[NOTE: The controls in this game are somewhat confusing: on the toolbar from left to right:  Walk = eyeball, Look = paw, Use = mouth, Talk = bag. To take objects from the inventory, use the icon on the lower left in your inventory (white arrow)]

You need to get out of your cell before you need to test that machine.

Talk to the scientist and ask him what he’s doing. Tell him to let you out and when he asks why, tell him not everything needs to have a reason. This will give you CONFIDENCE. Tell the scientist there’s a Coby bird and the scientist will leave. Use the confidence from your inventory on the bars of your cell and you can get out.

Pick up the BAR from the floor and take the BOOK as well. Use the book on the table to be able to climb on the table. Use the metal bar from your inventory on the THUMB TACKS in the notice board. Use the rhumb tacks back in the bulletin board to climb your way up to the vent above the door and outside to safety….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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