Your father is mad at the army for destroying the garden.

Walk to the right until the guard tells you to leave. Walk to the right again and the guard will get slightly angry. Try to walk past him to the right a third time and he’ll knock you out but loose his WHISTLE. On the tower where you wake up is a bullhorn. Use the shovel on the tower to knock the BULLHORN down.

Walk to the right but not too far. In your inventory use the whistle with the bullhorn and use the combination on the guard to distract him. Once he has covered his ears, use the shovel on the guard to knock him out and take his KEYCARD. Use the card on the main gate to enter the office.

Take the jar with FLAMMABLE LIQUID from under the worktop. On the worktop is a SCALPEL. Take it as well. Open the cabinet above the worktop to find a piece of WIRE. Take it. Look at the sink to find a pair of GLOVES. Look at the sink again to find HEATING FILAMENTS.


Time to blow things up. In your inventory, use the scalpel with the gloves to cut a piece off. Use the remainder of the gloves on the jar with flammable liquid to cover it. Put the filaments in the jar and attach the wire to the filaments.  Use the makeshift bomb on the booth on the left to connect the bomb but then you’re caught…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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