Open the window and find Hoagie relaxing outside. It’s the first time he’s reading a book so we better not disturb him. Use the computer to see your grade in chemistry is only A-minus. That’s not acceptable. Open the drawer and look inside. There’s a ruler and a pen. Take the drawer to pickup the PEN and the RULER.  Take the PERPETUUM MOBILE from the shelf. Open the door on the left and leave the room.

Walk to the other end of the hall and read the note on Britney’s door. Someone’s not welcome. Use the door next to it leading to the bathroom. On the bathtub you find a container with LAXATIVE. You don’t need it but take it anyway. Leave the bathroom and look at the trapdoor to the attic. There’s a piece of tent hanging out. Open the door to the north into the parent’s bedroom and take the VACUUM CLEANER. Leave the room again and walk down the stairs. As soon you get there, the phone rings.

Use the phone and listen to the mayor of Ronvill, Mr. Ravenberg. Ask what you can do for him and he’ll tell you about the task they have for you. You have to check out the Fox Cave for radiation and report back to the mayor. So you need your tent, your gauge and someone to take you there.

Open the door on the left, walk through the study to the left and open the door to the dining room. On the table is a ZIPPO. Take it with you. Walk to the left again and open the door to the kitchen. Open the refridgerator and take the SAD BULL from it. Take the MICROWAVE and walk all the way to the right back to the hallway.


Pick up the phone to call Hoagie’s dad. He’s got a car and maybe you can borrow it. Now only convince Hoagie to drive you there.  Go up the stairs and use  the microwave with the trapdoor to put it on the floor undeneath. Use the ruler with the hatch to open it and there’s your TENT. Pick up the MICROWAVE again and enter the room on the right: your own room.

Open the windows and talk to Hoagie outside again to ask him to drive you to the caves. No problem, he’ll pick you up later. Leave the room and go down the stairs. Open the door on the right to the living room. Pick up the REMOTE CONTROL and use it on the TV to see an appeal from Wired Ed.

Walk through the door in the north and look at the door to the cellar on the right. Not a chance to get your gauge that way. Open the door on the left and walk outside. Take some MOSS from the left and go back inside again. Use the moss with the vacuumcleaner as a natural filter and use the vacuum cleaner on the door to the cellar to clean the radiation.

Open the door to the cellar and enter the room. Take the RADIATION METER from the table and as soon as you do, the front door bell rings. Walk up the stairs again and go through the door on the left to meet Hoagie. Use the car to drive to the Fox Caves.

Walk to the right to notice the radiation in the caves is too high. So you’d better camp out here. Try to use the tent with the tent pitch to see something’s not right. Give the tent to Hoagie, saying he won’t be able to put the tent up and he’ll surprise you. Open the tent to find camping equipment inside. Take the green JUG from the tent.

Open the vacuumcleaner to remove the moss and use the moss with the jug. Use the laxative with the Sad Bull and then pour the Sad Bull into the jug.  Pick up the contaminated branch from the tree and use that in the jug.  Use the Zippo with the campfire site to create a fire and use the jug on the fire to heat it up. You can now use the protective drink.

Use the drink to take it and walk to the right into the cave. Since the hamster will run off as soon as you try to pick it up, use the perpetuum on the little mound in the cave. The hamster will think it’s his toy and jumps in. Pick up the perpetuum and the HAMSTER.

Walk to the left to leave the cave. Use the car and Hoagie will drive you home. Walk into the house and use the door on the right to enter the basement again. Use the drawer under the table and take the SCREWDRIVER. Use the radiated hamster and perpetuum on the energy interface on the table and you’ve got an energy source. Walk up the stairs, through the door on the north into the lounge. To the left into the hall and to the left again to the study. On the right of the door, below the shelves is a panel that can be removed. Use the screwdriver on the panel and take the BOX out.

Open the box in your inventory to find your PLANS for the experiment. They have the exact wirings on it. Leave the study on the right back into the hall and to the right into the lounge. Then north to the reception area and to the right to the basement. Use the diagram from your inventory on the experiment on the table and now you can show off in school.

Back home enter the house again and walk north into the lounge. Go left and enter the hall to find the phone ringing. Pick up the phone and talk to the mayor. Tell him you eliminated the problem. Now all you have to do is take care of the hamster.

Walk to the right and enter the lounge. Go north to the hall, then left outside. Pull the doormat to find a STAMP under it. Use the hamster with the box in your inventory and use the stamps on the box. Use the pen with the box to write the address on it. Use the box with the mailpox to post your parcel.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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