You’re stuck in a room and want to get out.

On the wall is a nice POSTER. Take it from the wall and look at it in your inventory to keep the TAPE. Next to the bucket is a CAN with some chemical in it. On the right side is a TAPE PLAYER next to the cardboard box. Take that one also. Search through the box to find a KNIFE.

Use the knife on the big box with the helmet on top to see what’s inside. Use the box several times to get the BLEACH, the ELECTRICAL WIRE, the CHEMISTRY TEXTBOOK and the AFTERSHAVE. Use the book with the can with chemical to see that any mix will do. So:

Use the aftershave with the bleach and use that mix with the chemical in the can. Then add the tape to it and attach the wire to create a bomb. Finally attach the tape player to the device to finish it.

Use the created device on the oche (wooden strip on the floor to play darts) to set it up. Protection for yourself would be nice but you can’t reach the helmet. The mop is stuck to the floor so use the knife on the mop to cut the BROOMSTICK loose. Use the broomstick to get the HELMET from the box.

Use the broomstick on the bomb to set it off at a safe distance. Close your ears….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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