You’re locked in and need to find the keys.

Use the door in the middle to enter the bathroom. Use the metal hook next to the door but the HOOK will come off. Open the mirror shelf above the sink. Take the TAMPON, the BAND AID TAPE and the GLASS out. Use the glass on the faucet to fill it with WATER. Use the door to leave the bath room and use the door on the left to enter the study.

Open the right door of the cabinet to find a STICK behind it. Use the drawer to take the pair of SCISSORS. Use the tampon on the closed window and pour the water over the tampon to open the window. Look at the window to find your keys downstairs. You need to get them up.

You’d like to take the fishing pole but you can’t reach them. Use the stick with the scissors and you’ll tape them together. Use the extended scissors on both sides of the fishing pole to get it down and the pick up the FISHING POLE. Pick up the PHONE HOOK and use the hook from your inventory on the phone holder to create a MAGNET. Use the magnet with the fishing pole and then use the fishing pole on the window to catch your KEYS. Leave the room and use the keys on the door on the right.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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