After a week of hard work, you’re back at home.

Interact with the CAT to give it a cuddle (1/1) and you can see Jill coming in. She’ll sit on the couch. Chit chat with her and tell her about the fact that you can’t leave the house because of a wish you made. She’ll give you her COAT (1/2). Use the coat with the coat hanger in hall (1/3) and go to the kitchen next to it.

Interact with the coffee mugs in the kitchen to activate the drawer and use the drawer to get a SPOON out and put the kettle on. Use the cupboard on the right to get the COFFEE AND SUGAR out and use the fridge to find some MILK. In your inventory use the spoon with the coffee and sugar to put it in the CUP and add the milk to the cup as well. In your inventory look at the coffee to see what you’ve made (1/4).

Give the coffee to Jess on the couch and tell her to start searching for a solution. Look at the embroidery next to the couch and look at the bookcase and specifically at the ‘Reading Egyptian Art’ book. Interact with the book and then you make another wish (1/5). Talk to Jack. Realizing there are more mouths to feed you need to go to the grocery store.


Pick up your own COAT from the coat rack (1/6) and take your HANDBAG from the hall (1/7). In your inventory look at the handbag to take all the stuff out that’s in there.  Use the door on the south to notice it’s locked and Jess will give you a spare KEY. Use the key on the door to go outside.

Instead of the grocery store you end up at Abu Simbel’s temple. Walk towards the entrance on the right to encounter a huge snake. Now what? You remember the embroidery at home? Use the mobile phone from your inventory to call Jack and ask him about the embroidery in the lounge. While he’s searching, you’ll find  a SCROLL (1/8). Look at the scroll and while talking to Jack you discover what to do next.

Use Missy from your inventory on the guardian to get rid of it  (1/9). Pick up the pile of STICKS from the sea shore (1/10) and walk through the entrance of the temple (1/11). Once inside you talk to Jess and to Anubis to find a way out: just follow the light (1/12). Walk north towards the light and then Anubis tells you one more thing: you need to get a box from the serpents mouth. Look at the cosmic serpent Apophis. Remember about the cat thing? Look at Missy in your inventory and then talk to Missy in the room. She’ll help you get the BOX and the SCROLL inside (1/13).

Look at box in your inventory to find the FLINT, a MAP and a KEY. Walk north again towards the light. You’ll see a wall with hieroglyphs. Look at Sebbet and you’ll get an index with the meaning of all the words. Take des (KNIFE) from the hieroglyphs (1/14) and use it on she (pool) on the wall. It’s loose and you’ll take a HOOK from the pool (1/15). Use the knife again on the wall, this time on hetep (load and offering mat) to make an offer and then take te (BREADLOAF) from the wall (1/16). Take the loaf from your inventory and use it on ibe (the heart) to create a new hieroglyph (1/17). Look at the new hieroglyph to get a new hint on what to look for (1/18).

Look at the desert rock to realize you can make a shelter here. Walk towards the rock until you find some hard ground to dig in. Use the sticks from you inventory on the rock to create a shelter frame (1/19). Use your coat on the frame to create a shelter (1/20).  Look at the shelter to use it until sunset. Then at night you can start walking (1/21).

Walk all the way to the left until you find a well. Look around and especially at the well mechanism to find that there’s a rope but no bucket. Use the empty box from your inventory on the mechanism to realize that it could function as a bucket and get some WATER in a leaf (1/22). Pick up some desert SHRUB (1/23)  and in your inventory use the flint with the shrub to create a FIRE (1/24). Put the water in the box and then put the box on the fire to cook the water (1/25). Use the water on yourself to drink it. Walk further to the left to return home.

Use the front door to find it locked. Take the key from your inventory to unlock the door and go inside. Walk over to Jess and Jack and give the hamburger (breadloaf?)  from your inventory to Jack. The Genie mentioned a Chinese Moon so use look at the bookcase and take the Beginners Chinese BOOK from it. In your inventory look at the book to find a TICKET inside (1/26).

Look at the map in your inventory (upper left) to notice the cinema has been added. Look at the banner under the counter to see that it’s Western Art Week (1/27). Talk to the lady behind the counter and tell her you’ve got your own ticket. Use your ticket with the ticket sales below the lady to see a Moon Gate being added to your map (1/28). Visit the Moon Gate.

Talk to the fisherman and try to get home. He can’t help you. You’ll learn about his torn nets and when you tell him about your hook, he’ll give you some LINE to use with the hook and you’ll share the catch (1/29). Walk north towards the Five Pavilion Bridge and at the edge of the water, use the hook with the line in your inventory (1/30). Use the combination on the muddy water and you’ll catch a FISH and some painted wood (1/31). Look at the wood in your inventory to see that it’s a PUZZLE (1/32).

Pick up the BEER and walk south to return to the fisherman. Give him the fish and he’ll give you a small jade TILE as souvenir (1/33). He’ll also tell you to show the puzzle to your friends. In your inventory look at the map and return home. Give the wood to Jack and he’ll tell you his thoughts. You go to sleep.

Playing as Jack:

Walk into the bedroom on the left and talk to Jane to see if she’s really asleep and then you’ll talk to Jess about the situation (1/34). Use the computer in the bedroom to check your mail (1/35). Use the keyboard (1/36) and use the To: field to enter an email address. Use the subject field and the message field to enter a message. Then click on the Send button to send the message.

Playing as Jane:

Use the bedside table to look in the drawer. Pick up the COINS (1/37), the HAIRCLIPS (1/38), the BROCHURE (1/39) and look at the book on the left to find the piece of paper. Take the PAPER from the book (1/40). Look in your inventory to see that the souvenir has turned into a piece of PAPER as well. Fit the pieces of paper together (1/41). Look at the brochure in your inventory and select the Jungle River on it.

Walk to the left until you see a riverboat passing. Look at the boat to learn it’s name and then talk to the boat to ask for a crossing. Reluctant at first, the captain will take you after you give him the coins (1/42). Sail to boat all the way to the right and you’ll find some dense vegetation on the other side of the river bank. Take the knife from your inventory and use it on the vegetation (nothing seems to happen). Move the boat to the riverbank and you’ll be able to get out (1/43).

Walk to the left until you get hungry. Walk even further until you decide to try some fishing. Use your fishing rod on the small current next to where you are standing to catch some FISH. Then use the box on the river border to take some of the WATER. You’ve also scooped up a piece of FLINT. Walk to the left until it starts raining, then walk toward the dark sky to enter the jungle. .

Use the vegetation to pick some BRANCHES (1/44) and in your inventory use the flint with the branches to set it on fire (1/45). Still in your inventory use the knife on the fish to skin them (1/46) and put the fish on the fire to create your MEAL. Use the meal on yourself to enjoy it. Then take some of the vines that you can use as ROPE (1/47).

Walk to the lizard in the lower left and then towards the pink flower in the middle. You should have noticed the flowers by now. Pick up the red FLOWER in the middle of the path and you’ll also have a THORN in your hand. In your inventory use the tweezers on your hand to take the thorn out (1/48). Take the pills (blue strip with 8 dots) from your inventory and use them on yourself to prevent from infection (1/49).

Walk north and left to leave the jungle and you’ll end up at a Precolombian Temple (1/50). Talk to the jungle guide and learn that he’s living here as well. Walk up the stairs and when you can’t go further and walk down again the guide will tell you about the fake entrance. He wants the jade piece. Walk to the left and he’ll tell you to go to a safe place first. Walk further to the left until you reach the large gate.

Use the plant next to the gate to get a BLUE KEY (1/51) and use the bushes you’re standing next to to get a RED KEY (1/52). Use both keys to try to unlock the door but only after using the red key on lock #2, you’ll notice that the door isn’t locked at all (-1/51). Use the doorknob to enter the garden (1/52).

Playing as the Jungle Guide:

Use the rocking chair to sit down and you’ll start talking.

Playing as Jane:

After the conversation you’ll have a LETTER and a DRINK in your inventory.  Use the drink on yourself (1/53) and give the beer to the guide. Genie’s ex appears so talk to her. Together you think of a plan to master the Genie and you have to find a worry-bead. Genie’s ex gives you a CONNECTING BEAD.

Give the puzzle to the guide and he’ll suggests to put the JADE TILE on the missing piece position. So take the jade tile from your inventory and put it  in that spot and use the tile to read the complete message (1/54). If you don’t want to loose point, end the conversation there and use the ‘out’ tile to return to the safe room. Read the LETTER that’s in your inventory to you what Jack has to say (1/55).

Now who mentioned Genie’s lively imagination? Use the map from your inventory and travel to the Moon Gate. Left of the fisherman is a loose brick in the wall. Take the brick from it to find a carved BOX behind it (1/56). Look at the box in your inventory to find BEADS inside. Use the needle and thread you took from home with the beads to make a worry-bead. Put the blue connecting bead on the chain as well. All your worries are now on a chain.

Now it’s the order in which you use the beads:
– Knowledge
– Jungle Guide: information
In your inventory look at the forum topic about Genies (1/57).
– Jack. He’ll give you information on a PAPER as well (5/62).
– Jess: madrouge. She’ll also give you a PAPER.
– Fisherman: yangzhou. He’ll give you a PAPER.
– Anubis: imenet. She’ll give you a PAPER.
– Riverboat: Santa Lucia. The boat driver will give you a PAPER.
– Cat: Bastet. The cat will give you a PAPER.

Look at the paper you get from the cat. You’ll see the worry beads from a different angle now. Use the failure one at the top to see all your failures (11/73). The look at the success one above it and you’re home again. You’re standing on the balcony. When you view under the balcony you can see something but it’s too far to get there. Use the rope from your inventory on the view to get a piece of WOOD from underneath (1/74). The piece has some spikes sticking out, just like you saw on the solved puzzle.

Use the solved puzzle on the piece of wood and look at the combination.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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