You got dumped … literally.

The dump:

Use the bathtub twice to see your body underneath. Use the body twice to move it down. Use your head to attach it to the body. Stretch out and pick up the TOY MOUSE from the junk. As soon as the robo rat is next to you, give him the rat and he’ll give you a leg in return. Now at least you can walk. Take the MAGNET from the vent. Take the STRING from the spool standing next to you. Walk further to the right and push the pole to bend it. In your inventory tie the string to the magnet and swing the magnet over the wheel at the end of the pole. This will result in your second arm. Walk to the right to walk to the city.

Entering the city:


The robo-cop shows you how to enter. If only you were like him. Walk to the cone and pick up one of the CONEs. Use all the others to throw them away until you see the can of paint under it. Take the PAINT. Walk to the pail with water on the left and pour the paint into the water. Then put the cone in the paint to dye it blue. Go over the the lamppost and climb two steps into the post. Take the PIPE from under your feet and put it back in the hole above your head. You can now climb another step. Repeat the sequence and then climb as far as you can.

Stretch out and take the LIGHT BULB from the lamp. Once down, use the blue cone in your inventory with the light bulb and then use the cone on yourself. Walk to the right until you’re under the handle. Stretch out and pull the handle. The guard will think you’re a robo-cop and let you in.

Trolley on the track:

Walk to the silo on the right. Shrink to reach underneath and use the controls on the right. Set the left dial to 2 and the right dial to A. Then push the red button. Walk left up the stairs and pick up the HOOK from against the wall. Use the hook on the top of the railing. Stretch out and jump onto the pole you just moved. Slide to the right until you can take the yellow BLOCK from the tower. Getting down is easier.

Put the yellow block on the front track, farthest away from you. Then push the handle on the stairs. The trolley will derail and you can take the wheels off and put them back on the track again. Use the wheels to hop on and push the handle on the stairs again. You’re inside!

The boiler room:

Next to the door on the left, above the lever is a note. Look at it to see what needs to be done.  Remember the settings of the direction. Use the red flashing button on the tank under the sign to open the control panel on the right. Next to the door on the right is a HOOK. Pick it up. Use the panel on the tank and set the levers to the positions you’ve read on the paper: lever 1 down, lever 2 up and lever 3 down. Now it comes to timing.

Push the red button on the side of the panel and shrink to normal size (important otherwise you’ll walk too slow.) Quickly walk over to the trolley. Jump in and when you’re picked up and ready to swing round, jump onto the platform on the left. Use the hook with the switch box on the left to unlock it and use the box again to see inside.

Swap the lower left two wires and jump off the platform. Climb out of the trolley and walk to the panel on the right again. Use the panel, push the red button, shrink and walk to the left to jump back into the trolley. Because you’ve swapped the wires, the crane now turns the other way around so when you reach the exit on the right, jump off, onto the platform.


After looking at the two villains, you’re thrown into jail. Talk to the prisoner there and he’ll tell you he wants to smoke. Take the WEED from the pipe on the wall and turn the tap twice until it falls off. Then pick up the TAP. Take a piece of PAPER from the toilet roll. Stretch to reach the light above the toilet and put the weed on the light to let it dry. Once brown, combine the paper and the dried weed to create a CIGARETTE like object.

Give the cigarette to the prisoner and he’ll give you his ARM. On the left is a mouse hole. shrink in front of it and stick the arm through the hole. Then in the next prison, use the hole on the right to reach even one cell further. In the last cell, use the arm on the leg of the oven and keep shaking until the broom falls off. Then pick up the BROOM.

In your inventory combine the tap with the broom stick and use the combination on the sewer lid on the ground. Jump in the hole, shrink and walk to the right until you find another lid above your head. Use the broom/tap combination to open this one as well. Here you’ll find the guard.

When the guard is leaning back, pull the leg of the chair so he’ll fall. Quickly take all the PELLETS from the plate on the table. When the guard is on his feet again and misses the pellets, he’ll walk to the dartboard. When he’s retrieving the pellets from the board, take the KEY hanging on his belt. Drop the pellets on the floor under the panel next to the stairs, jump out of the hole, walk to the panel and use the key in both locks so the lights turn green.

The prisoners will now escape and the guard will see this, try to get to them but slip over the pellets. When the guard is chasing the prisoners and they all have left, climb out of the hole and walk up the stairs. Use the door to enter the next room. The guards are gone. Climb the stairs and next to the door is a button. Push the button to kill the light and see the real time on the clock. Use the telescope to see how a bomb is being attached to a tower.

Go down the stairs and use the door at the bottom to return to the previous room. Use the door on the left to enter the hall to the cells. On the left in the hall is a box attached to the wall. Use that box to open it. It asks for a time. Enter the time you saw on the clock: 04:45, followed by the red button. The door will open and you can enter the cell.  Use the front of the locker to see a very special lock. You need to turn three dials to get all the green dots in the center. Since the setting is random each time you enter the cell, I can’t help here. Just try to rotate the dials and if you feel lost, exit the cell and enter again in the hope to find an easier game.

When the lock is open, you’ll get a GUN out. Leave the cell and enter the one in the middle. Against the ceiling is a PLUNGER. Stretch and take it, then leave the cell again. In your inventory attach the plunger to the gun. Walk to the right, climb the stairs and go through the door. Climb the stairs again and leave the room through the door at the top of the stairs.

The docks:

Walk to the right to stand on the right of the crates and then push the crates to the left until they are under the crane next to the steps.Talk to the lady bot with the umbrella and ask for it. She’ll give it to you if you bring back her robo dog.

Use the red box on top of the stairs to find the order is wrong. To move the crane, the arrows pointing down need to be down and the ones pointing up, need to go up. To reach that, number them from 1 to 7, top to bottom and use the following sequence: 5, 3, 2, 4, 6, 7, 5, 3, 1, 2, 4, 6, 5, 3 and 4. Pull the lever on the left side and the top crate will be attached to the crane. Pull the lever again and the top crate will be lifted.

Leave the box and push the crate that’s left all the way to the right. Stand on the right side of the crate, climb on the bollard and then onto the crate. Stretch and grab the steps above you to climb into the tower. Press either red button until the arrow points south, then press the left red button twice. Push the green button and the light on the control should jump to the lower right. The oil barrel in the water will float towards the dock on the right.

Once the barrel is there, push the red button with the oil drop on it and it will pump some oil on the quay. Repeat the oil spillage a few times until the dog is attracted. Climb down the tower onto the crate and jump back on the quay via the bollard. Take the gun with plunger from your inventory and shoot the robo DOG on the other side. Walk to the left and up the steps and give the dog to the robo lady. She’ll give you the UMBRELLA. Use the umbrella on the flowing water on the left and you can walk through. Once around the building, climb the stairs on the right to enter town.

The city – The band:

Talk to the members of the band. Their instruments are not working. Walk into the repair shop on the right. There’s a drum but you can’t take it. Look through the window in the door on the right to see the guards playing cards. Hop onto the chair and talk to the man at the table. He wants to play five-in-a-row. It’s hard to win but here’s a winning setting, when the guy starts at 5,5:

6,6 – 5,7 – 6,8 – 7,7 – 9,7 – 8,6 – 8,7 – 7,9 – 7,8 – 5,8 – 8,8 – 9,8 and you have won the game (thanks to CrazyKillerStickman). On top of the door window is saxophone KEY #1. Under your own stool is KEY #2. On the shelf above you is a string of FLYPAPER. Take it along. Under the stool of your opponent is KEY #3. Near the door is KEY #4 and on the bar is KEY #5. Walk outside and use the flypaper on the swarm of flies above the sewer drum. This way you’ll catch some FLIES. Walk into the repair shop again and use the flies on the bar so the bartender is a bit busy. Then Take the drum to pull it to the drummer of the band.

The lady upstairs isn’t too happy and throws down a flowerpot. Give the sax keys to the saxophone player and he’ll play a tune as well. Again a flowerpot comes down. This time pick up the PLANT that was in there. Now for the didgeridoo. Look at the end and you’ll find a pair of eyes blinking.

Walk up the stairs to reach a middle station. Keep climbing the stairs further. Then climb the stairs left of the clock tower. Use the lamppost to open the electricity box. There’s some kind of slider puzzle in it. Slide the right middle piece down and when you slide the top right one down, it will fall out. The bird will pick it up. Walk to the left to stand on the bridge and the bird will follow you on the wire.

Stretch and shrink so the bird will hop with you until the wire it’s on will snap and the bird will fall down loosing the PUZZLE PIECE. Walk to the lamp post again and tie the broken wire to the bridge railing. Start the puzzle again. It’s always at the same starting position. To solve it, number them from 1 to 9, top to bottom, left to right and slide (r=right,l=left,u=up,d=down): 2R, 5R, 4RU, 7U, 8U, 9LL, 5D, 4R, 7U, 8L, 5DR, 7R, 4D, 1D, 6L, 9U. Put the piece from your inventory in the upper left corner and there’s power.

Climb the ladder the welder is on and climb on top of him. Pull the plug from his welding gun and he’ll stop his work, you’ll fall down. As soon as you hit the ground, pull the red wire. When the welder wants to continue, he’ll move his ladder to repair the other side first. Again, climb on top of the welder and grab the tail of the cat. The cat will escape but since the railing is attached to the electricity wire, it’s electrified. Climb down the ladder, open the lamppost and move one of the puzzle pieces to break the current (or pick up the one in the top left corner). The cat will fall down and you can pick up the CAT.

Walk down the stairs on the right, then twice down the stairs on the left to return to the band. Use the cat on the end of the didgeridoo and it will get the rat out for you. The instrument can be played again, annoying the lady upstairs who will throw a radio at you, destroying the speaker by the impact. Pick up the RADIO and climb the stairs twice to return to the clock tower.

The city – Plumbing:

In the wall, below the fountain, is a HANDLE you can take out. Walk to the door under the clock and read the note hanging on the right of the door, above the hole. Put the handle in the hole and turn it until you reach one of the three settings mentioned on the paper (e.g. 7 o’clock). The door under the clock will open, the lady on the bench gets up and enters the tower. Behind her was another note. Look at the note and use the handle until you have these settings on the clock (quarter to six).

The lady will return, the man in the tower on the other side will get up and leave his spot to enter the tower as well. Climb the stairs into the tower and take the SPEAKER from it’s frame, then exit the tower down the stairs again. Walk to the man in the wheelchair. He’ll tell you he needs some oil and hold out an oil can. Take the OIL CAN and go down the stairs on the left. At the middle station go further down the stairs and when at the band, go through the door on the left. There’s oil dripping from the pipe above so put the oil can on the ground and you’ll collect some OIL.

Return to the right and climb the stairs until you reach the man in his wheelchair next to the fountain. Give him the oil can and he’ll oil his wheelchair. Now he can get his wheelchair from the sewer lid. He’ll hold out his oil can again, telling you he wants some sunflower oil. Take the OIL CAN again. Use the lid to open the sewer and climb down.

Use the pipes and valves on the left and Wrench will tell you that you need to close the water supply of the fountain, using three valve spanners. There’s one on the pipes already, but there’s also a HOOK. Take it from the pipes and walk down the steps and to the drain on the left. Look inside the drain to find a second spanner. Use the hook on the drain to get the SPANNER out.

Look into the pipe next to the steps to see the guards playing cards again. Climb the steps and use the drawer in the cabinet on the right. There’s a book inside. Browse through the book until you reach the last page. In the back cover of the book is the SPANNER. Take the spanner from the pipes and put it on the left valve on the top row.  Take a spanner from your inventory and put it on the top row next to the one you just put on. Take the third spanner from your inventory and put it on the bottom row, under the one you placed last, so second from the left. The water flow to the fountain is now stopped.

Try to remove the cap from the tank on the left. It’s stuck. Walk to the cabinet on the right. In your inventory put the speaker on the radio and stick the radio into the socket above the cabinet. Wrench will wake up. Talk to Wrench and ask him to loosen the cap on the tank. The basin will flood, drowning the three guards below. Climb the ladder to return to town square.

The city – Help from  your girlfriend:

Climb into the fountain and open the valve on the right to crawl through the pipe. Jump onto the platform below the pipe. Push the red button on the wall to lower the platform. Look through the window to find your girlfriend. She’ll tell you how she got there. Then you’ll play further as your girlfriend.

Playing as the girlfriend:

Open the cupboard above the worktop and find a cob of CORN inside. Take it out. Take the heavy pan from the cooker and put it on the floor on the left. Put the corn on the cooker and make some popcorn. The popping will shake the HOOK from the chimney outside.

Playing self:

Use the hook on the the window to give it to your girlfriend.

Playing as the girlfriend:

Climb onto the pot and use the hook on the grate of the heater. Use the hook again on the FROZEN PIPE to tear it down. Jump off the pot and use the frozen pipe with the pot to thaw the pipe and turn it into a HOSE. Use the hose on the tap on the left above the sink and the other end will go to the engine of the platform to fill the tank with oil.

Playing self:

Pull the red handle on the left to start the engine. Now you need to get the gearbox going. Use the control box on the corner of the platform. You need to switch the red and grey buttons in order to raise the platform. The button in the center resets to the default position. To switch the buttons, number the positions from 1 to 8 from left to right, from top to bottom. Then move: 6-2, 1-5, 5-6, 3-7, 8-4, 4-3, 7-1, 2-8, 8-4, 6-2, 1-5, 5-6, 3-7, 7-1 and 4-3. A lever will pop out, pull it up.

You’ll reach the top level, where a huge fan is slowly turning. Use the fan and you’ll wake him up. He’ll ask you a few questions. The first reaction would be to get the right logical answer but in this case you should give a wrong answer to get the fan mad. Give four wrong answers and the fan will pop out, leaving a gaping hole. Use the hole to climb through into the greenhouse.

The greenhouse:

Use the switchboard next to the desk to try to get some power. But then you need to solve a few puzzles first. The first screen is blank. Number the fields  from 1 to 25 from left to right, top to bottom.

1: Push a square in any of the corners and follow the arrows.
2: Push square 24 and follow the arrow to the left.
3: Start at square 20 and follow the arrow down.

The first stage is finished, needed for the heater to operate. The second set of three buttons is to operate the projector.

[NOTE: It’s not really necessary to complete the second set of three puzzles. It’s to operate the projector which shows you the combination to use at the door, but there’s an alternative way to see what code is needed. For completeness, the second set of three screens are given anyway, plus extra objects needed to find the code]

4: Start at square 8 and go down. Then left and up. Follow through.
5: Start at square 7 and go up and left. Follow round and go up again, then follow until the end.
6: Start at square 12 and go down. Go left and follow through until the end.

Push the right red button at the bottom. Walk to the desk and take both DRAWERS out. Walk to the left of the heater next to the second pot and push the heater to the right. Walk back to the switchboard and push the left bottom red button to power up the heater. The flowers on the tree will open up. Walk to the pot of the tree and take the STICK that’s holding the tree up. Climb the stairs and use the stick with the flower pot you can reach to prevent it from closing. Reach inside the flower to get the MAGNIFYING GLASS out.

Walk down the stairs, stand to the right of the projector and stretch out. Put the magnifying glass in the holder in front of the projector to adjust the focus. Walk to the left of the projector and put drawer 1 into the projector. Flip through the images with the control until you find one of a butterfly. Note the pattern on the wings.

Get drawer 1 out and put number 2 in. Flip through the images again to learn about sunflowers and seeds. Take drawer 2 out and walk to the heater.

[NOTE: above steps were optional. From here it will continue. ]

Push the heater to the empty pot on the left. Walk over to the empty pot and put the plant from your inventory into the pot. Walk to the switchboard on the right and push the left red button at the bottom. The plant will grow into a sunflower. Walk back to the sunflower and shake the flower to catch the SUNFLOWER SEEDS. Now walk to the door on the left.

Use the control panel next to the door and see the same butterfly (if you’ve used the projector). If you haven’t used the projector, there’s a butterfly flying around the room which will settle down from time to time on the railing of the balcony. Take a good look at the wings… tiny, but visible. If too tiny, use the magnifying glass on it…  Create the same pattern on the wings. Number the dots from 1 to 9 from left to right, top to bottom (watch the order closely!!) and for the left wing, push 1, 4, 5, 7 and 9. The right wing: 1, 3, 5, 6 and 9. Pull the handle at the tail and the door will open.  Jump through the door.

Put the seeds in the machine on the right. Walk down the stairs and put the oil can on the drain to catch the oil. Walk back up the stairs again and pull and push the handle to generate SUNFLOWER OIL. Walk down the stairs to take back the OIL CAN and walk up the stairs again.

Walk to the robot next to the door on the left and talk to him. He wants some batteries for his baby. Climb down the pipe on the wall to reach the middle station. From there walk up the stairs to the town square. Give the sunflower oil to the man in the wheelchair and he’ll give you a TICKET for the arcade hall. Also pick up the BANDAGE he dropped.

Walk up the stairs on the left and walk to the arcade hall on the left.

The arcade hall:

Insert the ticket in the reader on the wall and the door will open. Jump on the bike on the left and peddle until the light on arcade machine 1 starts glowing. Get off the bike, pull the lever on the side to number 2 and jump on the bike again to repeat the procedure for arcade machine number 2. Get off the bike and walk to machine 1. Use the machine to play a classic game of space invaders. You need to score at least 1000 points to earn the prize. No way (yet) to cheat but you can simplify the game: shoot all the invaders except one on the top row. Then shoot the red ships the fly over. They are more points and easier to hit. This way you probably can win the game in 2 screens. When you’ve won the game, take the COIN from the slot on the left. If lost, power up again and start all over.

Walk to machine 2. A different game, not arcade this time. There are five challenges to win (d=down, u=up, l=left, r=right).
1: D, R, U, R, R.
2: R, D, L, U, R, R, D, D, L, U, U, L, D, R, U, L, D, D, R, R, U, U, L, D, R, R.
3: D, R, U, U, D, L, L, D, R, U, U, L, D, R, D, L, U, R, R, D, L, U, L, U, R, D, D, R, U, U, D, R.
4: U, L, L, L, R, R, D, R, U, L, L, D, R, U, L, L, D, R, U, R, D, L, U, R, R, D, L, U, L, D, L, U, R, R, R, D, U, L, L, L, D, R, U, R, D, L, L, U, R, R, R, R.
5: U, R, D, L, U, L, L, D, L, U, R, R, R, D, R, U, L, L, L, L, D, R, U, R, R, R, D, L, U, L, L, D, L, U, R, D, R, U, R, R, L, D, L, U, R, R, D, L, U, L, D, R, U, L, D, L, U, L, D, R, U, R, R, D, R, U, L, L, L, D, R, R, R, R.

Another COIN falls into the slot so pick it up. Leave the arcade hall on the right.

Dismantling a bomb:

Outside go down the steps on the right and climb the steps on the right to the bottom of the tower. Against the wall is a machine that sells batteries. Insert the coins twice to get TWO BATTERIES. In your inventory tie them together with the bandage. Go down the stairs to the square and go down the stairs on the left again to reach the middle station. Climb the pipe on the right side of the tower to return to the robot and baby.  Give him the batteries and you can enter the tower. Push the button next to the door to go inside.

Take some dirt from the plant and it will fall onto the floor. A hover bot will enter. Pick up the bot to shake it and a LAMP will fall on the floor. Take it and walk to the panel on the left. In order to select the right level of the elevator, you need to create a pattern. Look at the wall to see which pattern goes to which floor. Use the panel on the left and insert the lamp into the upper right empty slot. Number them one to eight counting clockwise and starting 1 at 12 o’clock. To get to the top floor, push 6, 1, 4, 8, 2 and 6 again. The elevator will go to the top floor.

Walk over the red carpet to the left and pull the lever down four times until the vacuum cleaner is out of sight. Walk over the carpet to the right into the toilet where the hoover is. Climb on the hover, stretch out and take the SCISSORS from the shelf. Climb down again and walk the red carpet all the way to the left. Push the lever up twice so the vacuum cleaner is under the chandelier. Walk to the box next to the door and use it to kill the power. Climb the hoover and use the scissors on the CHANDELIER to cut it down. Climb down the hover, use the box next to the door again to power on the lights and walk to the left to pull the lever down twice. The hoover is in the toilet again.

Walk into the toilet and tie the chandelier to the hoover. Then take the chandelier and hook it to the toilet pot. Walk all the way to the left and push the lever to get the hoover out of the toilet. It will take the toilet as well, leaving a big hole. Walk to the right into the toilet and use the toilet paper to climb down.

On the left is the bomb. Swing towards it and now it comes to quick reaction and nerves. When you open the door, the countdown starts. Take the plugs A to E out of the bottom sockets. Follow the line from 1 and put plug A into that socket. The same goes for 2 to 5. When done correct, the bottom row reads D B E A C and the bomb is harmless. Leave the bomb to climb up the toilet paper.

Getting your girl:

Walk to the left and climb the stairs to the top of the tower. Talk to the sad bot and learn why he’s so sad. Walk to the cabinet on the left with the red button and push the button to open the cabinet. Two puzzles here. You need to get the green strings in the green areas.

The top lock: pull the brown string up, then the bottom part to the right. Pull the left of the green string down. Pull the left part of the black string down two positions. Pull the bottom part of the brown string one position to the right, then pull the top part of the brown string one position to the right. Pull the green string down one position. Pull the bottom part of the black one down one position and move the top part of the black string to the left towards the green one. Move the bottom part of the brown one two positions to the right and move the bottom part of the green one two positions to the right as well. The left part of the black string goes one left and one down and the right side of the green one goes one right one down. The left side of the brown one goes one up and one left and the right side of the green one can move into place.

The bottom lock:  slide the black string all the way to the left, pull the green one up against the black. Slide the brown one vertical all the way to the right. Slide the green one all the way down to the left side where the brown was. Slide the right side of the black one around to touch the blue one. Slide the blue one all the way to the left onto the green squares. Pull the right side of the black one up to touch the blue one. Slide the green one to the slot on the left. Pull the bottom of the black one to the bottom left slot. Pull the green string into the top right corner, next to the blue. Pull the right end of the black one against the green, then to the left, around the ‘island’ and back into the lower left corner. Pull the green one down and to the left against the black. The blue one can now pass to the left below and then the green can move into it’s designated area.

The compartment opens and you can get a CORD out. Leave the cabinet and use the cord on the sad machine. You must now defeat the ‘virus’ that’s inside the computer. You need to traverse a maze, killing all the 33 enemies. You can regain lost lives by taking the blue stones. It’s not hard, once you’ve found the key and got the gun. The most annoying part is running around the maze to find the enemy. But when you work systematically, it’s alright.

When all germs have been killed, you tell the computer about your girl. He’ll give you another LAMP for the elevator. Walk down the stairs and to the door of the elevator. Push the button next to the door and enter the elevator. Inside, use the panel on the left and put the lamp into the empty slot. To reach the -1 level, you need to create a pattern. Again, number them one to eight counting clockwise and starting 1 at 12 o’clock. Then push 1, 4, 7, 2, 5, 8, 3, 6 and 1. The elevator will go to the bottom level. Leave the elevator and you’re under the room with the guards and under the room with your girlfriend.

Walk to the right and pick up the hammer. Smash the window on the right, put the hammer back and take the KEY out. It’s not the one of the lock. Use the door on the left to return to the elevator and use the key on the box on the wall on the right. Inside is a canister with liquid NITROGEN. Leave the elevator and walk to the right. Use the nitrogen on the lock to freeze it. Then pick up the hammer and smash the lock. The guards will flush away. You’ll climb up, save your girlfriend and take her to the top of the tower.

Walk to the right outside where the pod is waiting. But you can’t climb up. Walk to the console on the left and note the numbers on it: 7.0 and 108. Walk inside again and walk to the scope with the amber screen. Use the scope and use the left dial until the line reaches 7. Use the right dial until the line reaches 108. You’ll hear a sequence of tones. Remember those.

Walk outside on the right and use the control panel on the left again. Replay the tones you heard. There are five keys at the bottom that generate the same tones. Number them from 1 to 5 from left to right and push them in the order 1, 4, 2, 3, 5, 2 and 3. While the steps come out of the tower, have your girlfriend quickly turn the dial to leave the steps out otherwise you have to play the notes again.

Climb the steps together to enter the pod and take off to your new destination.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

66 Replies to “Machinarium – Walkthrough (Amanita Design/2009)

  1. I bought this game for my Nintendo Switch. I love puzzle games but this game is so hard you have to have a guide to get through most of the game. I have played all of the room series with no problems but this game is ridiculous. Wasted my money.

  2. I am about 1/2 way through and using this walkthrough, which is an excellent guide.

  3. I can’t get the saxophone keys out of inventory to give to the sax player. Josef refuse’s to cooperate. What’s the trick?

  4. I’m sorry to ask, but I’m desperate! I’m totally stuck in the boiler room. Only the 3rd level, which is not good. I know what I have to do, which is to get picked up and jump off to the right but it just won’t work. I have been on the platform to the left and jumped down. I have swapped the wires around. But if it picks me up it either stops and I’m trapped, or I get dumped in the furnace. I have tried every combination of wires and control panel. I am very frustrated. I think this game is too hard.

  5. Awesome game …without the solutions it would have taken me months to complete the game…thankx a lot for the solution… Very helpful… Cheers!!!

  6. Great game however without a walkthrough and hints it’s almost impossible. Some solutions are not intuitive at all and would never come to mind in any natural way. One small quibble, you say to open the sewer cover under the man in the wheelchair by using the lid of the oil can, actually you simply touch the cover.
    Congratulations to the developers for creating a moody and cool world with a compelling story, great job!

  7. Love the game! But now i have a problem. When i get out of the elevator (top floor) There is no electricity. There are no lights on and the hoover is in the middle of the room. Can move it without electricity. Can anybody help me?

  8. Great game…had to cheat a bit but my head hurt trying to figure out some of the puzzles…keep them coming…thank you very much for hours of enjoyment I had…

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