You have to think of a way to get back at Klaus.

Take the green BOOK from the shelf and look at the book. That’s a good idea. Open the right top drawer and look at the drawer to take the PEN and PAPER out. Use the pen on the paper to put your thoughts on paper. Look at the paper to see the plan and the things you need.

Take the PILLOW from your bed, open the door on the left and walk into the hall. Pickup the STAFF for the hatch in the corner and open the door to the right of the stairs, leading to the parents bedroom. Open the bedside cabinet on the right and take the RECORDER out. Leave the room again.

Open the door on the far left to Britney’s room and go inside. Take the TREDMILL from the hamster cage which includes the HAMSTER. Leave the room and go down the stairs. Below you’ll find a bike. Take the DRIVE BELT off and open the door on the left. Walk into the study and open the door on the left to walk into the dining room.


Take the THREAD from the sewing basket in the corner and use the door on the left to enter the kitchen. Look at the sink to find the pair of SCISSORS. Open the drawer under the microwave and when you look inside you find the CAN OPENER. Open the cabinet to the left of the dishwasher and take the BUCKET out. Walk to the right, through the dining room and the study back to the hall. Go up the stairs and use the staff to get the attic trapdoor open. Go up the ladder to the attic.

Take the BOARD standing against the shelves and open the cardboard box. Look at the box to find the GENERATOR inside. From the shelf take the can with SUPERGLUE and the TOOLBOX. Open the toolbox to find the SCREWDRIVER, the box with PLUGS, the box with SCREWS, a long HINGE, a long NAIL and a DRILL. Take the STEPLADDER and leave the attic by using the ladder.

Go down the stairs and open the door on the right and enter the living room.   Pick up the FAN standing next to the sofa and open the casette deck at the bottom of the hi-fi tower. Use the deck to get the CASSETTE out. Use the cassette with the recorder you took from you parents room. Time to build the trap now. Walk to the north into the reception area.

Use the drill with ‘Part A’ above the front door on the left to make some holes.  Use the plugs with the holes above the door. In your inventory use the hinge with the board and use the combination with the plugs above the door. The nail is automatically placed. Use the string with the nail and it will be on the door as well.

In your inventory use the can opener with the can of superglue and use the superglue with the bucket. Use the bucket with the board above the door. Use the scissors with the pillow to get the feathers out and use the feathers on the table. Use the generator with ‘Part B’  on the floor to the right of the table. Use the ventilator with the generator and use the hamster with wheel on the generator. It’s just in time to answer the door. But don’t open it!

Walk to the north into the lounge and to the left into the hall. Go left into the study, left through the dining room and left into the kitchen. Open the kitchen window and use the cassette recorder with the window to record a message. Use the recorder again with the window to put it in the sil and start the message. It’s showtime.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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