You must find the mayor in order to find out if you’re part of a conspiracy. But since you don’t know where the mayor lives, you’ll have to search and ask people.

Talk to the alien in front of the flat. He can’t help you but wants a lifeform to take back to his planet. Walk right of the internet cafe to the north. On the map select the brown building all the way on the right. There’s a tree as well.

Take the lowest LEAF you can reach. In your inventory look at the leaf. There’s a CATTERPILLAR on it. Talk to the dude playing guitar. He’s trying to impress that chick with Blink182 songs. Walk to the right and on the map select the castle in the north. The man standing there can’t let you pass. He’s lost without his Nirvana. Walk to the right and select the red building on the map.

Give the caterpillar to the alien and you’ll receive Nirvana SHEET MUSIC in return. Go back to the map by walking north at the right side of the internet cafe. On the map select the brown building all the way on the right. Give the sheet music to the guy with the guitar. He’ll play a tune and you’ll leave the scene. From here select the brown castle on the map.

In front of the castle walk to the left and…. go through the floor. Talk to the man and ask if he’s the mayor. He’ll admit and confess everything.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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