You need to create another creature.

On the floor is a BALLOON. Pick it up. Use the door on the right twice to reach the last room in the hall. On the floor is another BALLOON. Take this one as well. Go to the left three times and you’re in the machine room. From the garbage box on the right take the WOODEN PLANK. Use the tin next to it to get  a STEEL BALL. On the table are lots of items: CALIPERS, a can with GLUE, a canister with machine OIL, a MAGNET, a reel with WIRE, a small MIRROR and a piece of FABRIC. On the floor is a rubber HOSE.

Open the door in the middle to enter the closet and take the BROOM and the BELLOWS. Go back one door to the left and look closer at the cistern. There’s a key floating in it but you need to get it out. Use the calipers on the right tube to take the size. Then use the calipers on the wooden plank to draw a circle of the same size. Use the door on the left to return to the machine room.

Use the wooden plank with drawing on the milling machine to cut the CIRCLE out. Then use the broom on the milling machine to cut the stick off. In your inventory use the glue with the circle and put the stick on. You now have a makeshift PISTON. Use the door on the left again, look at the cistern and use the piston on the right tube to push the key to the left. In your inventory tie the reel with wire to the magnet and use the magnet on the left tube to get the KEY out.

Use the door on the left to go to the machine room and use the door on the right to come across a barrier. On the cupboard is a PHOTO FRAME. Pick it up. Talk to the brain in the tank and learn that it has eyes and ears. So you can’t just get past the laser beam because the brain will notice. Select the balloon and inflate it (leftmost button on the toolbar on the top). Do the same with the second balloon. Take the pencil knife and cut the cloth to shred the sides. The attach the balloons to the cloth. Use the floating carpet on the eyes in the sky on the ceiling and the brain is blinded.

Take the steel ball from your inventory and use it on the gramophone. The brain is now deafened. Now you need to remove the laser beam. In your inventory cut the picture frame with the pen knife to cut the GLASS out. Detach the remainder of the frame (second button from the left on the top) to take the picture out. Put the mirror in the frame and put the frame in the red beam to reflect it. You can now pass to the library.

On the floor is a SCROLL. Pick it up. Look at the glass tube to see a second key inside. Take the cap from the top of the tube. Now you need to remove the orange ball. At the bottom of the metal frame is a bolt. It’s too tight to get it off so use the oil from your inventory to loosen it and use the spanner from your inventory on the bolt to remove it. In your inventory attach the hose to the bellows and put the bellows at the bottom of the glass tube. Use the bellows to blow the orange ball out. Use the wire with magnet on the KEY to get it out. Walk to the left three times and to the right twice to reach the other end of the hall.

Put the scroll in the plotter and use the keyboard of the calculator. Since you have both keys, it should work. The genetic sample is printed. Use the door on the left and use the drum controller to get the correct sample. Use the samples drum to get the correct SAMPLE. You made another dragon…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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