Hoagie got kidnapped and you need to save him.

Playing as Bernard:

Look out the window behind the desk to see Hoagies house and see him being taken away. But their car won’t start so you still have a bit of time. Open the door on the left to leave the room and in the hall use the door of Michael’s room on the far left. He is in there but eh…. busy. You need to get him out.

Take the SHIRT from the door and enter the bathroom next to it. Take the STARCH from the bathtub and put the starch in the bathtub. Put the shirt in the bathtub and use the bathtub to turn on the tap. Your shirt will now be starched.

Pick up the MATCH from the edge of the bath and leave the room. Slide the shirt under Michael’s door and set the shirt on fire with the match. But first you need to put some safety measures in place. Take the BUCKET from the other corner of the hall and enter the bathroom again.

Use the bucket with the bath to fill the bucket with water and return to Michael’s door. Use the bucket with the door to put it on top and use the match on the shirt to smoke Michael out. Micheal does get out but not as you’d expected. Now you need to put out the fire. Pick up the shirt to end up outside.

Walk to the left to see the kidnappers still there. But you need a way to follow that car. Walk to the right and open the garage door. Pickup the portable TV from the cabinet and in your inventory use the TV to look at the advertisement. You could use one of those.

Walk back to the left and talk to Michael. Ask him for his PHONE. Use the phone in your inventory to discover there’s no signal. Use the mailbox to climb on and use the phone again to order the net. Use the mailbox again to climb down and talk to Britney to ask her for the net.

Ask her if she tried out the net. She’ll do so and disappear. When she’s invisible, pick up Britney to get hold of the CAMOUFLAGE NET. Walk back to the garage on the right and use the camouflage net with the cart against the back wall. Now walk back to the left and tell Michael of your plan. You’ll end up at the hideout where they brought Hoagie.

Playing as Michael:

Walk north back into the forest and find the plane crash victim. Talk to her to learn about her ordeal. You need to convince her she’s not on an island. Back at the house, take the loose BOARD from the window and use the window to communicate with Hoagie. The kidnapper will enter the building and you can walk to the left in front of the building.

Pick up the NEWSPAPER left by the door and look at it in your inventory. That should convince the girl in the forest. Use the campfire to retrieve a block of WOOD from it. Walk back to the right and north into the forest. Give the newspaper to the girl and once she’s gone, pick up the SHOVEL. Also take the WHEEL from the hamster. Return right to the building.

Walk to the left behind the house and use the wagon hidden between the trees to get your TV and CAMOUFLAGE NET out. Walk back to the other side of the building and use the shovel on the patch below the window to dig a hole. Cover the hole with the camouflage net. Now you need to lure the kidnapper.

In your inventory add the block of wood to the board and add the wheel to it. Now your perpetuum mobile is working again. Attach it to the TV and hide the TV in the bush under the window. You’ll hide and catch the kidnapper.

Playing as Bernard:

Use the door on the far right to enter the lounge and find the kidnapper asleep on the sofa. Leave the room again and use the door left of the stairs to enter the dining room. Use the cupboard on the left to find a piece of ROPE in it and take the KNIFE from the chair.

Leave the room and use the door on the left of the dining room to enter the kitchen. Put the starch you’re still carrying in the sink and use the sink to dissolve the starch. Put the rope in the sink and it’ll turn into a kind of hook.

Leave the kitchen and return to the kidnapper in the living room at the far right. Use the rope on him to tie his feet and now you need to find a way to wake him up. Leave the room and use the door to the right of the stairs to enter the basement. There’s a fridge and when you use the alarm, you’ll notice that it has broken. But it can be fixed.

Go up the stairs and use the phone on the table on the left to call an engineer. Use the front door to see that there’s no one, walk into the the kitchen to see the engineer is already in the basement. Now that you’re here, open the fridge and take the two cans of BEER out. Pick up the sink to get an empty BOTTLE from it. Leave the kitchen and go up the stairs to Hoagies room.

Pick up the FLYER from the wardrobe on the right and look at it in your inventory. It shows how to make a party machine. It contains a funnel, a hose and a container. There’s an ASPIRIN stuck to the flyer. Leave the room and go back to the basement where the engineer is working.

Talk to the engineer and he’ll give you a HOSE. Give the beer to the man and talk to him again asking about his family. This time he’ll keep talking and pay no attention to his toolbox anymore. Use the toolbox to get a VALVE from it. Time to make your weapon.

In your inventory use the knife with the bottle to create a funnel. Attach the hose to the funnel and add the valve to it as well. Put the aspirin in the beer and you’re good to go. Leave the basement and return straight away, noticing the mechanic has fixed the problem.

Use the alarm to set the temperature and pull the plug from the socket. Now go upstairs and enter the living room on the right. Use the rope on the kidnapper once mope and hide behind the chair and see what happens.

Playing as Hoagie:

Since there’s no one coming to your rescue you need to find a way out yourself. Look at the door to see that the key must have been left in there. Puck up the MAGAZINE from the table and use the freezer on the left to see what’s inside. Yuck!

Put the piece of noodle you had left in the freezer to harden it and then close the freezer. Use the magazine with the door to slide it under and use the hard noodle with the door to push the key out. Use the magazine again to retrieve the WRENCH.

Use the wrench on the bed to take a ROD from it and use the rod on the top shelf to take the SCISSORS from it. Use the rod with the hole on the far left under the window to find the hamster in there. Open the freezer and take some ICE from it. In your inventory use the ice with the noodle to defrost it.  Walk to the right and lure the HAMSTER with your noodle. Look at the hamster to realize he might be of help.

Use the scissors with the magazine to cut some LETTERS out. Use the cutouts with the noodle to make them sticky and then put them back on the magazine. You’ve now created a NOTE for help. Put the note on the hamster and then release the hamster through the hole in the wall.

Look at the hamster in your inventory to see the tasty note. Open the freezer and take the celery out. Underneath you’ll find the cause of everything…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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