You’re trapped and the room is starting to fill with water!

Open the locker door on the far right and take the roll of DUCT TAPE out. Open the large locker door left of it and take the PIECES OF LADDER out. Not much use at the moment. Walk all the way to the left and see how the water level rises left of the door. It already starts leaking. Use the duct tape on the door to buy you some time.

Use the toolkit left on the floor to get a SCREWDRIVER.  Open the second door from the left, next to the large locker door to find a WRENCH. Take it and in your inventory use the wrench on the ladder to fix it. Use the wrench also on the floor panel above you now that you have a ladder you can use. The panel comes crushing down. Pick up the HAMMER.

Use the duct tape on the broken wire against the wall and use the screwdriver on the fuse box to take the lid from it. Use the fuse box to shut down the power and prevent yourself from being electrocuted. Pick up TWO-BY-FOUR and use it on the door to reinforce it. Repeat this action three more times and then use the hammer on the beams against the door to fix them in place.


In your inventory use the hammer on the keys to straighten them and walk all the way to the right. Use the keys on the locker in the middle to open it and take the BATTERIES out. In your inventory use the batteries with the radio and use it to call for help.

Walk back to the left and apply some more tape to the door. Then walk back to the right and open the floor plate above you with the wrench. You’ve probably heard a pipe spring a leak so you need to stop it. The valve that’s now reachable can be closed with the wrench but it’s a bit rusted. Use the hammer on the valve  and the close it again with the wrench.

Finally walk to the left and apply your last bit of tape on the door. Go back to the huge window on the right and wait for a diver to show up. Once he’s there, use the radio to communicate with him and he wants you to break the window. Use the screwdriver on the window but it doesn’t have much effect. The screwdriver is just stuck to the window.

Use the hammer on the window to ram the screwdriver further in, causing the window to crack but not to break. You don’t want to break it further scared that you might be hit by glass shards. Just wait for the door to break or walk to the left and break the door yourself. The flood will take you and the glass out.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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