You have to secure the main street but must get into the tower first. Try to open the door. It’s locked. Kick the door twice to open it. It’s blocked. You can see a chain just behind the door. Use your Springfield on the chain to shoot it. Now you can open the door further and enter the tower.Climb the stairs to the first level. You can use the hole in the wall to take a look at the main street to check if it still is secure. Above the ladder is a hatch. Climb the ladder to open it. It’s stuck. Come down the ladder again and use the Springfield on the hatch. Now you can open it further with your hands and climb the tower.

Upstairs close the hatch again and use the sandbag lying on the righ against the wall to put on top of the hatch to make sure no one enters the tower. Use the Springfield on the window on the left, overlooking the main street.

Look through the visor by pressing Z and check the streets. All should be clear. Also listen very carefully to the sound of your breathing. Try take feel the rythm a bit, it’ll be usefull later on. Press ESC to get back into the tower again and now begins the waiting. Once you hear a rattling sound, use the Springfield on the window again and press the Z to zoom in. At the far end of the street you should see a tank coming from the left. It’s no use shooting the tank, your bullets won’t have any effect on it. After the tank is gone, a troop of soldiers will come marching from the same direction. It’s your task to prevent them from getting to the tower.

Your best options here are:


Wait until the soldiers are around the mudpool. You can shoot them earlier but they’ll hide further away making it more difficult to shoot the rest. Watch the breathing. Once you breath in, you hold your breath a while and at this time, your visor is in the most steady position. Breathing out will make it tremble a bit, making it harder to hit. You have to hit nine soldiers and keep at least one bullet. After shooting five bullets, you can reload the gun with R. Make sure the soldiers don’t get too close. When they do, they’ll start using handgranades and you can’t win that fight.

When all enemy soldiers are down you’ll hear footsteps and two American soldiers come walking into the main street. Don’t shoot them. Take the sandbag from the hatch and put it back where you found it, on top of the other. Open the hatch again and climb down through the opening. But be carefull, not all is safe yet.

Downstairs a German soldier will be waiting for you. He’ll ask you to put your gun down. Do as he wishes otherwise he’ll shoot you. But beware. As soon as he tries to pick up the gun, kick him in the face and pick up the gun. Then use the gun on the German to shoot him.

Walk downstairs and leave the tower to join the American troops.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. You will need to secure the primary street but must enter the tower first. Try and open the doorway. It’s locked. Kick the doorway twice to open up it. It’s blocked. You can view a series just behind the door.

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