You’re in space trying to find the aliens when you hear a noise from the next room.

Use the door on the right to go there and talk to the sad door. Ask him why he is so sad and he’ll tell you about the lack of light. Use the door on the left again to return to your robot friends. Use the Perisco-Matci to get it down and then take the PERISCOPE from it. Pick up Lampbot and Roboboard to ask them to follow you. Use the door on the right to return to the sad door.

In front of the sad door pick up Lampbot again to tell him to stay. Use Lampbot to turn on the light but it’s too weak for the door to feel happy. Use the persicope with the lamp to bundle the light and the door will open. Before going through the door, walk under Harry Fan and use Roboboard to climb up and take the FAN from the ceiling. Then walk through the door to enter the main deck.

You’ll meet an alien eyeball. It’s trying to communicate with you through symbols. You see the peace symbol but how do you send a similar sign back? Use the clock on the wall behind you and set it to six-thirty. Then put the fan from your inventory on the clock and you have you peace sign. It will take you to the world of the aliens.

The eyeballs aren’t the friendliest types and they are hungry. Talk to them and tell them they shouldn’t eat you. When the reason is asked, tell them you don’t taste good with ketchup. If they want to know which condiment to choose from, tell them tungsten, because there isn’t any…. you think.

Lampbot is brought in and a lamp contains tungsten. Use the lamp to turn it on and use the periscope with the lamp to blind the eyes.  You can now return home.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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