The fountain: 

When your standing outside the school, turn around and walk towards the fountain in front of the main door. Since you can’t get the door open, there might be another way in. Look at the fountain. Go to the center by climbing the stairs. Push the button in the center of the pillar. It will rotate and show four minotaurs. Look at the minotaurs. You can make them stand up. When you selected them all four, chimes will come down for them to hit. But it’s the sequence in which you click them to make sure they hit each chime. So the order should be upper right, lower left, upper left, lower right. Each minotaur will hit a chime and the doors to the school will open. Enter the school.

Academy Entrance:

Look at the statue of the dragon. Look at the sign underneath. It’s in a language you can’t read. Walk past the statue to the right. There are big stairs but pass them in front to the right. The side of the building is open. Go there. When you’re in the hall next to this open part, you’ll hear a strange noise. So you’re not all alone. Walk on to the side of the building. Leave the screen on the right and you’ll see some steps. Go up and through the arch at the end. Again some noise. Enter the building.


There is someone. But where? Walk further and look around. Talk to the doors on your left. Zak is locked in there and wants to get out. Ask him how to open the door. You must touch the ruin. Look close at the ruin. Touch the glowing ruin above the two handles. The door will open and Zak can get out. After talking to Zak, watch the doors again and open the one that’s still closed. Behind it are KEYS. Take these. Go back to where you came from, the large statue in the main hall. Zak will follow you.

Enchanted Crossway: 

Go up the stairs on the right, all the way up to the bookshelves. Turn right. Turn left right after that (by clicking on the chair) and you can look into the study. Use the stairs to go down. Below are more steps leading down but don’t take these yet. Turn left and follow the dark blue tiles. After a turn to the right, you’ll find some steps going up. Go there.

Garden Watch: 

On the left are some bookshelves. Keep walking. In front of the next few steps is a BOOK on the floor. Pick it up. It’s partially burnt and some pages are missing. It’s unreadable anyway. Walk on across the stone bridge. At the wooden benches there’s a table on the left with a board on it. But you can’t play because you don’t have any figurines.


Turn right and walk past the stairs, don’t climb them. Go down the stairs on your left. Follow the path to the north. Zak will run off and take you to CELESTES DOLL.

Grand Hall: 

After the vision you’ll stand in front of the large gate in the main hall. The gate won’t open because there’s no power. Walk to the right and leave the main hall through the large entrance, down the stairs and to the right.

Elvandar Forrest: 

Follow the path under the trees into Elvandar Forest until you meet Mustavio again at the riverbank. Talk to Mustavio. Learn that he can only enter with the Caretaker to transfer goods to his wagon. And he sells figurines for the game you saw earlier. Leave Mustavio and go back to the school again.


Climb the large stairs on the right again and at the bookcases in the back turn right and immediate left behind it. Down the small steps and up the stairs in the background. Past the bookshelves, over the stone bridge to the table with the boardgame. Again in front of the stairs leading up and down the stairs to the spot where Zak took off last time. Walk further until you see steps leading down to a door. Open the door and you’re in a basement. At the bottom of the stairs you’ll see in the back an arched wall. Walk to it and you will get to stairs leading down. Take these.  Turn right (viewers left) and you’ll see an arched passage on the left of the same level. Go through there. Some large crates here.

Behind it are some with green labels on them. Go over there and have a close look. This is the merchandise Mustavio mentioned. Go back to the arch and follow more steps down. Half way more steps under and arch. Take these as well. You’ll hear a sound. Walk past two large crates. Just after that, turn left. A large crack in the wall here. It’s a passage. Step through.

Academy’s Waterway:

You dropped the pendant. When you picked up the pieces walk further to the right. There’s a large wooden scoop. Walk towards it. On your right you’ll see a door with some tools in front of it. Go over there, remove the tools and look behind the door. It’s a door to the machine room (the green ‘1’ on the map).

Machine Room:

Enter the room and look around. It’s the machine room but nothing’s working. There are metal columns with handles on. Nothing seems to work and turning the wheels don’t accomplish anything. Ga back through the door to the large wooden scoop.

Academy’s Waterway: 

Walk straight to the other across the door and you’ll get to a wall with a kind of mechanism in it. Take a close look.

There are two wooden wheels on top with handles to the left and right of them. This will raise and lower the weights. As soon as a weight reaches the highest level, two blue lights will burn. Apparently we have to raise both to the top level. The blue stone in the middle of these wooden wheels will reset the weights to their default position.

The solution to the weights:

Click the right wooden wheel. This will raise the right weight all the way up. Pull the left handles of the right wheel. This will raise the left weight all the way and lower the right half way. Pull the left handle of the left wheel. The left weight is lowered. Then the left handle of the right wheel to lower the right and raise the left one, but just not high enough. Use the right wooden wheel again to raise the right weight all the way up. Finally use the left handle of the right wheel to get them both to the correct level. Push the button between the lights to lower both weights again.

So you fixed the first part of this machine. Now go back inside through the door that was blocked before to fix the other part.

Machine Room:

Walk all the way down to the wooden scoop that’s working now. Next to it is a metal column. Look at it. You can turn a wheel and choose a position. In this room are eight columns and five machines. You need to get the machines working by letting the water flow past them. Turn this column to position 2. Take the stairs all the way up and across the stairs, under the working machine is another column. Turn this to position 1. Walk to the right and look at the left column, closest to the working machine. Turn this one to 1.  The machine you’re standing next to will start to operate. Take the column to your right. Turn it to 3. The next one is the last column on this level. It’s the one closest to the stairs. Turning it to 2 will make the fourth machine to work. Go down the stairs and half way the last bit, on to the landing. Next to the machine with the ball is a column that needs to be in position 3. Back up the stairs half way also needs to go to 3 and the last one, next to the stair leading to the door that we entered the room through should also go to position 3. All’s working now!

Grand Hall:

Go back up the stairs and leave the machine room by using the door on the left. You’re in the room where you found Zak. Go back to the main hall. Walk around the large stairs and in the middle is the big metal gate that was closed earlier. But because the power is restored, you can use the handle on the left of the gate to open it. Go under the gate and up the stairs. Half way you stop…

Whispering Stairway:

Go up the stairs. Down the hall and up the next set of stairs until you’re in front of two huge doors. You knock and after stating your name you can enter the room. Talk to each of the three minotaurs and learn about the three tests you must do. Since you’re not a student you must first do these tests before entering the upper parts of the school. Triumph, Allegiance and Wisdom are all behind doors you can’t just open. Leave the room again. Halfway the first hall, below the first set of steps You can see a door. It’s one of the trial doors. Walk further down, the next set of steps. You pass a large window where you can see the dinnerhall. Walk further, down more stairs. At the bottom is a key in the middle of the hallway. Look at the key, it has a number on it: 24345. Pick up the KEY. Walk further down the hallway and follow all the steps down back to the main hall. Just before going down the last stairs, you can see another trial door.

Caretakers Office:

Standing next to the statue in the main hall, go up the left wide stairs. Walk towards the wooden benches and turn to the wooden door opposite. You have a brass key that fits. Look around. There are scrolls lying on the table. Look at the scroll. It’s torn but some letters are still visible: MBFX. Take the SCROLL. On the table is a second SCROLL. Take it as well. When you read it, you see it’s not finished and about you. They wanted to send you back home. Close the scroll. In the corner on your left, against the cabinet is a staff. Look at it and take the STAFF. It has your name on it. On the right is a very high cabinet. It has a wooden box in it. It’s a safe with a numberlock on it. Five digits. We know a five digit number! Now you can turn the keys below the numbers but in the meantime another number will change as well. The blue stone will reset the numbers. So it’s the order in which you use the keys to get the right combination. Number the keys one to five from left to right. Now turn key 4 three times (12141), key 2 twice (14541), key 3 three times (14342) and key 5 three times (24345). Turn the big key on the right and the safe will open. You found a circlet. Now you can decipher the ruin signs.

Main Hall: 

Leave the room and go back to the statue in the main hall. Look at the sign in front of the statue again. Now you can read it. Walk around the statue and go under the iron gate again, up the stairs. At the top of the stairs turn right and try to open the stone door. You can’t, you need magic. Walk all the way up, all the stairs to the minotaurs and talk to them. Ask them how to open a door. As soon as you’ve got the answer, go all the way down again to open the first door. Inside, look at the statue. Talk to the heads.

Trial Room:

They are going to ask you three questions:
1: The values of the academy: Wisdom, Power and Balance.
2: You must sacrifice: Time
3: What happened to Nightingale: He learned that power without wisdom has no true value.

You passed your first test. Leave the room and go back down the stairs to the main hall. Go up the stairs on the right side. Turn right in front of the bookshelves and go up another set of stairs next to the green tapestry.

Academy’s Facade: 

Open the door to the balcony. Walk past the blue glass window until the next door around the corner and enter it. Walk over the stone bridge. There are some PAGESon the floor. Pick them up and read them. These are a few missing pages of the book you already have.

Trial Room: 

Walk on to the stone door. Another trial room. Enter it and find that a few essential items are missing to enter the trial room properly. You also notice a broken window on the other side.  Next to the open part of the banister is a handle. Pull it. The stairs become bridge, but you still can’t cross. You’ll have to find another way. Leave the room and go outside over the balcony again. Follow Zak and enter the study room through the arched opening.


Read the stone on the floor. Walk to the door on the left. Try to open it. It has a magic lock: you must move the green pieces to the right and the white ones to the left. But you can only step over one piece at a time. The blue button in the middle will reset the puzzle. We’ll number the positions from 1 to 7 from left to right. The solution is (regardless the colour of the piece): 3, 5, 6, 4, 2, 1, 3, 5, 7, 6, 4, 2, 3, 5 and 4. The door will open. Go through.

Go to the other room, over the balcony, inside and outside (just follow Zak). Go through the arched opening in the glass window. This is another study. Also another stone with text on the floor. The second part of Nightingale and Winterowl. From this study you can overview the entrance hall. On the table are papers. More missing PAGES. Pick them up and read them. Leave the study and walk back over the balcony into the other one. Leave that one also by going onto the balcony again. Turn left (viewers right) and walk over the balcony, past the first door (leading to a trial room) through the second one. Now down all the stairs to the main hall (keep left at the bookshelves). Leave the school and go into the forest.

Elvandar Forest:

Follow the path under the trees to Mustavio.  Talk to Mustavio. Ask him to repair the pendant. Tell him about the caretaker. You’ll make a deal to earn figurines. Tell him where to find the crates you saw earlier, Now find his barrels. Walk back to school and go up the stairs on the right. In front of the bookshelves turn right and immediate left (click on the chair). Down the stairs, follow the blue tiles and up the stairs. Past the bookshelves, over the stone bridge  and at the table with the minotaur game turn right. Here you go up the stairs and open the wooden door (don’t worry, it’ll open).

Dinner Hall:

 You’re in the dinner hall but it’s very quiet here. Cross the room and walk down the stairs on the other side. Below are some tables. On one of them are some PAPERS. Another set of missing pages from your book. Pick them up and read them. Walk further into the kitchen. The oven is on. Look at the other side of the kitchen. There’s another fire in the shape of a fireball. Walk under the arch to the back of the kitchen. It’s the provision room. When you stand near the large wooden worktop you can look outside and suggest to go through the window to reach the trial room. Bad idea. Walk further and get to a small lift. Step into it and reach the… winecellar. Opposite of the lift are stairs leading down. Don’t take these but pass them and find the barrel of Mustavio. Go down the stairs you passed earlier. In one of the corners of the room is a black cauldron. Look at it, it might be good for your shapeshifting potion. Opposite of the cauldron is are steps down to a door. Use it and open the door. You’re in a little room. There’s a machine with a handle in front of it. Pull the handle. A platform comes down. You can’t use it though. Leave the room. Go back up the stairs and back to the little lift. Use it to get back to the kitchen. Go back the way you came in, past the wooden worktop, the fireball, the burning oven, the chairs and tables, up the wooden stairs, across the room and through the wooden door outside.


Down the stone stairs en at the bottom a right turn (viewers left). Down the stairs that are in front of you to the garden (the way you went to find the doll). At the bottom turn right again and walk through the garden. Where the arches are getting higher, you can see a wooden door. Go there and open the door into the basement. Walk down two sets of steps and your on the level where you found Mustavio’s crates. Again down the stairs. Walk here to the back, behind the covered goods. On the wall are three blue letters and a blue button. Again a magic lock. Remember the letters from the letter you found at the caretaker? That was mb.f.x So first push the M, then the B, then the T (the X won’t reveal an F, the R will but the door doesn’t open), then the F, the C, (the T won’t reveal and X, the R will but the door doesn’t open) and the X. Go through the door and you’re in the winecellar again. So this way Mustavio can get his wine. Because when you turn around and walk back, go down the stairs under the middle arch and walk all the way to the back, you can see the crack in the wall and you’re outside again.

Academy’s Waterway:

Follow the water to the big wooden scoop. Just before you can take the steps down, look at the left of those. There are yewlock LEAVES. You need those for the potion. You can pick any colour, the leaves are the same. Go down the stairs and at the bottom turn left. Go past the door with the weights and down the small stone steps. Follow the sandy path into the forrest towards the river……

Elvandar Glade:

You’re in the middle of trees and Zak is nowhere to be found. Follow the sandpath to the left and you’ll find Zak behind a tree. Keep following the path, over the little wooden bridge until you see the signpost again you saw just before you had your vision. You’re at the crossing Mustavio had to take to get home. Look at the signpost. Use the vine growing out of the post and you restored the bridge. Cross it and meet Mustavio again. Talk to him and tell him you found his barrels. You get two FIGURINES. So let’s play the Minotaur Maze! Leave Mustavio and go back to the main entrance of the school.

Garden Watch:

Enter through the huge doors and take the stairs on the right. Right at the bookshelves and an immediate left behind it. Down the stairs and via the blue floortiles to the other stairs. Up those and over the stone bridge to the table where Minotaur Maze board is.

Look at the board. Your figurines are there already. You play the Goblin and can move one step at a time. The Minotaur can do two steps. It’s your goal to get to the steps in the top left corner without being caught by the Minotaur. The big blue button will reset the game. The solution: U2 D3 R5 U3 R U2 R2 U L6. Your prize: a NIGILIS SEED.


Walk to the right and pass the stairs in front, then down the stairs to the garden. Turn left this time (opposite the location of the doll), past the wall and flowers and walk across the stone bridge to the flowerbed. Around it are three symbols: water, tree and mountains. Plant you r seed in the middle of the ring. Then go over the bridge and climb the stairs to the dragon. Noticed how he’s looking in the direction of the seed? Walk to the side of the building the dragon is standing on and look at the levers. Each time you move one, a piece of  symbol is drawn in blue. You must create the green symbol by using the right levers. Use the second from the top on the left and the first two from the top on the right. The dragon will shine his magical light upon the seed. According to the notes, all we need now is water.


Go down the stairs and again up the stairs, turn right and go back to the board game. Cross the stone bridge towards the bookshelves, down the stairs there, over the blue tiles. Don’t go up the stairs, but turn left down the stairs at the blue tapestry. Below is a door (after a few turns). Open it. You’ve reached the school’s watersupply. Go to the desk and have a close look at it. You see all gears but they’re not in the right place. You can swap tiles and the blue button will reset the puzzle. The solution: 1 & 9, 4 & 11, 6 & 7, 6 & 10, 8 & 9, 10 & 16, 5 & 12, 2 & 15 and 5 & 14. Pull the handle on the right and all wheels will start spinning. But still no water. The pump doesn’t work. Go down the other stairs and pull the lever you find there. That will activate the pump and there’s water everywhere in school now. Except for our flowerbed.


Back to the garden, to our seed: up the stairs, and through the door. Climb more stairs to the blue floor and follow these to the stairs in the back. Then over the stone bridge to the board game. Turn right, stay in front of the stairs and turn left to go down the stairs. Below turn left again. Walk around to the little bridge. To the left of the bridge is a lever. Pull the lever and the water will flow around the flowerbed. All you need to do is say the magic word and there’s your tree. But you can’t reach it….

Walk back around the building with the dragon and up the stairs, right turn back to the minotaur game board. Across the bridge, over the blue tiles up the stairs. Turn left (viewers right) and follow the blue tiles again. Up the stairs to the wooden door. Outside turn right past the blue glass stained window. Over the balcony, past the wooden door (leading to a trial room) and into the study with the other blue glass stained window. Through the door that had the puzzle lock, left turn and all the way through until you’re outside again. By the opening of the study room you can see the big tree already. Here you can take the NIGILIS FRUIT.

Walk back the way you came. Over the balcony, through the corridor, into the study, outside again. Past the first wooden door, into the second. Down all the stairs and stay to the right of the bookshelves, down more stairs.

Enchanted Crossway: 

You can see Mustovio standing there. Follow the blue floor to the bookshelves, just around the corner. Talk to Mustavio. He’s prepared to repair your pendant for free if you can bring him tools. He’ll wait at this location. Walk back up the stairs you just came down from and walk past the bookshelves, down the wide stairs. At the bottom, turn left (viewers right) and walk trough the opening. towards the garden. Up the stairs and through the arched opening is the place where you found Zak and also where some tools are stored.


On the shelves are TOOLS. Take them and go back to Mustavio. Back to the main hall, up the wide stairs and immediately left after the bookshelves (the chair). At the bottom turn left and go to Mustavio. Talk to him and give him the tools. He’ll repair it right away and you let Zak listen to the melody.

Elvander Glade: 

Go back to the main hall and go outside, into the forrest. Walk the sand path all the way to the river and cross the willow bridge. Across the water turn right and follow the path again. After you’ve crossed the bridge, Zak will lie down. Walk a bit further and you’re standing in front of the talking tree from the vision. Talk to the tree. You get the HEADEN FLOWER if you promise to come back with Celeste as soon as you’ve found her.

The Kitchen: 

Walk back to Zak and follow the path back to school. Enter the main entrance, climb the stairs on the right and turn right. Immediate left and down the stairs. Follow the blue floor, up the stairs, across the bridge and right in front of the minotaur game. Go up the stairs and through the door. Across the dining room, down the steps on the other side. Straight ahead into the kitchen, and to the fireball in the left corner. Look at the ball. All the ingredients but no cauldron.

So we have to get the heavy one. Walk to the right, to the provision room. Use the lift in the back to go to the basement. Walk down the stairs and find the cauldron. Take the cauldron and drag it to the platform. Go to the door on the other side of the steps and open it. There’s the mechanism to control the platform. Pull the lever and the cauldron will go up. Leave the control room and go up the stairs and turn right. Drag the cauldron to the lift. Push the blue button to send the cauldron up. Since the lift is upstairs, you need to walk around. Go down the stairs, through the arched opening, up the stairs, and again. Turn left at the top. More stairs to climb. Open the door and you’re outside. Up the steps and left (viewers right) through the garden. The stone path to the stairs. Climb these, turn right and turn left up more stairs. Open the door to the dining area again. Walk to the other side, down the steps, straight into the kitchen. Turn left there and turn right at the end towards the lift. Take the cauldron again. When it’s on the fireplace, select the cauldron again. You’ll make a potion.

Turn left (viewers right). The cat’s afraid of heights as well. Go through the wooden door, down the stairs, keep on the right of the bookcases, down more stairs,follow the blue floor to the stairs in the back, across the stone bridge. Turn right at the Minotaur game and up the stairs. Through the wooden door, cross the dinner hall and down the steps on the other side, straight ahead into the kitchen. Turn left and at the cauldron turn right. Look out the window over the worktop. You can see the broken window from there. It’s dangerous for you to climb out, but it might not be for a cat…

Trial Room:

Pull the lever and let Zak try. The last time you did it, it didn’t succeed. Walk across the bridge as Zak and pull the lever on the other side. Let him try the lever. Use the lever again to let Lydia have a try to switch back to her. Climb the stairs and use the lever there. Let Zak try again and let him pull the lever to switch the stairs back the bridge they were. Pull the lever again, switch back to Lydia and let her pull the lever and try something herself. Now Zak can climb down the stairs. Pull the lever and switch to Zak. Let Zak go down the stairs and pull the lever again, let him try it himself. The stairs become bridge. Let Zak try the lever again himself and the bridge becomes stairs but the other way around. Pull the handle, switch back to Lydia and let her walk down the stairs.  Pull the lever, switch back to Zak and let him try to turn the stairs into a bridge again so Lydia can cross. Cross the bridge and face the stone column with he books. It’s the second trial.

Below are four riddles. You can turn them with the left lever. You must match the right book with it that you can rotate with the right lever. The blue button below the book selects the book, the blue button below the riddle resets the puzzle.

Howling out of sight: – Aetern. (celestial)
When around me: – Kyros (fire)
Hard as rock or soft as moss: – Dria (nature)
It’s everywhere but can’t grab it: – Slund (spiritual)

Walk across the bridge and through the door, again over the bridge through the wooden door. Turn left (viewers right) and across the balcony to the other wooden door. Enter it. Down the stairs, and this time keep on the left side of the bookshelves. Turn left in front of them, down the stairs to the main hall. At the bottom turn around and go through the metal gate, up the stairs again. At the top, turn left and more steps. Past the read window of the dining room up more steps. There’s the door of the trial room. Enter it.

Watch the girl upstairs. Enter the door at the bottom. Watch the kid upstairs again and enter the door at the bottom again. Watch the girl again and click on the door again. Eventually you will enter the burning house.

Leave the room and go further upstairs to the minotaurs.

Celestes room: 

Walk towards the books and up the steps on the left of them. Keep to the right and walk towards the chest. The door on the right leads to Celestes room. Open the door and look inside.

Teleport discs:

Walk around the stone column in front of you. Walk over the stone bridge into the laboratory. Talk to Zak. Walk around and look at the big plaque next to the door. Go through the door and step onto the yellow teleport disc. Step on the other yellow disc and you’ll go even higher. Step onto the black disc to get to the control room. You must activate all teleports by lighting them yellow, red or blue. Three are already yellow. There are four usable columns (north, east, south & west). The solution: S, E, E, E, N, W.  Use the teleport pad to go up one level to where you came from. Now step onto the red one to go further up. Enter the room. Walk towards the blue whirl and enter. Go up the stairs to the painting class. Look at the paintings. Not much to do. Look round the class and notice the blue stone on the wall to the right of the window. Touch the rune to activate it (even if Zak tells you not to). Leave the room and go down the stairs, around the tower and enter the blue whirl on the other side.

Nathaniels Room: 

Go up the stairs and enter the tower. Get on the yellow teleport disc. Walk across the stone bridge. Enter the tower, It’s Nathaniels room. Look around the room and look at the bottle on the desk.  There’s a letter on the desk. Pick it up and try to read it. Look at the drawer on the right side of the desk. It’s locked. Leave the office and walk oveer the stone bridge back to the room with the statues. Walk around the statues and look in the glass ball. It doesn’t seem to do anything. Go to the blue teleport disc in the back of the statue room.


Learn that the position of the stars and planets are of influence on magic. There’s a rune against the wall. Touch it to activate it. You can play with the solar system or have a look through the telescope but you’ll have to leave in the end. Use the blue teleport disc again to return to the room of statues. Walk across them and use the yellow teleport disc.

Sanctuary Mountain: 

Walk down the stairs opposite of the teleport disc. An owl will take your circlet. Walk further across the bridge. Follow the owl and walk through the wall. You’re on a large balcony. Walk to the stone arched door in front of you. Pick up the circlet and talk to the ghost.

The Watchtower:

Leave through the whirl door and cross the bridge back to the guardian tower. Touch the blue ball opposite of the stairs to activate the game and break the protection. Look at the stone table in the middle. Zak tells you it’s a game. Look at the game. There are 16 squares. By clicking on a square you can change the picture of the square. Each row and each column must contain a different picture. The solution, from top to bottom, from left to right:
First row: star, planet, sun, moon.
Second row: sun, moon, star, planet.
Third row: moon, sun, planet, star.
Fourth row: planet, star, moon, sun.

Use the red teleport disc to get to another station, use the opposite red again to continue your travel. Walk across the hall to the other side and use the yellow teleport disc. Enter the room and look at the table with 16 squares. Click on the blue ball in the lower right corner to unlock the game. You must take the dragon to it’s lair by switching images. You can only switch the combinations shown below the table. The blue button at the bottom left will reset the puzzle. Number the tiles from left to right, top to bottom, 1 to 16. The solution: 1 & 5, 1 & 2, 5 & 6, 2 & 6, 2 & 3, 6 & 7, 3 & 7, 11 & 12, 7 & 11, 10 & 11, 11 & 12, 12 & 16, 6 & 7, 3 & 7, 6 & 10, 5 & 6, 10 & 11, 6 & 10, 6 & 7, 7 & 11, 10 & 11, 11 & 12, 5 & 6, 2 & 6, 6 & 10, 10 & 11, 1 & 5, 1 & 2, 2 & 6, 5 & 6, 6 & 7, 3 & 4, 3 & 7, 1 & 5, 1 & 2, 2 & 3, 2 & 6, 1 & 2, 1 & 5, 5 & 6, 6 & 10, 2 & 3, 2 & 6, 10 & 14, 6 & 10, 6 & 7, 5 & 6, 6 & 10, 10 & 14, 6 & 7, 6 & 10, 2 & 6, 3 & 7, 3 & 4, 2 & 3, 3 & 7, 6 & 7, 2 & 6, 5 & 6, 6 & 10, 10 & 14, 13 & 14.


Take the ROOTSand go back to where you entered (turn left and over the stone bridge). Use the yellow teleport disc to go back to the hall you first arrived. Go up the stairs and down the stairs again, passing Celeste’s room. Down the steps and to the left, down the hall to the wall with the vines on it. There are arched openings on the left and right. Go through the one on the right, where the light shines through. In the background you can see a tree. Go there. To the left of the opening you came through is a rune on the wall. Touch it. Return through the opening and go through the one opposite. Climb the stairs and cross the bridge past the purple towers. Take the stairs on the right all the way up to a blue teleport disc. Use it to go to the Forge.

The Forge:

On the right, near the books is another rune. Touch it to activate it. High above it a puzzle. You can look at it, but not play. Leave the forge, and use blue teleport disc to go back to the purple towers. At the bottom of the stairs turn around and walk through the arched opening. Go down the stairs and look at the giant stone. It has the route to the Oracle.

The Oracle:

Activate the stone by touching the blue ball on the left of the stone. The look at the dragon on the stone. There are three bars, one off and two on. That means that the current should be off, the next two should be on. Turn this dragon off if it’s on by touching it and zoom out. Turn right to go to the next stone. It has no bars but should be on. So touch the dragon and walk on. Continue this pattern until you’re at the Oracle. The solution: 1 – off, 2 – on, 3 – on, 4 – on, 5 – on, 6 – off, 7 – on, 8 (the first again, don’t mind the bars) – on, 9 – off, 10- off, 11 – on, 12 (fourth again, don’t mind the bars) – off, 13 – on, 14 – off. You’ve reached the Oracle. Look at the skeleton on the wall. You’ll receive a piece of MOSS.

Follow the paths via a few more islands back to the start. Go up the stairs back to the towers. Take the stairs on the left and use the red teleport disc to go to the laboratory.


Walk around the stone building over the bridge to laboratory. In the middle of the table are glass bottles. Look at them and Zak will suggest a new potion. Brew a potion of Oracle Moss, Headen Flower and Nigilis Fruit. Zak will turn into a dragon!

The library: 

Leave the way you came, back to the red teleport disc. At the towers, cross the bridge and further down the stairs. Under the arch and turn right. Under the big arch back to the steps leading to Celeste’s room. Down the stairs on the other side and turn left (viewers right) to the red teleport disc out on the balcony. Step over onto the other red teleport disc to the room of the guards. Down the steps opposite of the teleport discs and cross the bridge. Take the steps on your left at the end and walk around the tower to enter through the wooden door. You’re in the library now. Walk around the staircase and look at the railing in the middle. Look at the GLASS BALL (1). Take the one in the center out and with you.

Go to the arch in front of you. A bit to the left is a smaller one that you can take a closer look at. Open the wooden panel and put the glass ball in place. A new section of the library will appear. Go there. In the center of the room is another GLASS BALL (2). Take this one as well. To your right is a similar arch as you’ve opened before. Go there and take a look at the wooden panels. There are two, one on each side. That means we need two balls. Turn around and walk back to the first room. Take the glass ball from behind the wooden panel and turn around.

Go to the arch opposite of the one you’re standing (don’t be fooled by the camera-switch). You see two panels here as well. Open them both and put a ball in both. The wall will open. Go into the room and take the GLASS BALL (3) from the center stand. Put the ball behind the wooden panel you can see here. Step into the room and look at the multi-coloured tapestry on the wall. Touch the TAPESTRY (1) to take it with you. Leave the room and take the glass ball from behind the panel. Leave the pink room as well and take the two balls from behind the two panels.

You’re in the central hall again. Turn around and go to the door opposite the one you’re standing, the one with one panel. Open the panel and put the ball in place. Go through the door and on the right is another door with two panels. Open them both and put two balls in place. Enter the next room. In the back is another TAPESTRY (2). Touch it as well. Walk back to the entrance hall, don’t forget to take all balls back. Go to the panel opposite of the stairs. Put one ball in place and go through the door into the grey room. On your right (viewers left) is another door with two panels. Put balls in place to open it. Enter the room and find another ball in the middle. Take the GLASS BALL (4). Leave the room, take the two balls and go to the other panels in the grey room. Put the balls there and enter the room. In the back is another TAPESTRY (3). Touch it. Turn around and leave the room. Take two balls out and again leave the room. On the other side of the stairs is another door with two panels. Put balls in place and in the next room there’s a door with one panel. Put a ball there and in the green room in the back is the last TAPESTRY (4). Turn back to the main hall with the stairs and take the balls with you.

Leave the library, walk around the tower and over the bridge back to the room of the guards. Take the yellow teleport disc. Next to the teleport disc is a blue ball. Touch it to activate it. Step into the room again and walk to the other side where the large ball is with the tree in it. Look at the ball. You can change the seasons by touching the ball. Make sure you end up in winter. Use the blue teleport disc. It will take you to the observatory.


Turn right (viewers left) and climb the stairs to the constellation table. Click until you see the sign as mentioned on the first tapestry in your inventory:
Manticor: Lion/Scorpion, Griffin: Bird, Sea Virgin: Mermaid, Minotaur: Bull with hammer. Remember how the stars of these constellations are formed.

From these constellations you need:

The first line is the Sea Virgin –> navel
The second line is Minotaur –> biceps
The third line is Manticor  –> thorn
The fourth line is Griffin –> wing

Go upstairs and step onto the panel with the moon to make it dark. Look at the numbers on the panel on the left. They will form eight constellations: four horizontal and four vertical lines.

Make these sequences in the wheel on the right by turning the rings. Once you have four digits together in line make sure the yellow ball is next to it.

We’ll number the rings from outside to inside from 1 to 4.
Ring 1 will rotate that ring clockwise
Ring 2 will shift the vertical line down
Ring 3 will rotate that ring counter-clockwise
Ring 4 will shift the horizontal line to the right

Create the Sea Virgin: 86,59,73,68. Look at the vizer and select her navel (73 will glow)
Create the Minotaur: 11,47,32,95. Look at the vizer and select the biceps (47 will glow)
Create the Manticor: 62,33,46,25. Look at the vizer and select the thorn (33 will glow)
Create the Griffin: 87,25,68,95. Look at the vizer and select the wing (87 will glow)

Now you get a STAR FRAGMENT.  Leave the observatory  and take the blue teleport disc  downstairs. Walk around the statues and go down the steps, across the bridge to Nathaniels study.

Nathaniels Office:

Look at the desk. At the bottom of the bottle is a blue activation ball. Touch it. Take a closer look at the ship. Suddenly you’re on it. Look at the ship in the bottle that’s on the boat. There’s a map next to it. Take a close look and note the directions the ship must go: NorthWest, NorthEast, SouthEast, NorthEast, NorthWest, NorthWest, NorthEast. This should lead to the treasure. Enter through the door of the ship and you’re standing on a mountain top. Follow the directions found earlier: NW, NE, SE, NE, NW, NW and NE. You’re in Nathaniel’s Office-in-a-bottle. Walk around his desk and look at the drawer. Turn the handle to unlock the drawer, then pull the drawer open. You can’t take anything out. Leave the drawer and look at the bottle on the desk. Click on it and you’re back in the real office. Walk around the desk and open the drawer. Now you can take the PORTRAIT OF CELESTE.

Next to the book in the drawer is a blue button. Touch it and a teleport disc will appear. Use the teleport disk to a secret room. Look at the desk. Beside a lot of dust there’s also a note. Take the NOTEand read it. Look at the desk again. Activate the blue ball. Look at the bookshelves. Leave the room on the teleport disc.

Art room: 

Leave Nathaniels room and go back to the room with the statues. Use the yellow teleport disc to the room of the guards. Walk around the discs down the stairs. Keep walking until you reach the whirl door. Step through the whirl and walk down the stairs. In front of the other blue whirl door turn right to the art class. Look at the runestone you activated earlier but note the symbol now. Look in your inventory at the tapestry that has the coloured circles (tapestry 3) and find the same symbol. It’s on there four times. Note the colours top to bottom: red, yellow, blue, green.

Look at the painting closest to the entrance. Use the colours next to the picture in the same sequence to make a picture. It will appear on the left display. Look at the stand with the two empty frames.

Click on the displays at the top right and take the orange fire-rune from the panel second from the left. Click on the frames that appear on the upper right and select the left one to put the picture in. Again select the displays on the upper right and select the blue dragon from the same display. Switch back to the frames and put the dragon in the right one. They will turn. The fire-rune will become a tree-rune, the dragon becomes a flying dragon. Select the displays again and take your own picture from the first display and the select the frames again. Put yours in the left, empty, one. They will turn again and turn into a picture of the school and a man fighting a dragon. Take the one of the fighting dragon out, select the displays again and select the silhouette of Celeste from the right display. Put it in the right frame. Take the one with the forest out and put the other picture of Celeste (standing) from the second display from the right. Put it on the left side in the empty frame.  You receive SOUL DUST. 2 more items to go. Leave the art room and step through the blue whirl door.

The Forge:

Use the red teleport disc, followed by the yellow and again the yellow one. You’re in te laboratory again. Walk through the lab, across the bridge and around the stone building. On the other side is a red teleport disc. Use it. Walk down the stairs. Climb the stairs opposite and walk to the blue teleport disc. Enter the Forge.

Zak confesses he wants to be a human. Let’s see what we can do. Leave the forge by the blue teleport disc. Down the stairs and through the purple towers. Down more stairs, under the arch, up the steps, past Celestes room. Meet the ghost of Nightingale again. Talk to him. You’ll get the password for the secret library and the explanation to the books.

Secret Library:

Walk past the bookshelves to the balcony. Use the red teleport disc.  Cross to the other red teleport disc and on to the yellow teleport disc. Now cross the bridge into Nathaniels office. Use the teleport disc in his office to go to the secret room. Use your new password to activate the blue ball on the desk. Let’s check the ghost books.

There’s a lightblue one at the bottom. Move the blue book to the white space near the top by clicking left or right of the blue book. The solution:
Purple, Red, Green, Red, Green, Red, Purple, Red, Green, Red, Red on the right, Purple. All books disappear except the one  you need. Bring the BOOK back to the ghost.

Use the teleport disc again. Leave the office and cross the bridge. Use the yellow teleport disc and switch to the red next to it. Cross to the other red one and when you arrive walk inside. Talk to the ghost again. Give him his book and you’ll get the formula in your SPELLBOOK to turn Zak into a human again.


Walk back to the stairs, climb them and go down on the other side. Turn left and towards the wall with the vines on them. Turn right and go under the arch to the herbal class. Look at the room! It has the season you set in the big glass ball at the statues. Go down the stairs and follow the path. Under the stone porch you find three baskets. You must grow three different plants in it that go together. Look in your inventory at the tapestry with flowers. You can see that red and white don’t go together and and red and blue don’t mix. But red and green are great! Orange, yellow and pink like to be alone. From this table you can conclude that only purple, white and blue will go together.

If right, it should be winter. In this season you can get white, red and blue plants. So turn one basket blue, another white. Then leave and change the season. Back up the steps. After the tree turn left and under the big arch. Cross the hallway, up the steps and down again, cross the library to the red teleport disc on the balcony. Cross to the other red teleport disc and on to the yellow teleport disc. You’ll arrive at the statues. Go to the glass ball in the back and turn it to summer. Back to the classroom: take the yellow teleport disc, the red one twice. Cross the library again, up the stairs and down again, left at the end and to the wall with the vines. Turn right at the arch. Down the stairs to the baskets. Turn one purple and you’ll receive a HUGE PEARL, your third item. Only one to go. Walk back up the stairs, past the tree and through the arch….


Go through the blue whirl door. Behind the wall to the secret library, cross the bridge and into the room of the guards.  Take the red teleport disc to the crossing, step over on the other red teleport disc. Go through the library and exit at the other end, past Celestes room, turn left there, through the hallway. At the wall with the vines take the arched opening on the left and go up the stairs, cross the bridge and past the small towers. Take the stairs on the right to the blue teleport disc. Enter the forge.

The Forge:

Go to the left side (viewers right) and look at the ornament. Ask Zak to go up and check it out. Your goal is to get all fireplaces burning. Number them from 1 to 8 starting at the top counting clockwise. The solution: click on 8, 3, 7 and 6. Now look at the floor. There are red and yellow coloured tiles. Each row leads to a furnace. Near every furnace is a pilar with a ring on it. By clicking on the ring you can light up some tiles. Your goal is to light them all. The solution: furnace upper right three times, furnace upper left two times, furnace lower right two times, furnace upper left once (yellow complete) and furnace lower right once (red complete). Go to the center of the tiles and look at the column. There are nine circles. By touching each circle, you see rune-signs. Look in your inventory close at the  second tapestry. It says water, fire, earth & air. Look  at the rune-signs for fire and try to recreate them by touching the circles in the right order. Number them from 1 to 9 from upper left to lower right. The solution: click 8, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Take the ETERNAL FLAME with you.

Leave the forge and step on the blue teleport disc. Go down the stairs and take the stairs opposite leading to the red teleport disc. Walk around the stone building over the bridge into the laboratory.


In the middle of the room are the distilling bottles on the table. Look at them. An owl will come in and Zak catches the owl. Talk to the owl and learn all about the students and Nathaniel. You already learned how to turn Zak back into human: you first need to transform him back into what he has been before. So first back to a cat, than back to a wolf and then into a human. Of all states we need something. We’ll start with the part of the dragon, plus the formula for the cat. You’ll take the CLAW. Click on the distilling machine again and select the Yewlock, Headenflower and Nigilis fruit potion. You’ll take the CAT HAIR. Again to the distilling machine and now a potion of aleunder root, Nigilis fruit and Yewlock leaves. Zak becomes wolf again and you can gather some DROOL. Back to the machine again. Finally make one of Wolf dribble, cat hair and dragon claw. Zak is human again!


Leave the room through the entrance across the table. Use the yellow teleport disc, step over onto the next yellow teleport disc. Change to the red teleport disc here.  Enter the building and walk through the whirl door. Take the stairs around the building to the other side and enter there through the whirl. Go up the stairs and down the steps opposite of the teleport discs. Now over the bridge to the secret library. Walk to the right side of the building (opposite of the entrance) and click on the wall. You’re at the sanctuary.

Walk up the stairs (either left or right) and Zak will take control here. Enter the building. Walk to the center so you can see four niches. Read the riddle above. You must take the four strange items you’ve found earlier into the right order. The solution: from left to right: meteorite (sky), pearl (sea), dust (mankind), fire (elements).

Outside a ring will be visible with ten buttons on it. Each button has a star of which a point can be black or white. When the point of opposite stars or stars next to each other have the same colour, the path between them will light up. Your goal is to light the black drawing in the middle and the ring itself. Number the buttons from 1 to 10 starting at the top rotating clockwise. The solution: 1 twice, 3 twice, 5, 6 three times, 7, 9 twice, 10 twice.

The portal will open and you can go through. All students are here. Nathaniel will explain what happened. To prove him wrong you have to show him your spells (caught in glass balls) into the right order. Number the balls 1 to 6 from left to right. The solution: 3, 6, 2, 1, 4, 5. This will show Nathaniel.

Game source: A demo of the game was found here on the internet.

13 Replies to “Keepsake – Walkthrough (Lighthouse Interactive/2007)

  1. How do I get into the Map as there is no symbol for it on the game and it is not mentioned in the manual

  2. Trial Room:

    Pull the lever and let Zak try. The last time you did it, it didn’t succeed. Walk across the bridge as Zak and pull the lever on the other side. Let him try the lever. Use the lever again to let Lydia have a try to switch back to her. Climb the stairs and use the lever there. Let Zak try again and let him pull the lever to switch the stairs back the bridge they were. Pull the lever again, switch back to Lydia and let her pull the lever and try something herself. Now Zak can climb down the stairs. Pull the lever and switch to Zak. Let Zak go down the stairs and pull the lever again, let him try it himself. The stairs become bridge. Let Zak try the lever again himself and the bridge becomes stairs but the other way around. Pull the handle, switch back to Lydia and let her walk down the stairs. Pull the lever, switch back to Zak and let him try to turn the stairs into a bridge again so Lydia can cross. Cross the bridge and face the stone column with he books. It’s the second trial.



  3. BTW, Leon, I did send you a savegame by email, but I didn’t hear back from you. Oh well, life goes on. See ya!

  4. I did finally finish this game, bypassing the problems I noted above. I couldn’t retrieve the last orb in the Secret Library because of the rune problem in the Forge, so what I did was ask for the solution to the orb puzzle, and then got the last orb that way. Then I had all the requirements to continue, even though the “hint” feature still obsessed about the last rune in the Forge. (Should have thought of this earlier….)

    It was a good game, excellent graphics. Thanks for your help!


  5. For Ingrid,

    I have the exact same problem with the forge, not admitting that I have solved the puzzle and obtained the Eternal Flame. I thought your idea of telling the game to give me the solution to the puzzle would work, but alas, when I enter the forge there is nothing left active, that I can click on to ask for the solution. All the old puzzles like the pedestals and the rune on the wall are just red “X”s now.

    When I click on the question mark, the game says I still have to activate the rune on the Forge wall, shows me the picture of the wall with the rune still on it, but when I look at the wall in my game, it is well and truly solved, as there is the blue flame there instead. I have gone as far as the Sanctuary and Zak has placed all four of the “weird containers” in the niches.

    Another thing I can’t get yet is the last glass ball, the red one, in the secret library. *sigh* If anyone has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it. I’d like to finish the game, since I’m so close to it.


  6. I noticed that if you solve a puzzle and you’ve done it in the wrong order (i.e. the game expects you to solve the puzzles in a certain order and god help you if you don’t do it in the right order), then, even if you did in fact correctly solve the puzzle, you are still STUCK (it doesn’t acknowledge that you solved the puzzle and it’s like you haven’t solved it yet). This is a game BUG. I had this problem with the Forge Classroom (I got the cross lights to all come on and I got the runes for “FIRE” to come up, and I had in fact correctly done this puzzle, but it refused to see that I had solved it).

    However, here is a work-around that worked for me so I could finish the game, and it might work for you, too:

    Where there is a question mark for hints, keep clicking it until you get the “I want the solution to this puzzle” option, and click it. Tell it yes you want to solve the puzzle, and it should then allow you to move on. This worked for me in the Forge Classroom when I actually had solved it, but I was supposed to do other things first.

  7. The ‘glitch’ in the game might be occasional. Maybe it happens after a series of events in a particular order that I didn’t come across. Difficult to tell. And very difficult to test a game (certainly of this magnitude) on all possibilities. What I do know is that the game can be finished.

    Is it possible to send me the most recent savegame so I can have a look at it? I can then either tell you the solution or send the savegame back right after that point.

  8. I have downloaded the patch for Keepsake and yet the Observatory puzzle although and easy one and no way to make a mistake on it, will not come to the conclulsion it should and give the piece of the puzzle necessary to continue on the game. I have done it 14 times and no go. I am always puzzled how the writes of the walkthroughs manage to finishe the games when there is a glitch in the game? Will there be another patch coming out to fix this problem? It is an enjoyable game and I would like to finish it. Good puzzles. Thankyou. Betty Leduc age 67 yes the latest patch on the web.

  9. Hello and thank you for this walkthrough. One thing, in the goblin-minotaur game, the sequence is U2 D3 R5 U3 L U2 R2 U L6. It’s 1LEFT not RIGHT that wins the game. Apart from that, many thanks!

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