There’s fire! And Loftus is nowhere to be found. You need to find some evidence.

Find Clues:

Take the MUG from the worktop. Go upstairs and use the mug on the sink to fill it with WATER. Walk down the stairs again and use the mug with water on the fire to put it. Underneath was a KEY. Take it and use the key on the safe on the right. Use the safe to take the BLUEPRINT out. Look at the blueprint and your first goal is reached.

Read the blueprint:

Above the fireplace is a special vial that when you take it contains STAR DUST. Walk outside and look at the sign. If only you could read. Use the rocks below the sign to find more STAR DUST.

Walk to the left twice to find the guard dog. Talk to the dog. Ask about the things you should do and the missing master and learn about the dragon. The dog can’t help you but sends you into the forest. To the left of where you stand is a ROCK on the ground. Pick it up. Below the bottom tree on the left you can see a sparkle and when you take it, it’s more STAR DUST.

Try to enter the cave but you are scared because you can’t read the sign. Walk to the north to leave the forest and walk to the left into the village. Enter the bookstore and talk to Alfonso. He can read! Give him the blue print and he’ll tell you what it’s about.

Alfonso tells you what you need to make a sky cap: feathers, a cauldron and a cloth without holes.

Learning to read:

Talk to Alfonso again and ask him about your objective to read. He can’t help you because he’s busy and lost something. Leave the book store and walk to the left and enter the alley. Take the BROOM standing against the wall and look at the pipe on the left. There’s a bump in the pipe but too high to reach. Use the rock on the bump to throw it and the blockage will tumble out.

Pick up the OBJECT and walk to the right. Enter the book shop again and give the strange decive to Alfonso. It’s his AWR. You can have it to learn to read.

Find feathers:

To test the device use it on the bookshelf on the left. You can read! From one of the books a STRING will fall. Leave the shop and talk to the Chicken Farmer. Talk about feathers, missing a chicken and missing masters.

Walk to the right and go north. There’s that chicken. Try to catch it and it’ll run off. Follow it to the right.Pick up the CHICKEN. Walk to the left three times and give the chicken to the farmer. Talk to the farmer again and ask for the feathers. You can have them if you don’t harm the chicken and bring them back in one piece.

Use the broom on the basket in the tower and pick up the BASKET. Use the basket on the chicken in the pen to take them with you. Walk to the right and go into the forest again. Use the AWR on the sign next to the cave and enter the cave. Talk to the cave monster.

Give the chicken to the cave monster. She’ll take the feathers off. Take the pile of FEATHERS from under the monster and take the basket with chicken again. You’ll leave the cave automatically. Walk to the north to the cross roads and walk to the left to the chicken farmer. You’ll give him back his chicken.

Find cauldron:

Talk to the knocker on the door of the building on the left. You may enter if you can read the sign. Use the AWR on the sign above the door and you can enter.  Talk to Herman and ask about your objective to find a cauldron. Herman happens to have the one you need but won’t give it to you. Only when you can make him believe in magic it’s yours.

Leave the shop and walk to the right, back to the forest. Enter the forest and go inside the cave. Talk to Bridget and tell her your intentions. Ask her to follow you to the store and at first she won’t but after some persuasion she’ll come along.

The guard dog isn’t too happy when he sees the monster but you can deal with it. Use  every line you can to make the guard leave, which he eventually does. Walk to the left and enter the magic shop. Talk to Bridget about magic and ask her to wait outside while you talk to Herman.

On the shelves on the left are bags with fairy dust. Try to take it and Herman won’t let you. As soon as he’s fiddling with his yo-yo take the FAIRY DUST from the shelf. Walk outside and use the fairy dust on Bridget to get an idea.

You get the CAULDRON.

Fabric with no holes:

Walk to the right and enter the forest again. Walk into the cave and take Bridget’s UNDERPANTS. Use the cup on the pool of rocks to get some STAR DUST. Leave the cave and walk to the north to leave the forest.

On the crossroads walk to the north and keep walking to the right untill you’re in the workshop again. Use the rope with the underpants and you have a fabric with no holes (click merge before selecting any of the items).

Create sky cap:

Alfonso will help you building the sky cap.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

5 Replies to “Loftus And The Sky Cap – Walkthrough (Ivan Dixon/2008)

  1. the dog won’t leave when i coem with the monster. i sued every line possible every order of it, it’s stuck, the interaction repeats itself. it’s too weird and against intuition to keep repeating it. if there’s some right order for this conversation, pls tell me because i’m stuck there for days in front of the dog!

  2. Thanks for the quick help, Leon!

    I got it through now and again, I can’t say it often enough how much I like those graphics. I’ve been a little confused by the walkthrough which says you have to take the rope from the workshop. But I must admit the girl mentioned the string in the book at Alfonsos’ when I looked at it in the first place. It took me another two minutes to find out I need to use an item with the book though.

    I’m looking forward to the continuation of the game, it’s one of the best non-commercial adventures I’ve played despite its shortness.

  3. I love that game, the backgrounds are really nice. The quests aren’t too hard and I got through on my own quite well so far, only thing I couldn’t solve yet is to find the rope in the workshop for the underpants. If somebody can tell me how to find the rope, I would appreciate that.

  4. Very good quest! i really enjoyed it. the only annoying things is discovering the rock near the cave 🙂

    looking forward for the continuing game

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