You want a nice cool milkshake and it’s a good thing your grandma gave you the recipe. Go over the fridge and take the jug of MILK out.

From the middle cupboard take the GLASS, from the right one take the MIX. Out of the drawer on the left you take the SPOON.

Put the mix on the worktop and use the spoon with the mix. There’s a spoon full of mix on the worktop now. Put the glass on the worktop and pick up the SPOON WITH MIX. Use the spoon with the glass to put the mix in.

Take the milk from the inventory and use the milk on the glass to fill her up. The spoon will be on the worktop again. Take the SPOON again and use it to stirr in the glass. One milkshake coming up…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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