After having heard that the School Theatre is going to dissappear and Rose is going to move, you’ll have to figure out something.

The Dorm:

Leave the dormrooms and head north to the central hall. There’s a piece of paper on the desk. Use it to make it into a crane. Take the CRANE. Go to the west side of the dorm and go to room 114. Talk to Greg. He’ll mention GWC Plaza to go. Leave the room again and leave the dorm. Outside is a CAGE. Take it, you never know when you might need it. Leave the screen on the right to go to the map. GWC Plaza is in the center of the screen with the water around it. It has a question mark right now until you visited it.

GWC Plaza:


You’ll hear about the parking fine. That’s quite a sum of money. You must recover from that so take a seat on the bench. You can overhear the couple talking about Shakespeare. Oops. Late for your meeting. Leave the plaza and go to the building in the upper right corner. It’s the  Physics Building.

Physics Building:

Enter it and go to the Offices entrance. A student is blocking your way and won’t move. Unless… Did he mention food? Leave the building and go back to the map. Just a bit to the right of Dade Hall is the Campus Cafe.

Campus Cafe:

Show your id-card to the clerk. Then talk to the Chef. He won’t be pleased but at least made you a SANDWICH.  Take a few BANANA’S from the fruitstand.  Then back to the Physics Building.

Physics Building:

Give your sandwich to the student. That’ll make him move. You’ll get the CRUMBS in return. Enter the Offices. Talk to the professor. So you need to clean up while he’s gone. Yeah right. Leave the building. It will become dark and you’ll return to the building. Go to the office. Look at the time machine. How is that powered? By a tredmill? And you need something to get Shakespeare over here. We need to do research.  Leave the building. On the map go to the  library. That’s the bright lit building in the center of the map.

The Library:

Talk to the librarian. She’ll point you to the third floor. Take the elevator. SHAKESPEARE is on the left side, bottom shelf. Go downstairs again. See the DVD offer? Take a few DVD’S. Then leave the library. Let’s go to Dade Hall.

Dade Hall:

Enter the dorm. You can only access the east side but that’s ok. Noticed the little hole between rooms 101 and 103? Use your cage there. Use the crumbs on the cage. This should result into a MOUSE. Leave the dorm and go back to the Physics Building.

Physics Building:

Use the mouse on the Time Machine to generate power. Use the book of Shakespeare to get the right information. Then use the time machine. There’s William! You’ll both end up in the dorm to get some sleep.

You’ll wake up from the noise of the contruction site. Go there to stop them!

Construction Site:

Leave the room and the dorm and walk to the left. Follow the signs to the construction site and talk to the foreman. So he won’t stop. Take the skull from the heap of sand. Right below it, a bit to the right of the Port-A-John is some sand. Put your paper crane there and warn the foreman. That’ll stop them! Leave the site….. not yet. First we’ve got to get rid of that killer squirrel. Use your peanuts on the squirrel. Ooops. Well, it’s only sleeping. Leave the scene. You’ll end up in

Hendersons Hall:

Talk to the representative to receive a pack of HOT GUM. Rose will tell you to go to the theatre.

The Theatre:

Janet Singleton will explain the problems: no play, no music, no actors. Time to get to work. Go outside. William will ask for inspiration. Go back to the dorm and to your room. Use the DVD’s on the  Gamesphere and let William get some inspiration. After a few hours of work on the computer he has his PLAY. Leave the dorm and go back to the Theatre. Show the script to Janet. Another taks added to the list: props. Leave the theatre and go to the Physics Building. Remember those students oustide? They could be actors.

Physics Building:

Talk to the students. Use the script on them to convince them. They’ll play but are also hungry. Give them the banana’s and there are your actors. Pick up a PAPER from the blue newspaper stands. Leave the site and on the map go to the building to the right of it: Engineering.


Enter the building. Talk to the mask. Ask him for the squirrels. Done. That was easy.  Leave the building and go to the theatre.

The Theatre:

Report to Janet. All we need now is music. Go outside again. Where can we find Jon? See that bush in the center of the screen? What’s so special about it? Use your gum on your paper. Now you have a FLAMING MASS. Use the flame on the bush and it will vanish! There’s the hideout of Jon! Talk to him. He’ll help. Leave the hideout and go back inside the theatre. Talk to Janet again. Enjoy the rest.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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