You’ve just been killed. So in order to be able to move around you need to become a zombie first.

Walk through the closet door on the left and find the CROWBAR. It’s at the bottom where the dark part starts. Walk to the right again and inside the office use the window to climb out. Walk over the ledge to the left until you can pick up the bloody KNIFE. Then walk back to the right again to use your own window to get inside again. Walk to the south to leave your office and in the hall walk to the right.  Walk through the door of office 512.

Eat Ed’s brain. He’s dead now. Leave the office and return again. Talk to Ed and ask him if he’s seen someone in a ninja suit. He’ll tell you about his daughter. Ask him more about his daughter to learn that she’s been kidnapped. Promise to bring her back. They went to the construction site. Tell him about the emerald.

Walk to the south to leave the office and to the right to leave the building. Walk across the street to the diner and enter it. Talk to Anne behind the bar and ask for a drink. You’ll get a tube of GROG for free. Leave the bar on the left and between the office and the contruction site is a dead end. Go there and meet Turd. Talk to Turn and ask about the ninja. He’ll tell you they went to the forest. Before you leave he’ll ask some booze.  Eat Turd and walk to the south. In the streets walk all the way north to the dark forest.


Walk to the right and enter the shady shack. Inside there’s a large cupboard. Use the grog on the cupboard to dissolve it and reveal the hatch underneath. Use the crowbar on the hatch to open it and there you’ll find the girl. Save Synthia and talk to her. Tell her you’re actually a killer and then tell her to come home. She’ll follow you now.

Use the ladder to get out of the cellar and walk through the door on the left. Walk to the left to exit the forest and then walk through the office doors on the lower left. Before you enter Ed’s office, use the grog on the knife. Then walk through door 512 to find Ed and Turd. You have to be quick otherwise Turd will eat you. Before the conversation starts, use the to kill Turd again. Talk to Turd and ask all about Ed, Synthia, the emerald and yourself. When he asks about the price, tell him.

When the conversation is over, use Turd to search him. No emerald. Leave the office on the south and walk to the right to leave the building. Go to the dead end between the office and the construction site and use the cardboard box there to find your EMERALD. Walk to the south again and enter the office on the left. Walk through the door of Ed’s office and talk to Synthia.

Tell her you’ll return it to where it belongs.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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