You’re standing in front of a ticket booth of a mystery fun house.

GO EAST to the parking lot where you’ll find a tree. LOOK GRATING to see a coin down there. You want that coin of course.  LOOK TREE to see there’s a branch left. TAKE BRANCH. In your inventory you have some hard gum but when you CHEW GUM, you can put it ON STICK. (?!)

USE STICK to get the coin from the grating. GO WEST back to the ticket counter and BUY TICKET. You’ll be asked to pay so GIVE DOLLAR to the lady. Before entering READ SIGN and it’s good you did because you need to WEAR SHOES.

ENTER HOUSE and straight away your shoes give way. You’re now in a mirror room so a bit of a tricky one to find your way. GO NORTH into a windy maze. GO WEST (4) four times to end up in a room with a low ceiling. A skeleton and strange colored knobs on the wall.


PULL GREEN and the walls swing around, taking you to a small room with a trampoline. GO SOUTH to a shooting gallery where you’ll find a pair of spectacles. DROP STICK and TAKE SPECS. From here GO NORTH back into the small room and use the trampoline to GO UP. You’re back in the room with the low ceiling.

GO WEST to a large tank with a window in it and GO UP into a sloping hallway. GO UP onto a small landing and GO UP once more into a rickety staircase. GO UP a final time to a ledge over a deep pit. GO EAST to a large rolling barrel room where someone left a comb. DROP WATCH and TAKE COMB.

CRAWL back onto the ledge and GO SOUTH into the staircase. GO DOWN to the landing where there’s a slide. ENTER SLIDE into the water tank. There’s a mermaid here as well. TAKE KEY and  GIVE COMB. She’ll turn a hidden knob revealing the stairs out of the tank. CLIMB STAIRS back to the landing.

GO NORTH into the hallway and GO DOWN next to the tank. GO EAST back to the room with the low ceiling and the colored knobs. PULL YELLOW and you’ll end up in a small room.GO NORTH into a windy maze. GO SOUTH, then GO SOUTH and GO EAST to a magical mirror room with a strange mirror. WEAR SPECS and LOOK MIRROR to see a hidden door in it.

OPEN DOOR and ENTER DOOR into an observation room. There’s a valve handle but no valve so DROP SPECS and TAKE HANDLE and GO EAST as the only way, back to the mirror. GO NORTH and GO WEST (4) four times to return to the room with the colored knobs.

PULL BLUE and you’ll be transported to a room with a fortune telling machine. READ SIGN, then DROP TICKET and TAKE SIGN. From here GO DOWN back to the colored buttons and PULL GREEN to the trampoline. GO SOUTH to the shooting gallery and DROP SIGN. Now the shooting gallery is out of order. GO NORTH back to the trampoline and TAKE TRAMPOLINE. From here GO UP back to the room with the buttons. GO WEST to the large tank and GO UP to the sloping hallway. GO UP again to the landing with the slide. GO UP into the rickety staircase and  GO UP a final time onto the ledge over the deep pit.

CLIMB LADDER down into the pit where there’s a valve without a handle. The ladder automatically retracts as soon as you step off. DROP HANDLE to automatically attach it to the valve and DROP TRAMPOLINE.

TURN HANDLE, then ENTER TRAMPOLINE and JUMP back onto the ledge above the pit. GO EAST to the barrel room and TAKE MATCH. Now CRAWL through the barrel to the ledge and GO SOUTH to the staircase. GO DOWN to the landing and GO NORTH to the hallway, then GO DOWN next to the large tank and GO EAST to the room with the colored knobs.

PULL BLUE to the fortune telling machine and GO EAST to a merry-go-round. To stop the ride PUSH BLUE button and ENTER MERRY safely. Then CLIMB HORSE and CIMB POLE to the top of the ride. If you LOOK UP you can see a rope hanging. JUMP to the rope. You land on a catwalk.

GO EAST into a store room and UNLOCK DOOR with your key. Inside you’ll find a wrench so TAKE WRENCH. When you LOOK SHELVES you’ll find a flashlight. DROP KEY and TAKE FLASHLIGHT. From here GO WEST back to the catwalk with rope and GO DOWN the rope to the top of the merry-go-round. GO DOWN again to the horse, then GO DOWN once more to the merry-go-round.

GO DOWN a final time to leave the merry-go-round. GO SOUTH to the fortune telling machine and GO DOWN to the room with the colored knobs. PULL YELLOW to go to a room where music’s playing. GO NORTH into the windy maze. To go through the maze, GO EAST, then GO SOUTH, now GO EAST and GO SOUTH once more. GO EAST to the front of the house with the ticket counter. GO EAST a final time to return to the parking lot with the grating.

OPEN GRATE and when asked how, WITH WRENCH. But you can only remove 1 bolt. SLIDE GRATE to reveal a dark manhole so LIGHT FLASHLIGHT and ENTER MANHOLE. Below GO EAST into the sewer system and find an open flood door. CLOSE DOOR and by now you should have been notified (several times) that your shoe is about to break. REMOVE HEEL and something fell to the floor. There’s a fuse and a letter. READ LETTER to learn about the plans that need to be returned and should be somewhere in this funhouse. DROP HEEL and DROP WRENCH, then TAKE FUSE.

CHEW GUM and stick the gum ON FUSE. Now stick the gummed fuse ON GRATE and LIGHT FUSE. The grate breaks and reveals a dark hole. ENTER HOLE into a long tunnel. GO UP into a large room with clay pigeons. GO SOUTH to a hidden laboratory where you’ll find the secret plans. TAKE PLANS and return home.

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