You’re in New York and all you an do so far is pay a visit to the house of Mattie Jensen.

Mattie’s House:

Select the door and you’re invited in. Walk straight ahead through the hallway. At the end, in a room is Mattie. Talk to her and try to find out about the death threats and poisoned chocolate as much as possible. Then Mattie has to go but she’ll leave you her KEYS and will make a note on your map to find the studios. A visitors pass will be there as well.

Look around the room and look at all the pictures. On the table next to the couch is a magazine. Read it and learn about Rick. Next to the chair near the fireplace is a part of a script. You can read it to see what’s going to happen in next episodes. Look at the desk behind it. When you take a look at the calendar, you see the 13 with a circle. When you touch it, you see a reflection of yourself on the calender.

Look at the desk. There’s a cassette you can take out and there’s a letter to Rick in it. Read the letter to find out more about their relationship. On the desk are an invitation to a gala and a letter from Matties mother. When you read it, you can find a first suspect with a motive.

Under the window on the bench is a picture book. Browse through it. Next to the book is a basket. Open it and you can take a REMOTE CONTROL out. There are also several magazines with articles about Mattie.

Walk back towards the hall, to the door with the wrath on it. On your left on the wall are more pictures. A bit ahead and then right is a desk and a mirror. On the desk is a phone and a noteblock next to it. Read the message on the notepad. Pick up the phone and call Ned. He hasn’t much to say and add so far so we’ll be going. Use the front door to get back to the map and select the studio on it.

Worldwide Broadcasting:

Enter the building and turn right. This is the lobby and this is where visitors can read a magazine while waiting. Look at the magazines next to the chair. Read them and find that there are letters missing. Turn to the left of the lobby where there are more seats and also another few magazines. Open these to find letters missing in these too!

Turn towards the desk and see an announcement of Rick Arlen to meet him in person. Then go to the desk and talk to the guard. Tell him that Mattie left a VISITOR’S PASS. Sign at the bottom of the clipboard and you can enter the building. Look at the picture of Mildred Strathorn, founder of the studios.

Turn left in the hall.  Walk straight ahead and you’ll pass William Pappa’s door. He’s a producer and you can hear a bit of a conversation. He’s talking about killing someone… Turn right and walk further down the hall. The first door on your left is the dressing room of Mattie. Knock on the star and you can enter.

Talk to Mattie and find out about her relation with Rick. Also learn about Rick’s twin brother. Then Mattie has to go again and you’re invited to the studio in a couple of minutes. Gives you time to look around the dressing room a bit.

Start to the left of the door at the sink. Not much to see there. Then turn to the right to the make-up table. In front of it is a little desk with a letter on it. Open the envelope and read the letter…? Look at all the makeup. Below the table are some drawers. Open the middle one and take a look at the lipstick. There was some force. Close the drawer again and turn right further and look next to the chair. There are newspapers on the floor. Seems there was also financial impact when the news of Rick got through. On the table is a little note, next to the book. The note is in French. It’s a love confession but it doesn’t say from who. Turn right and on the stool are some scripts. Browse throught the pages. Each page contains a colour: Page 1: Yellow, page 2: red, page 3: orange and page 4: blue.

Turn to the right. On the cabinet are some letters. Read them to see it’s fanmail. Then there are two boxes. The left one contains a torn up letter. Reassemble the letter by moving the pieces to the right location. Holding the magnifying glass on the edge of a piece lets you rotate it. When done, you can read an agreement between two people who care about each other.  Close the drawer again and look at the lid of the box. It can open as well and there’s a paper with a Rick’s cellphonenumber on it.

Look in the other box. It has a plaque with inscription and Matties initials. Turn further to the right and you can see the door again. Use it to go back to the hall. In the hall, turn back and then turn to the right to walk towards the main entrance. Halfway you see both left and right large grey doors. Use the doors on the left. They have a cardreader to the right of them. Look at the warning sign. Only after that the reader will turn green and you can use your visitor’s pass on the reader to open the doors.

Look at the scene that’s being shot. After the accident, the studio floor will be empty. We can now check out everything. Look around the set in front of you. There are some strange things: the clock on the right only has one hand and is set on the 13th. The same as was circled on the calander we saw earlier. Below is the carpet and it looks like there’s something underneath allthough we can’t find that out yet. Turn around and look at the teleprompter. Strange text on there…

Go to the right of the prompter and look around. There’s the catwalk ladder against the wall. Read the warning sign and try to use the wheel. It’s stuck. So who could get up there to sabotage the spot? To the left of the ladder is a cabinet but it’s closed. There must be a key somewhere. Turn to the right and look at the light plan on the blackboard.

Turn around from here and walk towards the exit but turn right just before. Now you can go to the workshop and from the wall behind the bench you can take the smallest SCREWDRIVER. On the pther side are the stairs to the production room. You can climb them to find a locked door with a strange keypad. I’m sure we’ll find the code for that somewhere. Go downstairs again and leave the studio. Turn left and walk into the hallway. At the door of the casting director turn left and look at the door to the left of it: Lillian Weiss, Director. Open the door and meet Lillian. Ask her the way to Mattie’s room and she’ll take away your pass. Turn around and walk the hallway to the other end. Turn right and the first door on your left is Mattie’s room.

Knock and enter. Talk to Mattie but she’ll be gone very quickly. Leave the dressing room and take the second door on the left: Rick’s. Knock and enter as well… Did he speak French? Talk to the guy. He doesn’t take it all too seriously. When he’s left, look around his room. On the couch is the box of chocolates. Look at them. To the right is a stereo set. On top of it is a note with a broken watch. Underneath is a typed note. That typewriter should be recognisable..

Under the dressing table is a drawer. Open it to find more pictures of Rick and 3D SPECS. Take these. 

To the right of the dressing table is a picture completely scratched. And there’s something written on it…. with lipstck! There’s another note behind it. It has those cut out letters and is signed by B.T. Kaisuur. To the right of it, next to the sink is another one. Turn around and to the right of the door, on the cabinet is another typed note. In the drawer another one. All from the same typewriter… On the desk to the right another note. Next to it a flower box with… black roses.

We’ve seen enough here. Leave the room and turn to the right. Walk halfway into the hall and turn right. Leave the studios through the front door and select Mattie’s house on the map.

Mattie’s house:

Use the keys on the front door. If Mattie’s in, talk to her and she’ll give you the address of her agent on the map. If she’s not in, it’s too late. Go upstairs and turn to day. Go back to the livingroom and Mattie will be there.

Powers Talent:

When looking on the map to select Powers’ office, you see a phonenumber as well. Look at all the buzzers next to the door. Some hilarious names…. But anyway, push the buzzer next to 101, Powers Talent. That must be Dwayne. He’s not interested. Buzz again and mention Mattie. Now you can enter the building., Straight ahead and to the lower level, then straight ahead again to office 101. Knock on the door and enter.

When talking to Dwayne, mention Mattie and you’ve got yourself a job! Talk a bit more and find out how Dwayne thinks about Rick. Your pass will be at the recepion desk and you can go again. Once outside, leave the building again and select the studios on the map.

Worldwide Broadcasting:

Enter the building and go to the left to  the guard. Tell him there’s a pass for you as an extra. Just sign in and go to the hallway. Turn left there and at the end go right. Take the first door on the left. It’s Maddie’s dressing room. Knock on the door and enter. Talk to Mattie and learn about Dwayne and his careermove. When you’ve heard enough, you’ll leave.

Turn around, turn to the right and walk into the hallway to the other end. At the casting director turn left and take the next door on your right: Lillian Weiss. Talk to her to let her know you’re an extra. Turn left and walk towards the prop room. Knock and you’ll be welcomed by a lady. Ask her how to get into the prop room. You’ll be tested to see if you’re clever enough. Answer a few riddles:

As a Junior:
I run all day and never walk, I tell you something but I do not talk: CLOCK.
When you look at my face, it’s easy to see, you’re looking at you when you’re looking at me: MIRROR.
Soft as a petal that falls from a tree, the more I dry, the wetter I’ll be: TOWEL.

As a Master:
The more you make the more you leave behind: FOOTPRINTS
What is full if holes but holds water: SPONGE
What has four fingers and one thumb but is not alive: GLOVE

As a Senior:
Give it air and it will live. Give it water and it will die: FIRE
What has a head and tail but no body: COIN
What has teeth but can’t eat: COMB

You can now enter the prop room. Turn to the right and explore the room. Right in front of you is a chest. Open it and find a puzzle: the towers of Hanoi. Read the plate below it and the reward will be a key. Well, let’s get to it:

The solution:
L-M, L-R, M-R, L-M, R-L, R-M, L-R (first), M-R, M-L, R-L, M-R (second), L-M, L-R (third), M-R (fourth).

There’s your key. Actually, the missing HAND of the clock.

Above the chest is an ancient map. It shows the voyage of M. Strathorn and has a  verse along the sides: When gates are locked and paths are blocked, then look for other ways. The answer lies beneath your eyes to this perplexing maze.  Under the right corner is a pair of WIRE CUTTERS. Take them and turn left. Next to the chest is a box with DOOR KNOBS. Take one, you never know. Turn further to the left and look on the shelves. Turn further left and there are more shelves. On the left one is an old mailbox. Open it and find a letter about props for charity.

Turn further left and find more shelves with props. The shelf left of the gumball machine has an old toolbox with an old OIL CAN next to it. Take the can. The shelf above it has a diary. You can read some pages from the travels of the ancient map. Turn further left and look at the desk of Millie. Take a good look at the typewriter. Read the note and notice the dropping Y. So, the writer of all these notes had access to the prop-room. Look at the keys of the typewriter and notice some are used more than ohers: H, A, T, E, R, I, C and K.

To the left of the typewriter is a black logbook. Open it and find code inside. When you translate the numbers to letters it reads: Many pages come before this, In the log book with a clue. But nothing comes after this unless it’s written in the glue. Check the upper right corner of the log book, next to the pencil. Look at the corner and find a code written under it: Millie WWB1958. Sticking out of the log book is a list of missing items. One of them is a pair of 3D glasses…

Leave the prop room and halfway in the hall turn right. Use your pass on the cardreader and enter the studio. On the set at the right side there’s the clock. Put the hand you found back on the clock. When you point the hand to 11, a KEY will come out. Turn around and leave the set and leave the studios. You can walk straight ahead. On the map select your home.

Mattie’s house:

When you enter the house, there’s a package on the chair next to the phone. It’s for you from Hannah. Open the package to find a VIDEO TAPE and a letter. Go to the living room and use the remote to switch on the TV and VCR. Use the tape with the VCR. Look at the footage of Rick. Not much revealing. When finished use the remote on the TV again to turn it off. Turn back to the hallway and leave the house. Go back to the studios.

Worldwide Broadcasting:

Show your pass to the guard and you can enter. Turn left in the hallway and at the end turn right. Take the second door on the left. It’s Rick’s room. When you knock, the door opens a bit. Enter the room and look at the mirror. There’s a disturbing text written with lipstick.

In front of the mirror is a tape recorder. Hey, there was one on the missing items list of the prop room… The note next to the recorder says play me so… play the tape. Very hard to understand but something about time has come and blowing to smitherines. Look at the top of the tape deck. Use your screwdriver four times on the screws and when the cover is gone you find a …  bomb! Don’t panic. You’ve only got 30 seconds to disarm it. A good thing you took the wire cutters from the prop room. Cut the wires in the same order you read earlier in the script: yellow, red, orange and blue.

Mattie’s house:

After a long day at the police station, you are back home on the phone with Ned. When you’re almost done, a second call comes in. It’s Mr. Pappas. Talk to him and ask as much as possible about the studio, security, the teleprompter and audiomixers. When you leave the phone there’s a note next to it that George called. Call George back and talk about the case. Not much new to learn though.

Leave the phone again and look to the left on the desk. There’s a letter. Open it and read it. It’s a letter from the producer with the security code of the side entrance: 3689. Turn around and go up the stairs. Turn to night and leave the house again. Go to the studios.

Worldwide Broadcasting:

When in front of the building, turn left and use the door on the left: the Talent Entrance. Next to the door is a keypad and enter the code. Now you have to be quick or the guard will catch you breaking and entering. Walk towards the end, turn left and go towards the end again. Turn left once more and select the first door on your right: Lillians office.

Use your pass on the doorknob to open the door and enter. Look around the room. Look at the desk on the right and open the top drawer. There’s a bottle of rubber cement. A wonderful adhesice. Look in the wastebin left of the drawers. There is a draft note. Not typically friendly. Look at the rolodex. Ms. Teri Gaime. It sure is! Look at the fax and note the italic words. Following them from top to bottom and from left to right make: A bitter hoax tainted with hate is a secret revenge from a previous date.

Look at the bookshelf above the desk. There’s one red book that asks for attention: Anger control. Take the book and open it. There’s a photo of Rick in it and a FLOPPY. We’ll see what’s on that one. Look at the organizer on the left. It looks like an ardinairy piece of paper but holds a lot of information: Anger Support Group is rescheduled. Who is Moira? On Friday lunch at 12. That’s the day of the shoot. Was there time to lunch? Unless she knew the studio would close before then. At the bottom of Friday November 13 it says in code: Life is like a box of chocolates. 

Leave the organizer and look to the left of the IN and OUT trays. There’s a notepad and pencil. Take a close look and you can see some imprint. Use the PENCIL in your inventory to scratch the notepad and reveal a phonenumber of a chocolatier. Let’s note that. Why would Lillian need a chocolatier?

Look to the left. Under the computer is a drawer. Open the bottom one the see the bottle of Caster Oil. How would that be in chocolates? Look on the desk to the computer. To the right is a box with diskettes. Various disks for various tasks. Use the floppy from your inventory on the computer on the left. It goes in the middle. Look at the screen. It asks for a username and password. As a login name use Millie, password is wwb1958. We’re in.

We can’t use all. Click on the floppy to see what’s on the diskette. It’s a letter. So they had a relation and Lillian is not happy. Click on the printer to print a report. Click on the key to reveal passwords. Might be usefull to note them, especially the one of the control room. Note the sticky note on the monitor. It actually says: Thorns and petals of demise, are a bitter reflection of one’s envy and despise.

Leave the screen and turn to the right to the printer. Take a look at the security report. Leave the printer and turn around to the TV. Underneath is a red clipboard. The first page hold some sort of schedule but there’s also a page under it. It has a red and blue kind of picture. The glasses you found in Rick’s room have the same colours. Use them on the picture to reveal some symbols. Now translate the password of the control room to symbols: the A has a line above and right, the C has a line below and right, the T has a line left and above and a dot in the corner, the O has a line above, right and below and a dot and the R is in a box with a dot.

Leave the clipboard and turn right to the door. Leave the room and walk straight ahead, turning to the right halfway. Use your pass on the cardreader to enter the studios. Inside turn to the right and use the spiral staircase to go up to the control room. Enter the translated password on the keypad (numbering keys from 1 to 12 from left to right, top to bottom: 7, 2, 11, 5 and 4.)

Inside, turn left. Wow! A lot of tapes! To the right of the tapeshelf is a panel with a high voltage warning. It’s locked by a key. It’s the key you got out of the clock earlier so use it on the panel and open the box. Use the main power switch to turn on the power. A bit to the left of the panel, on the shelves are SECURITY TAPES. Take one.

All the way to the left is a whiteboard. A bit of a message is still readable: Light reveals what is hidden in the darkness, but you must first unlock the power of the light. Turn to the left. In the far corner on the right is an audio mixer. Use the copy of the tape the police gave you on the panel and use the sliders to make the audio better to hear: turn channel 1 of the volume up. That’s the voice. Turn channel 3 up and you’ll hear street noise. Push the power button to take the tape out and leave the mixer.

Leave the control room and go downstairs again. In the studio, walk to the other end, across the studio the the ladder going up the catwalk and the metal doors. Use the same key again to open the doors and to work the machine. You can only start it when the sliders below the yellow button are in the correct position.

Slide the top one one position to the right, the middle slider one position to the right, the top one another position to the right and the bottom one all the way to the right. The yellow button will now start the machine, opening a trap door, next to the clock (remember the carpet?). Go over there and step onto the lift. Pull the lever on the left and you’ll end up below stage.

Walk all the way to the other end and use a similar lift to go up again. Just pull the lever on the right. You;re in the prop room behind the steel doors. Look around. Right in front of you is a shirt hanging over a chair. Look at the shirt and take the employers card from the pocket. You now have an ID and a name. That name was also on the temp list in the computer. Also note that the sleeve of the shirt is torn.

Leave the same way you came: use the lift to go under the floor, walk through the tunnel and go up on the other side. Step off and leave the set. Go back to the metal doors and look at the wheel. It’s stuck. Fortunately you took that oil can from the prop room. Use it on the wheel and you can turn it. This will bring the ladder down, which you now can climb. Walk up the catwalk and overview the set. Also take a look at the spots. On one of them a piece of fabric is left behind. It’s the same as the shirt in the prop room. Leave the catwalk and go downstairs again. You’ve seen enough for now.

Leave the hall and in the corridor turn left. Walk until the end and turn left again. Use the first door on the right and open it with your pass. Use the computer and login with Millie and wwb1958. Use the cabinet icon in the top left corner and as ID enter 318672001 twice. You can now compare the times from this file to the one printed before and Owen was here each time! Leave the office and leave the studio’s. Let’s see what the security tapes have to tell. Let’s go home.

Mattie’s home:

Inside use the video tape with the red label in the recorder. You can see someone with fake beard (missing from the prop room) in the first two shots, and without in the second two. Very strange. Can’t really tell who it is though. Stop teh VCR, turn off the TV and leave the house again, this time going to Dwayne Powers’ Office.

Powers Talent:

Push the button next to 101 to make sure no one’s home. Try 306. The guy is expecting a pizza so he’ll open the door. Walk all the way down the hall to office 101. Use the keycard on the doorknob to enter the office. Now we’ll have to check this room out.

Look at the right of the door. On the table with the plant are also some newspapers. Read them to see the article about Rick leaving. Turn left and to the left of the couch is a chess game in progress. Under the chess board is a ticket of The Angry Man. That’s the same show as Rick went to. In the drawer with the 3D specs was a similar ticket.

Turn  around and look next to the door. There’s a coat. Look at the coat and find the wallet in his pocket. Inside the wallet is Dwaynes businesscard with an additional number written on it: 4377-663.. Turn around again and look at the bookcase. One of them is Lemarron, and english to frensh dictionary. There’s a booktab on a page when you open it and you can recognize the sentence: You are an angel straight from heaven (found in the letter in Matties room).  Leave the bookshelf and turn to the right towards the desk.

Open the middle drawer. There’s a bottle of spirit gum (adhesive for hairpieces). Also a ticket to Rio. Open the drawer on the left to see some stuff. One of the items is the fake doorknob from the prop room. So he had access. In the drawer on the right is a blue clipboard. On it is a paper with a sketch that looks very much like the bomb in the tape recorder. There’s also a message in code (reverse alphabet):

One will come and one will go
Never the two of their faces show,
Follow one to find another,
Catch the first, you’ve caught the other!

Look at the book next to the clipboard. The title says it all: A man to watch, I am a delusion. N.D. can’t hide. Close the drawer and look on the desk. There’s a fortune cookie. Take the message and read: Even though revenge should be sweet, jealous acts will end in defeat. Look to the right on the desk at the rolodex (the mortgage) and the calculator. Quite an amount.

Turn to the left and look on top of the briefcase. In the tray is a finale notice of a unpaid bill. The look at the briefcase itself. It has a lock. Might be the combination on his business card in his wallet. That had one digit missing but let’s try. On the left 4377. Yes, that worked. On the right 663 and turn the last one until it pops: 0.

Look inside the briefcase and take the KEYS out. Find more final notices. The man is in debts. Also find a generous ‘loan’ of $5000,- from Mattie. And a notice of eviction. Close the suitcase and turn to the right. There’s a metal filing cabinet. To the left of it is a fax. Read the fax of Matties mother and the recommendation of a new talent.

Turn left and use the silver keys from the briefcase on the top right drawer. Open the Client Files drawer. Look at the files of several people and discover that: Rick Arlen isn’t his real name, Owen Spyder waas only a stage hand, Mattie Jensen has a long list of skills and you …. still have a blank sheet. Leave the office and go home.

Mattie’s home:

When you enter the house you hear something ticking… Look at the chair next to the phone. It’s a box with your name on it. Take the paper of, but be carefull! Open the box to find…. an alarm clock with a threat note next to it. Pfew! Leave the note and pick up the phone and call Bess. Tell her everything. You can learn that Lillian and Rick dated a while back. Go up the stairs and turn to daytime again. Time to go to the studios again and see what more we can learn there.

Worldwide Broadcasting:

Enter the building, show your pass and step into the hallway. Turn left, walk untill the end and turn right. Take the first door on your left and talk to Mattie first. Ask about Lillian and Rick and ask about Owen. Say goodbye and take the next door on the left. Talk to Rick. Talk about his lovelife on the set, the propmaster, Dwayne and Owen.

When you’re done with him, turn around and turn right. Walk all the way to the other end of the hallway and turn left at the end. Walk straight ahead, turn left and walk straight ahead to the prop room. Knock here and enter. Talk to Millie.  She doesn’t know Rick, but knows Rory Danner. And she’s never seen Owen although he signs props in and out. Leave the prop master. Walk ahead, turn around and knock on the door of Lillian. She’s still not very friendly but at lease she’ll answer your questions. Ask about Rick, about their relation, about Mattie and Owen. Then tell her about the chocolates. She’ll kick you out. You’re fired! Let’s go home and think of everything we’ve heard. Maybe we can come up with a suspect. Leave the studio and select home on the map.

Mattie’s home:

When you enter the building the phone will ring. Pick it up and you’ll hear someone asking you to come to the studio later tonight. Go up the stairs, turn to night and leave the house to go to the studio.

Worldwide Broadcasting:

The front door is locked. But we know our way in, right? Go to the side entrance and enter the code: 3689. Follow the hallway to the entrance of the studio and use your pass to enter it. Lillian is waiting for you there.

She’ll tell you about the letter she received. Ask her to show it to you. Read the letter and notice the Y again. She’ll ask you who you think is the person behind it all and you’ll get a list of options. It doesn’t really matter if you have it right or not, the real person will reveal him/herself anyway and after a long discussion and you trying to talk the person out of it, it’s time to end it all. As soon as the conversation is over and the person comes down from the control room turn to your right and use the emergency switch.

Now you need to open the overide panel and activate the switch. But this is a puzzle that you need to complete. You have to push five buttons in a sequence. If you have the first, go on to the second until you have them all in the right order. But be quick, time’s running out. When you’re on time, Ralph will enter and finish the business….. and the game.


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