Dave and Sandy are trapped in the cellar and you need to get them out.

Open the left door of the cupboard under the phone and take the tube of GLUE out. Open the door on the left and enter Dave’s room. Look under the bed to find the concert TICKETS and a HOOK ON A STRING. Pick up the CHAIR and leave the room.

In the hall walk north into the living room and leave on the right into the entrance hall. Use the door on the left to enter the bathroom. Open the mirror cabinet above the sink and look at the contents to find a HAND MIRROR.

Use the hook on the sink to get a patch of WET HAIR out. Leave the bathroom and use the door on the far right to leave the house. Use the doormat to have a look under it and as soon as you want to pick up the key ring a bird with pick it up and fly off. Now you also need to get the keys back.


Put the chair on the lawn and climb the chair. It’s just not high enough. Walk back into the house and north into the living room. North again to hallway and use the door on the right to enter the bedroom of Dave’s parents.  Look at the alarm clock to find an empty ENVELOPE behind it. Walk further right into the kitchen. Open the fridge and take the CARROT out, then close the fridge again. Take the SPICE RACK from the wall. It almost looks like a ladder.

Go left twice into the hallway and north into the living room. Put the carrot in the plant left of the door to find the HAMSTER in there. Talk to Robert and ask him about the remote. He doesn’t know where it is. Ask him if he wouldn’t rather go outside but he wants some hair. We can help with that! In your inventory add the glue to the wet hair patch and stick the combination on Roberts head.

The hair did part of the trick, he wants to see it first so give him the hand mirror. He’ll now leave, dropping the remote. Once he’s outside, walk back into the lounge and pick up the REMOTE and the little BOX that fell off the mantelpiece. Use the remote with the TV so you’ll learn that you can order a new remote for the garage. You also need to find $30.

Walk north into the hallway and talk to (Dave behind) the door left of the phone. Ask if anyone got some money and he’ll slip $10 under the door.  Go north into the lounge and walk to the right to the entrance hall and leave the house on the right. Climb the chair again and you’ll use the spice rack to climb on the roof. Walk to the chimney on the right and the bird will fly away. Look at the nest to find your KEY RING again and there’s more: the bird also took a PURSE and a RING.  Open the purse to find $20 in there.

Leave the roof again (in the center) and once down on terra firma walk to the right twice to find the bus stop. Talk to Ed and he’ll tell you about his hamster. Give the hamster back and as thanks you’ll get a STAMP.

Walk to the left twice and enter the house again. Go north into the lounge and north again into the hallway. Use the door on the left to enter Dave’s room. Use the keys on the left desk drawer and look inside to take the PEN out. Do the same with the drawer on the right to get a piece of PAPER.

In your inventory use the pen with the paper, then the paper with the envelope. Put the $10 and $20 bills in the envelope as well and then put the stamp on the envelope. It wont stick so use the glue with the stamp and attach the stamp to the envelope again. Finally use the pen with the envelope to address it. Time to post it.

Walk to the right to leave the room, walk north into the lounge and to the right into the entrance hall. Walk to the right to leave the house. Once outside, open the mailbox and put the envelope in the mailbox. Close the mailbox again and pull the flag to indicate that there’s mail.

Moments later your remote will be delivered. Open the mailbox and look at it to take the PACKAGE out. In your inventory open the package to see the new REMOTE. Walk to the right to the garage and use the remote with the door to open it. Oops. No batteries.

Open the remote for the TV to take the BATTERIES out and put the batteries in the remote for the garage door. Try to open the door again. Success!! In the back of the garage is a box on the wall. Try to open it and you’ll see it’s locked. Try the keys from the ring and none of them will fit. Walk left back to the house and into the entrance hall. North into the lounge and north again in the hallway.

Talk to (Sandy behind) the door and ask for a HAIRPIN. You’ll get one and return north to the lounge. To the right to the entrance hall and right again to leave the house. Right once more to the garage. Use the hairpin with the box on the wall to open it and you’ll get one cellar KEY.

Walk left to the house and go inside. Then north into the lounge and north again into the hallway…..

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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