You’re locked in the attic by your father and you’re dying. But before you do, you want to see the sea one more time. And your father mustn’t know.

The attic:

Take the BLANKET from the matress. Take the dummy doll from the box and put her on the mattres. Then look in the box the doll was on. You’ll find some SCISSORS. Use the scissors on the tiny piece of MIRROR that’s broken already. Pick up the piece. Open the closet and take the SHEET out. Use the broken mirror on the sheet to cut three pieces. In your inventory tie the pieces together untill you have a rope.

Now wait for your father to leave and work fast after he’s gone. He shouldn’t suspect anything. Take the toolbox from the shelf and in your inventory look at it three times to take the NAILS, HAMMER and SAW out. Use the saw on the window bars. They are a bit thick causing the saw to break but hey, you manage to cut the bar. Take the bars from the window. Use the rope on the window and fix them with the nails. Put the hammer and the nails back in the toolbox and put the toolbox back on the shelf. Put your blanket over the dummy doll and use the rope to climb down. All this within the time your father returns! If you’re not finished before he returns, make sure you put the hammer and nails in the toolbox, put the toolbox back on the shelf and that there’s no blanket over the doll.

Walk towards the mailbox and outside the gate walk to the left towards the street. You will see a map now. Select the station, the white block on the right of the map.

The station:

Talk to the controller and learn that a train will leave from platform 1 at 9:30 and that a ticket is $45.-. The journey will take three hours. The coach your standing next to is going there as well, but is the freighttrain and not suitable for passengers. You can’t convince the conductor to let you on this train.

Look across the tracks and next to the phone booth is a MOUSE TRAP. Pick it up. Look at the phonebooth. A number is written there: 5550065. Cross the tracks again and walk to the south. On the map select home again.


In front of the house, look at the dustbins on the left of the house. You find a piece of CHEESE in it. In your inventory, use the cheese on the mousetrap. Climb the rope, use the mousetrap on the mouse hole to catch the RAT. Leave the room again by using the rope. Of course all must be done before your father enters. When you hear him coming, quickly take the blanket off the doll, and when you leave again, put the blanket on the doll.

Once outside again, walk to the road and select the fastfood restaurant at the center part of the map.


Reach in the dustbin to find a HAMBURGER. In your inventory use the rat on the hamburger and take the ‘rat’burger to the lady behind the counter. She doesn’t remember your and ask for the manager.

While she’s gone, take the CELLPHONE next to the cash register and use it to call the number you’ve found earlier on the phone. No one will answer. As soon as you put the phone back, the cashier will return telling you the manager isn’t available and you need to come back later.

Talk to the cashier again, and again ask for the manager. The cashier will leave, again, and you can call the station, again. This time however, the controller will answer the phone. Tell him he’s won $1.000.000 and that he has to wait by the phone to return his call.

The manager still isn’t available. Oh, who cares, we’ll leave the restaurant for now. Go outside and select the station on the map.

The station:

Since the controller is waiting by the phone, he can’t look at the freight train. Use the entrance of the coach and hide well. Finally you can watch the sea untill the end.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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