You’ve heard the guys outside, but what are they up to?

Pick up the KEYS from the cabinet on the left and use them on the door to go outside. The villains are gone. Pick up the PIPE that’s on the ground. It’s a plastic one. Look through the window to see a note on the table. How to reach it? Use the cloth in the windowsill on the PVC pipe to make it static. Then use the pipe on the PAPER to pick it up. Read the note to learn that you need to look in the trash can.

Use the bin to find a CASSETTE TAPE. Now if you can only listen to what’s on it. Walk further to the right and enter the hotel. Talk to the receptionist to learn that the elevator has broken down. You can try to fix it if you want. On the table is a newspaper. Look at it and pay attention to the formulas that are written down. Use the button of the elevator to see that you need to get 9V between the red a blue wire. The only way to get that is to put a metal wire between the top two connectors. The elevator is now fixed.

Use the button of the elevator again to go upstairs. But the lights don’t work so you can’t see anything. Talk to the receptionist and tell him about the light. He’ll give you a flashlight but it’s out of batteries. You need to produce 6V for the light to work. Use the electrokit in your inventory and put two resistors between the top two connectors to create 6V. The light will work.

Use the button of the elevator again and go upstairs. First use the door on the right. There’s a security box that needs a formula to be activated. So.. if you’ve read the paper, R = V/I. Put the V at the top, I at the bottom and push the OPEN button. You can now enter the room.

Look at the man in the chair (Mr. Ampere). Talk to him to learn that his walkman doesn’t work anymore. It needs 4.5V. Use the walkman to put one resistor at the top two connectors and one resistor at the bottom two connectors. The walkman is fixed. Talk to the man again and tell him it’s fixed. Then talk again to ask to borrow the walkman. You can use it. Put the cassette tape in the walkman and listen to the instructions: at 20:00 you need to listen at 86Hz.

After the message, leave the room on the right and use the door at the left. Again a formula: V = IxR. Put the I and the R at the top line and push the OPEN button. Inside you’ll find a radio and a man (Mr. Watt). Talk to the man and find out that he has a radio but it needs 6V. Tell him you have a electrokit with 9V and willing to fix the radio. Use the radio and put two resistors at the top connectors and one resistor at the bottom connector resulting in 6V.

Use the radio to hear the message from the villains to steal a clock from Mr. Edison. Talk to Mr. Watt again to return the radio. Leave the room on the right and in the hall use the door on the top left. Again locked by a formula: I = V/R. Put the V at the top, the R at the bottom and push OPEN to enter the room. Talk to the man (Mr. Edison) and tell him about the clock.

Advise to bring to clock to the receptionist so you can both attend the Ohm presentation.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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