You have to get rid of that giant meeba on the left.

Use the hydro spanner on the access port to take the lid off. Then use the access port again to flip the switch and come to the conclusion that is hasn’t been repaired yet. And the little meeba on the left lights up like a christmas tree. Now you have to get some power on that panel.

In your inventory use the spanner with the cable (right click) and then swing the spanner on the end of the solar antenna. Use the other end of the cable on the little meeba on the left to shrink it to zero. Use the solar antenna again to shake the line loose and then use the cable with spanner in your inventory again (right click) to separate the spanner from the cable.


Use the access port to flip the switch again and… it’s still not working. Select Lucky in your inventory and select the access port again to give him the assignment to be a living fuse.

Use the Spitronian Laser on the giant meeba to discover there’s no power on the gun. Use the cable on the gun and use the cable on the access port to plug it in.


Your job is to clean that green festering goop.

Be carefull not to step into it otherwise you can start all over again. Behind it is a box of stuff. When you look at it, you discover an interesting object. Looking closer at it, you even discover that it’s a grime gun. But it’s out of reach. That goop is in the way. Behind it is a chute that’s going nowhere. Use the old lunchbox on the bottom of the screen to find a Liquid Container Device (MUG). Use the mug on the goop to take some with you.

Look at the crawlspace on the left. Two eyes staring at you. Use your Scanatron on the crawlspace to find out there’s no wasterats behind it. Then it’s safe to enter the crawlspace.

Pretty dark but ok to work in. At the bottom there’s a light source. That should be the shute. Use the light source to open the shute and get the GRIME GUN from the box of stuff.  Use the exit on the lower left to leave the crawlspace.

Walk around the green goop to the right and use the grime gun on the goop to get rid of it. Problem solved, case closed. But then there’s the warning on the screen. The waste pipes below have become clogged so you have to solve that. Whatever excuse you’re trying to find, you must do the dirty work. Look at the box where you found the grime gun. There’s a DOLL inside and there’s an AFRO. Take them both.

Use the maintenance access opposite of the big screen to take the elevator below. As soon as you arrive, the pipes are not where they should be and the power of the elevator is cut off. Use the supply lockers on the bottom right to take some PIPE PATCHES. So it’s up to you the clean that filth. It’s all the way in grotto section Z.  Let’s start at the beginning: enter section A on the left.

Walk to the left and find your first broken pipe. Use the patches on the pipe to stop the leaking. Walk twice to the left and then north. Another broken pipe. Use the patches again.  Go south, then left and find another broken pipe. Also repair this one with a patch. Walk to the right twice, then south. Again a pipe that needs to be fixed. Walk to the right, then go south. Go left and walk to the south twice. The turbine is clogged. Use the grimegun to remove the goop and notice it still doesn’t work.

Use the afro on the turbines to wipe the remainder off and get the blades running again. Walk to the north twice and turn left. Go south and then left to find the Waste Disposal Unit. Another pipe that needs repairing so use the last patch and the pipes are fixed. Walk to the right and go north twice. Turn left to find the biggest problem of the sewer: the rats. Depending on the the level of difficulty you’re playing you have to hit a number of rats in an amount of time. If you do, you return to Panda.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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