You’re in the mines and want to get out.

Use your wand on the PEBBLE to your left and you’ll take it with you. Walk to the right and find an elevator. But it doesn’t work. Walk further to the right and there’s a BOTTLE. Pick up the bottle and since you can’t go further to the right, go to the left. Walk all the way to the left untill you reach the pond.

You can’t go through the pond since the water is too deep. Above the pond is a rock in the ceiling. Use your pebble on it and the rock comes down, draining the pond. Pick up the ROCK and use the rock on the gap on the left side of the pond. Now you can cross it to the chest.

In your inventory use the corrosive substance on the cloth and then use the cloth on the chest to dissolve the lock. Some solvent that is! From the chest you take the GRENADE and the KEY. Walk all the way to the right until you can’t go further. There’s a wall in your way. Use the bomb on that pillar and make sure you keep your distance. Walk further to the right untill you reach a room that’s locked by a door but fortunately you have the key.


Use the key on the door and from there use the wand on the lever.  [NOTE: If you move towards the lever and try to use it then, you might get a “I can’t reach it” being unable to pull the lever at all.] Walk back to the left to the elevator. Don’t step on it but just before it use your wand on the elevator and you will be taken upstairs.

Once upstairs walk to the left and pick up the ROPE. Walk to the right, past the elevator and past the platform with the grate until you reach the sliding door. It will open automatically and you can go in. The door will close behind you and in front of you a barrier will arise. The villain is there and you need to stop him.

Use the key on the panel on the wall to unscrew it and open a hole in the wall. Use your wand to go through the hole. In the tunnel you find a MIRROR. Walk further to the right to find a CROWBAR at the end of the tunnel. Since you can’t go further go back to the left and leave the tunnel. Use the mirror on the barrier and it will reflect on the villain and his orb, breaking it.

Talk to the man. He shut down the elevator and close all doors. No way out now. Talk some more and ask about the orb and what he’s doing here. You’ll learn about the energy and it’s power. When done talking, use the crowbar on the door on the left wedging it open and go through the door.

Walk to the left, back to the platform and use the bottle of corrosive on the platform (remember the solvent power?) That caused a nice flooding. Below you is now a pool of energy. Use the empty bottle on it to take some SECOND ENERGY.

Use the rope on the torch on the wall. It will split the rope into two different lengths  leaving both ends to burn. Use the long part of the rope on the pool of energy. Walk to the left to where you found the rope and you can see the sea on the other side of the wall. Use the burning piece of rope left of the bottle with second enery, blowing a hole in the wall, making it possible to escape.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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