the left side to see the status of the functions. Use the third button from the top to enter the navigation sequence. Push the engage button to race through a wormhole.

Once you exit the wormhole, look at the planet. Look at the status screen on the left and push the engage button to land on the planet. Use the handle on the left to open the cockpit and get out.

Ice Planet:

Walk to the left five times and when you’re on a shadowy part of the planet, walk to the north. You’ll find a crashed spaceship. Use the ship the red hatch on top of the ship to look inside. Look at the status screen on the right to find the powercell still working and the location of it. Use the three dotted compartment on the left to take the POWERCELL and a pack of JOKERS. Use the hatch on the ceiling to leave the ship and walk furhter to the north untill you reach a cave. Enter the cave and walk forward untill you drop into another part of the cave.

The cave:

Keep to the left. Go north if left isn’t available but otherwise keep to the left untill you reach a huge hall. Look at the pillars and note the symbols on them. Look at the big screen and talk to the big screen. You will see an image of your past. Use the green button below the screen to zap images until you see the image of the outside of the cave. Walk into the screen and you will be outside again.


Use the powercell on the container below the ship and you’re inside. Use the key to start the engine and use the thruster on the left to leave the planet. Look at the status screen in the lower left corner again and use the third button from the top. Push the engage button and you’ll return to the wormhole.

You are awaited by the Parakkian fleet and put in a cell.

The cell:

Look around. Note the symbols left and right on the wall. Use the bed to find a pack of MATCHES. Use the pack of jokers with the hydro and use the matches to light the joint. You can’t because there’s too much air coming from the vent. Use the towel on the vent to blovk the airflow and your joint will be lit. There’s a communication panel near the door. Use the communicator from your inventory on the communication panel to talk to the guards. Use the lit joint on the slot under the communications panel.

This will get the attention and the cell opens. You give the joint to the alien and he’ll pass out. Walk through  the door to get out of the cell. Keep walking to the left untill you reach a strange device. Look at it and use the instructional disc you found in your room on the slot on the left of the machine. Walk to the left and see the aliens gathered around a TV. They’re busy watching the DVD you inserted so you can walk further to the left unnoticed. Walk to the right to reach the shuttle bay.

Shuttle bay:

Use the door on your right to enter the control room. There’s an alien at work. Talk to the Parakkian. He’s really distracted. Use the red button below to disarm the lazer and leave the room. Walk to the left to the spaceship. Use the key on the cockpit to enter the ship and fly off.

Planet Axium:

Use the latch on the left to open the cockpit and leave the shuttle. Walk to the left until you can’t go further and then walk to the north. Walk to the right along the water until you reach a huge worm. Use the peyote buttons on the worm to let him hallucinate and disappear. Walk to the north until you reach the entrance of the pyramid.

The pyramid:

Walk to the right until you meet three men. They will stop you and question you. He’ll lead you to a board with symbols. You must press the correct 7 ones in the order you found them on your journey. They are:

1: On the golf ball: Π (Pi) &  λ (Lambda)
2: In the tomb on the pillars: Ω (Omega) &  Δ (Delta)
3: In the Parakkian prison: left and right on the wall
4: The yin/yang

A door will open and you can proceed. After the conversation, walk through the door and enter the Temple of Light. Put your guitar on the stand in the center. A beam of light will create a barrier that stops the Parakkians. You leave your guitar behind and return to your spaceship.

Use the key on the spaceship to enter it and fly home.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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