You’re stuck on a ship with attackers and it’s about to explode.

Talk to the man leaning against the box. You can learn about the cargo and the captain. On the box below him is a SCREWDRIVER. Pick it up and look at the body in the green suit. She’s dead. Next to her is a GUN. Take it. Look at the panel just above her. Use the screwdriver to open the panel and use the gun in the compartment to bridge the live wires.

You can open the door on the right by using the panel next to it and walk to the right. In the corridor you’ll see someone on the monitors who is stuck in Medical. Open the door to the medical store room and take the FIRST AID KIT from the shelf on the right. Leave the room again and walk back to the left and use the kit on the leaning man you first spoke to.

He’ll give you a BOT CONTROL DEVICE. Walk back to the right and enter the medical store room again. Use the control device on the lifting robot in the back to activate it and use the box next to the entrance to climb in. The robot will now pick up the box you’re in. Drive south to leave the room and to the right. Drive to the right, past the cooling liquid onto the bot recharge plate. Use the plate to get out of the box and send the bot on it’s way again.


Walk down the ramp and on the side of the ramp is a control panel. Use the panel to control the speed of the huge fan and let it stop rotating. Once it has come to a stop, walk up the ramp and through the turbine to freedom.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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