You need a fire on this cold Christmas eve.

On the shelf on the right is a gold cup. Use it to get a KEY.  Next to the cabinet on the right is a CANDLE. Pick it up and open the cabinet. Inside you’ll find a BLUE CUP.

Walk to the left and enter the room left of the Christmas tree. Use the key on the trunk to unlock it and take the LIGHTER out. Use the lighter in your inventory on the candle to light it. Use the lit candle on the grating of the water heater to fire it up.

Walk to the south to leave the room and use the blue cup on the sink to take some HOT WATER. Use the door on the left to leave the house and walk to the left where you can find a snow shovel frozen to the floor. Use the hot water on the shovel to melt the ice and then you can pick up the SHOVEL. Walk to the left to see the weather outside.


The wine cellar on the right is covered with snow. Use the shovel on the hatch to clear it so you can open the cellar. Take the bottle of LIQUOR out. On the left is a pile of logs. Take the LOGS and notice they are a little damp. Walk inside the house again and put the damp logs in the empty fireplace next to the Christmas tree.

Use the liquor on the logs to serve as accelerant and use the lighter on the logs to light the fire. Merry Christmas.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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