You are pharmacist Jones and late for work.

Use the door of the shop and talk to Sharon. It’s very busy and there’s no staff at the moment. Walk to the left and talk to Mr. Hatty. He’ll give you the PRESCRIPTION that you need to prepare. Look at the perscription to see what medication you need. Walk to the left and take the right ingredients from the shelf.

Pick up from the shelf: A- Tenormin, D- Persantin and T- Zydol. Walk to the computer and use the perscription from your inventory on the computer to print the LABELS. In your inventory use the label on each of the medicin and the perscription is ready. Walk back to the right and give the perscription to Mr. Hatty. Tell him you’d like to make an appointment for a review (5/5).

Take the prescription from your inventory and use it on the box with filed prescriptions on the desk (1/6) to archive it. Walk to the right and talk to the lady who’s waiting. Ask her what she wants and she wants a word in private. Offer her the consultation room. She’ll ask the morning after pill and tell her you need to ask some questions first. Ask her when the unprotected intercourse took place and you’ll learn it’s too late for the pill. Tell her to see her GP instead (5/11).


Talk to the man who’s waiting. Ask what you can do for him and when he wants the paracetamol, ask him lots of questions: who’s it for (1/12), what’s it for (1/13), how long he’s had these symptoms (1/14), if he’s taken any medication for it yet (1/15) and  if he uses other medication (1/16). Then tell him you’ve got something better than paracetamol and give him Coldancough (5/21). Another happy customer.

Talk to Sharon again to end the day and walk to the right to leave the shop. Walk to the left to realize that you’re a perfect pharmacist.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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