You’re looking for an expensive artifact.

Open the cabinet to find a SIDEARM and a KEYCARD. Walk to the left and look at the plant. There’s something behind it. Move the plant but the maid won’t let you. Talk to the maid and ask her if it’s ok to move the plant. Move the plant again and find a small box behind it. Take the AMMUNITION and use the ammunition with the gun.

Walk to the right and look at the plate next to the door. Smell the plate to discover it’s use, then use the plate to find out you can’t do that alone. Talk to Commander Zif and ask him to help you. Use the panel on the left again and he’ll follow you and press the second one. The door will open.

Walk to the right and see the artifact that was stolen. Use the keycard in the slot on the right and then use the terminal to deactivate the security. You need to solve the puzzle. The pieces will snap into place so just try them on several locations. The big triangle with the horizontal base goes in the lower left corner.

Once the puzzle is complete, push the exit button and the security shield will be gone. Now you need to get the cup down. Use the gun on the node the cup is hanging on. You’ll miss. The only way to get the cup is to give the gun to Commander Zif. But if that was such a good idea?

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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