You have one week to finish your game.

Day 1:

You wake up starving so you have to get some breakfast first. Use the door and select the kitchen. Use the cupboards to find there’s no cereal. You’ll have to get those first then. Select the front door and use the door to discover that you’re locked in. Then you’ll have to start your game without breakfast.

Leave the front door and select the PC. Use the PC and select the forum. It’s down… again? Then select the email. Look at the bottom one. OROW is on! You need to make something fast! Use the paint program to draw a game. Click on the painting to send it off.


Day 2:

There’s blood coming from under the door? Use the door and go to the kitchen to find your pet pig. Talk to the pig and she’ll tell you about your computer being stolen. And she’s hungry. Disaster since there are only five days left. Use the blue cup on the worktop to get a slab of MEAT out. Give the meat to Porky and she’ll run off. Appearantly she was sitting on some KEYS. Pick them up, leave the kitchen and select the PC. It’s an empty room.

Use the keys on the desk cupboard to open it and to get the LAPTOP out. But the batteries are empty. Leave the room and go back to the kitchen. On the worktop is an orange bottle with PILLS. Take the bottle and fall into a deep sleep…

Day 3, 4, 5, 6:

You sleep.

Day 7:

Use the drawers in your bedroom to take a SCREWDRIVER out. On the drawers is a Roger action figure. Use the screwdriver on the doll and the BATTERIES come out. Use the batteries with the laptop and you’re ready to go. Use the door to leave the bedroom and go to the PC room. Use the laptop on the desk to get some help with your game.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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