In your inventory is a NOTE. It’s from Elaine asking you to pick up her clothes.

Walk all the way to the left to the laundrette. Talk to the man behind the counter. Ask him what it costs to do the laundry. He’ll also tell you that Elaines landry is ready and that it’s a full load.  Ask him what the yellow substance is. You’ll get his CARD. Leave the man and take the cup with the YELLOW LIQUID and take the EMPTY CUP.

Walk to the south and enter the bar. Talk to the barman and ask him what’s new. He’s looking for fish and willing to pay for it. Your chance to make a bit of money if you can find fish. Talk to the man again and ask again about fresh fish. This gives you an idea. Tell him that you’re from the health department and that you need to inspect the kitchen.  You can check it.

Walk tot left into the kitchen and look around. On the table is a big FISH. Pick it up. On the barrel is a BOTTLE. Take the bottle too. Now time for your plan. Use the bottle on the empty glass to fill it with blue liquid. Then use the blue liquid with the yellow one to create a green liquid. Go back to the right to the barman.

Give the fish to the barman and sell it. You’ll receive some COINS. But it’s not enough for a full load of laundry. Then show the glass with green liquid to the barman and do a drinking contest. He’ll say the kitchen was allright. The barman can hold his drink pretty well but when you stop with the contest, at least you have quite an amount of COINS.

Leave the bar and go back to the laundrette. Give the coins to the man behind the counter and receive Elaines clothes.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. This one was not as good as Monkey Island – Carnival of the Damned, but I still enjoyed playing it, it’s really short though. The walkthrough helped a lot, because there wasn’t really a plot in this one and you have to figure everything out from trying things.

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