Walk two screens to the right. You’re at grandmothers house. OPEN MAILBOX (1/1) and TAKE BASKET (2/3). Walk to the door and KNOCK DOOR. OPEN DOOR and enter the house of grandma. If the wolf is in bed, leave the house immediately and try again. TALK GRANDMA. She’s very ill. Leave the house and walk two screens left, back to the beach. From here, walk two screens south. On the beach is a white clam shell. TAKE SHELL. Then you find a bracelet. TAKE BRACELET (7/10). Go one screen right. Against the tree is a stick. TAKE STICK (2/12). Walk two screens south and one left. On the beach lies a trident. TAKE TRIDENT (3/15).

Walk two screens to the right. Keep in front of the lake. On the right side of the lake is an old log. LOOK LOG. You see a necklace in the log. TAKE NECKLACE (7/22). Go two screens south and three screens right to the monastery. OPEN DOOR and enter. Walk to the monk and PRAY (2/24). When the monk asks your name tell him it’s GRAHAM and you’ll receive a chain and cross (2/26). WEAR CROSS (2/28) to take it with you. Leave the monastery and go north. Then cross the bridge (1/29). Walk one screen right and one screen north and find a magical door. LOOK DOOR. There’s an inscription on it. READ DOOR to get a clue where to find the key. Since it’s a splash, it must be the beach. Go one screen south and one screen left and cross the bridge again (1/30). Go two screens south. There’s a rock with an opening near the lake. LOOK ROCK. The opening is small. LOOK OPENING (1/31) to find a brooch. TAKE BROOCH (7/38).

Walk four screens to the left. Go one screen south. If you meet Little Red Riding Hood walk to her and TALK GIRL. She’ll tell you someone took the basket. GIVE BASKET TO GIRL and she’ll give you flowers in return (4/42).  If you still haven’t met her, wait here until you do. Walk one screen to the left to the beach and find a mermaid. She beckons you. Enter the water and SWIM. When near the mermaid TALK MERMAID but she doesn’t answer. GIVE FLOWERS TO MERMAID (2/44). She summons a seahorse. RIDE HORSE to go under water (2/46). Ride the last part to Neptune. You have something that belongs to him: the trident. GIVE TRIDENT TO NEPTUNE (4/50). You get a bottle and … a large golden key.  Ride to the large shell and TAKE KEY (5/55). Ride your horse to the right until you can swim to the beach. 

Standing on the beach go north two screens and right five screens. From the entrance of the monastery go north one screen and cross the bridge again (1/56). Go right one screen and north one screen and UNLOCK DOOR (7/63). The door opens and reveals …. another door. LOOK DOOR to see something written again. READ DOOR. Somewhere high….

Go south one screen and left one screen and cross the bridge again (1/64). Go one screen left and one screen north. Look at the tree. Walk over to the rocks and stand behind them. Only this way you can LOOK HOLE to find a mallet. TAKE MALLET (2/66). Go two screens south to get a magic fairy spell. You’ll need the protection. Go one screen left and one screen north and OPEN DOOR of the dwarf house. Walk to the ladder and climb down carefully. Walk a screen to the right. At the far right is a chest. OPEN CHEST and LOOK IN CHEST. You’ll find a pair of earrings. TAKE EARRINGS (7/73). Over the fire is a pot of soup. TAKE POT (2/75). Now leave the cave to the left and climb the ladder. Walk two screens to the left and enter the cave. In the cage is a nightingale. Since you don’t want it to make noise when moving, TAKE CLOTH (2/77) from the bottle you got from Neptune and COVER CAGE (2/79). Then TAKE CAGE (2/81) to take the bird with you.

Leave the cave and go south one screen and right one screen. OPEN DOOR and enter grandma’s house but make sure it’s not the wolf! GIVE SOUP TO GRANDMA (2/83). For your reward you’ll have to LOOK UNDER BED (4/87) to find a ruby ring and a black cloak. WEAR CLOAK and WEAR RING (3/90).

Leave the house and go right three screens and two screens south (swim across the lake or walk around it). OPEN DOOR to the antique shop. TALK TO LADY and she’ll tell you about the oil lamp. BUY LAMP. But since you don’t have any money and the lady is missing her nightingale, she’ll trade the lamp for the bird. GIVE BIRD TO LADY (6/96). She’ll give you the lamp and because she’s so happy to have her bird back, closes her shop.

Since you got a magic lamp, RUB LAMP (2/98). The genie leaves you a carpet before returning back in. RUB LAMP (2/100) and there he is again. This time he leaves you a magic sword. RUB LAMP (2/102) once more and the genie gives you a leather bridle. The lamp disappears.

The door said something about heights. Now you’ve got a carpet so you can fly! FLY CARPET (4/106) and you’ll take off. At the top of the mountain walk to the right where you can see a viper blocking your path. Walk towards the snake and stand between the line of rocks. THROW BRIDLE TO SNAKE (5/111) and it will turn into a winged horse. TALK TO HORSE (2/113) and you’ll get magic sugarcubes as thanks. Walk to the right and enter the cave. Walk over to the key and TAKE KEY (5/118). Leave the cave and out side FLY CARPET will bring you back to the antique shop. Go three screens to the north.  Cross the bridge (1/119) and one screen right, one screen north. UNLOCK DOOR (7/126) to open the magic door and there is …. another door.

This door also has an inscription. READ DOOR. This time you must have a stout heart. Go one screen south, one screen left and cross the bridge once more (1/127). Go left two screens and north two screens. In the back you can see the castle. The ferryman can take you there. Normally you have to pay but since you’re wearing the cloack, ring and cross the ferryman thinks you’re Count Dracula and take you to the castle for free. ENTER BOAT and he’ll go across the lake. On the other side LEAVE BOAT to climb ashore and walk to the door. Be very carefull on your path because the plants are extremely dangerous. To make it easier EAT SUGAR (1/128) and you can walk freely to the door. The ghosts will disappear also as soon as they see that you’re wearing your disguise.

OPEN DOOR and enter the castle. Go to the left and climb the spiral staircase to the bedroom. Against the wall is a dresser. OPEN DRAWER to see what’s inside and TAKE CANDLE (2/130) with you. Go down again, carefull not to fall. Near the torch, LIGHT CANDLE. The go further down. Go two screens to the right. In the dining room LOOK TABLE to see the dust and the ham. TAKE HAM (2/132) from the table. Walk further to the right, down the stairs. Make sure you stay on them.

At the bottom go to the left and enter the residence of Count Dracula. When the coffin is open, leave the room again and enter until the coffin is closed. OPEN LID and as soon as it’s open KILL DRACULA (7/139).

As soon as the Count’s dissintegrated, TAKE KEY (2/141). LOOK COFFIN to make sure it’s empty. Not… TAKE PILLOW. A gold key was underneath. TAKE KEY (5/146). Leave the room and climb the stairs again. Go back to the dining room. From here go north between the purple curtains. Climb the spiral stairs to the top of the tower and find a chest. UNLOCK CHEST (1/147) and OPEN CHEST. Inside you find a tiara. TAKE TIARA (7/154).

Go down the stairs again and in the dining room turn left. Go south from the entrance hall and outside go back to the ferryman again. ENTER BOAT and the ferryman will take you to the other side. From here walk two screens right and two screens south and you’re at the bridge again. Cross the bridge (1/155) and go one screen right and one screen north. UNLOCK DOOR (7/162) for the third time and you’ll be taken to another world.

Walk north and TAKE NET (1/163). Go to the north side of the beach and FISH. Maybe not the first try but eventually you’ll catch a large golden fish (2/165). TAKE FISH. Since you can’t eat it, walk to the coastline and THROW FISH (3/168). In return you can RIDE FISH (1/169).  

Back on the beach, walk to the right and immediately you see the amulet. TAKE AMULET (3/172). LOOK AMULET. It has the word home engraved in it. Go one screen south and see the quartz tower. LOOK TOWER to see someone waving a handkerchief. OPEN DOOR. More spiral stairs to climb. Be carefull! At the top be carefull as well for the lion.

GIVE HAM TO LION (4/176). As soon as the lion is asleep, you can OPEN DOOR (5/181). There’s your girl from the mirror. TALK GIRL to learn her name: Valanice. Then say the magic word: SAY HOME (3/184)

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. Hello! I just want to say that your way of doing guides is awesome especially for the King’s Quest games. It is probably too late to ask but will you still make a guide for the game “King’s Quest II – Romancing the Stones” on the AGD Interactive Version? There are walkthroughs for the AGD versions of both KQ1 and KQ3 I tried searching for one on this website and only found the Sierra version of the walkthrough for KQ2. Thanks in advance and sorry to bother you this late in time.

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