You’ve heard something on the roof and must check it out.

Look at your bed and find the COAT HANGER under your pillow. Open the door on the left and leave the room. Walk down the stairs. Use the door on the left to open it and walk into the study. Walk to the left into the dining room and further to the left into the kitchen.

Pick up the BROOM STICK next to the freezer. Take the FREEZER BAG from the worktop. Look at the sink to get the pair of PLIERS out. Walk to the right to leave the kitchen, through the dining room and study back to the hallway. Open the door on the right and enter the lounge.

Pickup the cushions from the sofa and take the CREDIT CARD laying underneath. Walk to the left and climb the stairs. Use the coat hanger with the broom and use the hook on the trapdoor in the ceiling. Try to climb the ladder but conclude you need something like teargas.


Enter your own room on the right and use the computer. You’ll find gasmasks but to order you need a credit card. Use the credit card on the computer and the mask is on it’s way. Exit on the left, walk down the stairs and go into the lounge on the right. Go to the north and in the hall open the door on the left. Go outside and pickup the package. Open the package to get the GASMASK out.

Walk inside the house, to the north to the lounge and to the left into the hall. Use the pliers on the laundry basket to bag the SOCK. Use the freezer bag with sock on the trapdoor. Climb the stairs and use the ladder to the attic. There you will see the cause of all noises.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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